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The king mutant had strength to spare.

However, Muyoung didn’t allow it to compete in the 2nd fight.

Just because it had the fighting power, it wasn’t everything.

Instead, you could realize the true difference in level by it not having anything left to show.

“A vampire knight! A guy that was born after drinking the blood of a thousand men. Now is the time to send me, no?”

Tacan was excited.

He enjoyed fights with strong opponents.

Although he had a weakness, that he threw caution to the wind, you couldn’t just look at his aggressive attitude as a bad thing.

He turned his head and looked at the appearance of a new enemy.

A vampire knight.

The thing that had a blood-red helmet stood idly in the middle of the battlefield.

It was unexpected to see a vampire type monster.

‘Can it make anything into an undead?’

A vampire is considered an undead but undoubtedly it was a citizen of the night.

A corpse revived by blood.

But, it was classified as an elegant and detached species.

As they were small in number, there wasn’t much known about them.

In the past, the person who had the necromancer class couldn’t make a vampire.

One fortunate thing was…

‘It isn’t a jinzo.’

That it wasn’t a jinzo which was known as the first blood line.

A jinzo was able to lead a group.

Also, a jinzo vampire had strength similar to a dragon.

If it isn’t a jinzo, it was worth facing.

“Sword Three.”


A knight wearing black armor with its head held by one of it’s hands appeared.

Sword Three. He had changed into a dullahan.

It was a perfect match against the vampire knight.

“Tsk, tsk, you’re just asking for trouble. If I go out, it would have been easy.”

Tacan smack his lips as if he felt a bit sad.

It seemed like his hands itched to fight.

However, to make it realize the difference in their level, Sword Three was the best.

It was a bit weaker than Tacan but Sword Three had something special to fill in the gap.

Muyoung once again looked at Sword Three.

“Show it what you got.”


Sword Three held his greatsword upright.

And slowly walked up and fought against the vampire knight.

The vampire’s blood summoned lesser creatures of the night.

The vampire knight cut its own wrist and called out red monsters.

Afterwards, it solidified its blood to make it as sharp as a sword.

It showed movements of swift and sharp penetration.

On the other hand, Sword Three’s movements were bulky.  


Every time it moved, the ground was dug up.

“Show me more. My master wanted to gain more from this.”

Afterwards, vampire knight’s blood made a shroud and wrapped it around Sword Three.

Sword Three couldn’t move for a short while.

However, shortly, a small wavelength flowed out of Sword Three’s body.

The wavelength created resonance and stole the initiative of the blood.


The shroud of blood visibly collapsed and the vampire knight’s eyes widened.

Blood was the symbol of a vampire.

And that initiative was momentarily taken from it.

It wasn’t possible.



Sword Three moved.

The blood that flew in like a whip and the blood that made a shroud, all aimed for the vampire knight.

On top of that, even the summoned creatures that attacked Sword Three lost focus in their eyes and attacked the vampire knight.

“Resonance! You bastard, can you resonate with everything you touch?”

The vampire knight was shocked as it realized his move.

Although its speed was awful, it had an amazing defensive power.

If it could resonate with everything it touched and control it, you could say it was a hard counter against the vampire.

Everything it brought out became its enemy.


Not long after, the vampire knight’s head flew up in the air.

An overwhelming victory!

Sword Three came back quietly like the time he first entered and made himself known.

The Malignant Tumor shivered its whole body.

Numerous meaningless spores spurted out and spread all over the place.

It didn’t take long for it to realize that this feeling, this emotion, was excitement.

Sword Three… the dullahan left quite an impression.

Compared to the king mutant, it wasn’t as miraculous a being but for an undead to resonate..

Resonating could only be done by living things.

You couldn’t resonate with a dead body.

If it was possible, the Malignant Tumor wouldn’t have to use the spores to order around its undead.

A major step forward.

You could say that it was a result of  the necromancer’s skill.

No, could you even say that those undead were just undead?

The Malignant Tumor felt a new possibility as it watched the king mutant and the dullahan.

The possibility that it could evolve!

It couldn’t just back away like this.

This couldn’t be all.

It wanted to see even more.

It was trying to see numerous changes and absorb it as its own.

However, it couldn’t send out another candidate.


Among them, humans that were considered quite strong had trespassed its territory.


The Malignant Tumor called out to the offensive tumors.

Esen the Big Master of the Reign’s Invincible Force was watching every move of each tumor.

And he instinctively knew that this was the best time to attack the Malignant Tumor.

Normally, the offensive tumors thoroughly protected the Malignant Tumor so it was impossible to approach it, however, now the way to it was completely empty.

Like the wind, he quickly ran through the middle.

It was a light body technique that reached the peak.

‘Undead are fighting each other?’

Afterwards, Esen noticed a fight among the undead.

He had no idea why the undead were fighting each other.

However, more surprising was the man that stood behind them.

‘…there is a person.’

Did that man bring a different type of undead?

However, there was more than one undead surrounding him.

They didn’t seem like a corpse that a normal corpse sorcerer could control.


Besides liches, there were no necromancers among humans.

Within the past 50 years, no one appeared with a necromancer class.

However, no matter how he looked at it, it was impossible to explain the situation unless he was a necromancer or something similar to it.

Eventually, Esen and the man’s eye touched.

His deep and empty eyes were stuck deep inside Esen’s mind.

‘Right now, the Malignant Tumor is more important.’

Esen made an effort to ignore the man’s gaze.

He had no time to face him.

There were many things he was curious about but it wasn’t as important as the Malignant Tumor.

Since he couldn’t be certain of his victory if the offensive tumors were to attack.

“Spread out for Great Sky Sword Display.”

After hearing the orders of Esen, the twenty members quickly divided and lined up in a wave like a form.

And instantly as they reached the tower that was the Malignant Tumor, they pushed like a typhoon.

Muyoung looked at the third party that suddenly cut in.

‘The Reign’s Invincible Force.’

They managed to squeeze in through the gap.

And it seemed like their success rate was also quite high.

They were the best elites of the Reign’s Invincible Force and they were quite smooth at attacking like this.

It seemed like they were successful quite a few times fighting against strong opponents.

Muyoung rubbed his chin.

‘What should I do.’

He didn’t expect the Reign’s Invincible Force to barge in at a time like this.

It seemed like they were was successful in escaping the area of the offensive tumors.

However, there were more defenses besides the three offensive tumors that protected the Malignant Tumor.

Other types of undead which fought against Muyoung not too long ago.

There were still three more undead that were stronger than the vampire knight.

If they were to take too long, they would be exterminated by the offensive tumors.

This was a decided future and the sequence.

However… if he was to use this chance wisely, he thought he could make the optimum breakthrough.

‘Wasn’t there a saying that an enemy of an enemy is your ally?’

Either way, if he didn’t get rid of all the undead and tumors, there was no way to solve the situation with the Disordered Terror.

From what he heard, the Disordered Terror was close to invincible as long as its creations existed.

If so, he needed to stop the offensive tumors.

It was hard to tell if the Reign’s Invincible Force would be able to eliminate the Malignant Tumor but if Muyoung was to help them out a bit, their chances would greatly increase.


The three lumps of flesh approached as they swept the ground like snakes.

“I’ll change my target.”

Muyoung spoke slowly.

Tacan smiled wickedly as he took out his sword.

“It seems like my turn has come.”

“Stop the offensive tumors.”

“Not the undead?”

Tacan led out a deep sigh.

He wanted to face a new undead and see who was stronger but things didn’t go as he hoped.


Muyoung took out Anguish.

The lumps of flesh that were the offensive tumors moved quickly and raided their opponents.

Their attacks were completely telegraphed but what if the sizes were a few hundred meters?

It becomes the most effective way to annihilate its opponents.

Even more, their bodies quickly recovered no matter how many times they were cut.

‘Is he helping us?’

While Esen was facing the Malignant Tumor, he turned his head as he heard a loud noise.

And the man he just saw was fighting against the offensive tumors.

Amazingly, the man and his undead were stopping the three offensive tumors.

Against the three which even the mighty Reign’s Invincible Force faced crisis to a certain degree.

However, he kept knitting his brows as if there was something that he didn’t like about it.

Afterwards, the man left the undead to face the offensive tumors and approached the Malignant Tumor where the Reign’s Invincible Force was at as if he could fly.

An uncertain situation where he wasn’t sure if the man was a foe or an ally.

If they had to face the Malignant Tumor and the man, their chances of winning would greatly decrease.

Then, the man spoke.

“Try to stay alive on your own.”

After leaving a questionable declaration, the man stretched out his fist.

‘It seems like I need to get rid of the Malignant Tumor for them to die.”

No matter how many times he sliced and cut off their parts, the offensive tumors regenerated once again.

It seemed like the offensive tumors would infinitely regenerate if they didn’t get rid of the Malignant Tumor.

However, it wasn’t impossible to face them.

If it wasn’t killing but delaying time, didn’t he also do it against a dragon?

However, there was no end.

It didn’t seem like the Reign’s Invincible Force was producing any actual result against the Malignant Tumor.

It didn’t seem like they faced an inhuman opponent like the Malignant Tumor before.

Even though they were helping, they weren’t as great as he expected and not a partner he liked.

‘If it goes on like this, it will just be a waste of time.’

With no other option, Muyoung left the undead to take care of the offensive tumors and turned around.

He got close to the Reign’s Invincible Force and spoke quietly.

“Try to stay alive on your own.”

After, he stretched out his left fist and activated the ‘Asura King’s Breath’.


A huge gust of wind stretched out of his fist.

The Malignant Tumor staggered once and the Reign’s Invincible Force quickly made way.

However, this wasn’t all.

The Asura King’s Breath did little damage to the Malignant Tumor, it was hard to expect more.

Muyoung’s intention was focused on a completely different goal.

As the malignant tumor lost its balance, Muyoung swept its base.

He couldn’t just waste time like this.

Up until now, he never used it once, but it didn’t seem like he should keep saving in a situation like this.

As Muyoung opened his mouth, lightning struck down and black clouds swarmed in from the surroundings.


The spirit of destruction, Baron!

It was the gift given by the Masters of Darkness when he killed the Dark Dragon Barca.

Although there was a high chance for it to attack the user, there were lots of prey surrounding him.

If the Reign’s Invincible Force was to fight well against the malignant tumor, he might not have had to use it but he realized that there was no answer if things just continued like this.

Soon, a huge sphere of blue light floated in midair.  

The sphere had well over a few thousand eyes and could look down on everything on the ground.

You could say that its existence alone was overwhelming enough.

As if the malignant tumor was also curious, in the middle of its tower of flesh, an eye was created.  



Then, the few thousand eyes of Baron poured out laser like attacks.  

“Avoid them!”

As if he just realized what he meant by ‘try to stay alive on your own’, Esen, the Big Master of the Reign’s Invincible Force, let out an urgent cry.



Muyoung had released the vicious being that destroys everything.

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