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Chapter 100: On a Different Level (5)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous

Even the fact that his outer appearance was of a normal elf and that he was a mixed blood of two species.

However, Muyoung didn't say anything.

'He has a lot of enemies.'

Basically, devils loathed Merlin.

And from what he knew, dragons and elves didn't like Merlin.

He wasn't exactly sure of the reason why but there were assumptions that it might have something to do with the creation of the Underworld.

From the beginning, how many people in this world would know of the truth behind Merlin and Solomon?

Just, they were certain that everything started because of the Lemegeton.

In any case, there was no need to rashly take what little is known.

'I need to end it as quickly as I can.'

The Sword Bone Trio would need some time to find this place.

Muyoung was planning to get what he wanted and flee during that time.

One of the three things he needed to earn the Diablos.

God-King Oris's Throne!

If he did, then he would have two rings in total, including the Lunatic Sovereign's Ring.

It would be nice if he could achieve his goal and leave. It would be too risky to bump into them.

No matter how strong the half dragon type species in front of him was, Muyoung was able to figure out…

That he was still no match for Sword One, one of the 10 strongest people.

He was about half a step to a full step behind.

'Although his strength is immensely powerful, there is a limit to impure strength.'

No matter if he had the blood from both a high elf and an ancient dragon, it was too irrational to want the two to be synthesized.

If he was to use impure strength endlessly, it would only lead him to harm.

It was also the reason why Swell couldn't leave this play for all that long.

He probably knew that if he didn't have the Blue Mushrooms that were grown only at this place, his magical powers would be a mess and he, himself, wouldn't be able to control it.

It would be too much just with Sword One but if other brothers were to get involved, the results were obvious.

It was better to just get what each of them was after and go on their separate ways.

"What's wrong? Ehehehe! Are you not confident? If you are a dokkaebi who is faint-hearted, I don't blame you."

As Muyoung kept silent, Swell mocked him.

Swell misunderstood and thought that Muyoung was frightened and kept quiet.

There was also the basic disregard for dokkaebis.

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders and spoke.

"The details about the bet is limited to 'finding a new one', right?"

Swell looked directly into Muyoung's eyes.

"Do you think I'm a niggard who would use something that I already found? If you truly don't believe in me, I will swear on my name. Spite my appearance, elf and dragon blood flows through me. I don't lie."

So an elf and a dragon.

Dragons were a species that typically enjoyed lying.

To be exact, they liked skillful wordplay but it seemed like Swell didn't know very well about dragons.

However, Muyoung didn't have a broad consideration to point out such things.

"Even so, isn't it too advantageous for you? You know this land better than anyone else. You would just need to bring back a Blue Mushroom that you had your eye on."

"Don't worry. The Blue Mushrooms last only for two days, they wilt afterwards. Since they are mushrooms that are born by the energy of spirit birth, once it ends their life also comes to an end. It's impossible to have something that I have already looked at."

As if it was quite fair like this, Swell made a proudful expression.

Muyoung grinned and then turned his body.

"I will be back soon."

Muyoung felt his confident as if there was no way for him to lose.

However, even when he was at the Blue Temple, Merlin paid dearly for disregarding Muyoung.

He didn't think Swell wasn't greatly different from Merlin.

The North side of the land of ice was vast.

And Swell knew this place better than anyone else.

At a glance, Swell might be absolutely advantageous but there was a time restriction.

Until the sunset, there was about 8 more hours left.

Since he restricted himself to move after 6 hours, there could only be a smaller area he could be active.

With only about 2 hours, it was impossible to search the entire area of the Northside land.

On the other hand… Muyoung was alone but not really alone.

"Tacan, release all your evil spirits."

"Oh ho. Are you thinking of winning by the number?"

"I will release my specters. If we dig up the middle point of the underground and collect Blue Mushrooms a certain size or bigger, we could probably win this with ease."

"It seems like a nice move. For him to think of me, a sovereign, as a pet, we need to teach him a lesson."

Tacan ground his teeth.

It seemed like Tacan still had a grudge on Swell for calling him a pet.

At the same time, few thousands of specters spread across the North side of the land.

Muyoung also released specters and made them start their search with Murdudun as the head.

It was a gamble.

Although it was a small possibility, there was a chance that the Sword Bone Trio might notice their actions.

However, if that wasn't the case, he would be able to achieve results that exceeded Swell's expectations.

'I need to take measure for that scenario.'

However, he couldn't just ignore that low possibility.

To limit all possibilities, it was necessary for Muyoung to act and change the current situation.


Instead, he needed to beat them to it.

For the Sword Bone Trio to circle around the furthest path.

He thought of a way to use specters to restrict their movements.

Wasn't it always better to limit all dangers?

This was a desperate countermeasure to protect Swell until Muyoung earned the God-King Oris's Throne.

Since the current Swell cannot beat the Sword Bone Trio.

'Conceit of his own ability. It probably was formed because he lived here for so long.'

At this place, there weren't a lot of monsters that could stand against Swell.

No, there were just very few monsters.

And when you reign as the king of a land, you can become arrogant.

However, this place was totally boring.

He probably needed some sort of vitality like a bet.

Nevertheless, he probably never thought he could lose.

That sort of arrogance approached Muyoung as a favorable factor.

If the Sword Bone Trio weren't to suddenly appear and interfere, it would go as he planned.

"Should Woohee also help? If it is that mushroom, Woohee could probably find it easily."

Woohee appeared from afar as she flapped her wings.

Fairies normally hated dragons so even if he was only a half-dragon, she could feel Swell's dragon energy and stayed far away.

She waited for Muyoung outside and approached him when he appeared.


Muyoung spoke without much expectation.

He truly didn't have any expectations for her.

"Wooheehee. No need to worry, just trust in Woohee, husband!"

With Muyoung's middle and index finger, he stopped Woohee's pouted lips.

And looked around the front.

'I might be able to earn the God-King Oris's Throne more easily than I thought.'

There was a great price for being off one's guard.

Soon, a numerous number of specters started to fly out from his back.

As Muyoung returned, Swell let out a sneer.

"Why did you return empty handed? It is because it is an embarrassing result to even show me?"

"I will show you when you return."

In Swell's eyes, it seemed like the dokkaebi was trying to protect his last shred of pride.

The Blue Mushrooms could only be easily found by pure souls like the spirits.

Only the energy of death could be felt from the dokkaebi.

It would be difficult to find the Blue Mushroom by his own efforts and even if he did, it would be a humble size.

'It would also be quite fun to see that face distorted.'

As if he was going for a walk, Swell left the cave.

After not even 10 minutes, he returned.

With a Blue Mushroom the size of his body.

He was trying to deeply humiliate him and sure enough, the dokkaebi's expression instantly changed.

However, that expression was filled with ridicule than shame.

For him to ridicule!

"Is it only that big?"


Did the dokkaebi turn mad?

This big of a size would be at least be one of the top sizes.

There was no way for a dokkaebi who strongly smelt like death to find something bigger than this.

However, the dokkaebi drew a talisman and as he used it, a Blue Mushroom that seemed to be at least 2m appeared.

'It was real.'

The Blue Mushroom was real.

Even Swell rarely had seen a size that big.

Naturally, his eyes widened and his body shivered.

"This, this where did you find it?"

"I won. As you promised, give me the God-King Oris's Throne."

"No! Not yet. If you want to earn the God-King Oris's Throne you must win against me three times."

Swell was desperate. He even expressed a strange heat.

'He is crazy over bets.'

Muyoung let out a big sigh.

On the contrary, the defeat seemed to have provoked him.

That desire, he couldn't force a stop.

However, he couldn't just accept it either.

"Let's add to it, another demand."

"Fine. If you win 3 times from me, there is no reason for me to reject another demand."

It was good that he accepted an assertive demand.

It was because he wanted to continue the bet that much.

Muyoung didn't mind it and spoke.

"I want to see 'Oris's Enlightenment'."


Swell was surprised.

It was surprising to know that a dokkaebi also knew of it but he had no idea whatanother species would use it for by looking at it.

Oris was a transcendental species who placed a world tree himself.

In the Twilight Era, where the elves gained supremacy.

At the time, Oris was active as an Emperor who led the elves.

It was known that he, one who had a fighting power close to a God's rank, narrated all kinds of enlightenment in one book before his death.

And among them, there was also enlightenment about swordsmanship.

Oris had used different types of equipment but he was known to be most exceptional in his swordsmanship.

There is a possibility that Swell might have the book that has his enlightenments written.

'I am lacking in sword depth.'

Muyoung felt it.

The black shadow. The existence in his dream was strong and the depth itself was different.

As Muyoung continued to fight him, he keenly felt his own deficiency.

He also was well aware which part he was lacking in.

He had learned numerous times on how to handle weapons but through them, he never was enlightened or performed more in depth.

'I just need to fill up what I'm lacking.'

So he was planning to get the feel of it by looking at Oris's Enlightenment.

However, it was a question if Swell was going to show him that important book through a mere bet.

Swell pondered for a moment before he nodded his head.

"Normally, high elves are able to read the enlightenment but fortunately the decision is on me. If you truly win, I will show you Oris's Enlightenment."

Muyoung clenched his fist.

If he could only see that enlightenment, a few bets were nothing.

Although he didn't have much time, it was worth the investment.

"Then, decide the next bet."

After eating a handful of Blue Mushrooms, Swell took in a deep breath.

Afterwards, he spoke as his eyes twinkled.

"Hide! And I'll find you."

It was a good thing he had lured the Sword Bone Trio to a far location ahead of time.

Muyoung became a pure northerly wind and melted into the land. In the end, Swell was unable to find Muyoung.

The next bet was a treasure hunt.

Each had to hide an item and needed to find each other's.

By this time, even if he didn't want to connect it, it couldn't be helped but to be connected.

'There was certainly a connection with Merlin.'

If it wasn't true, there was no way that the repertoire would be this similar.

And even on a similar bet, Merlin himself wasn't able to win against Muyoung.

Swell was no different and with a miserable face, he declared a surrender.

"I lost. You aren't a normal dokkaebi."

Tacan who was standing in front of Muyoung reacted.

"It seems like the stupid half dragon has finally opened his eyes. Muyoung is Oom. The one who reigns over all dokkaebis! If you thought he was a normal dokkaebi, then you're just admitting you're blind."

As if Tacan waited for this moment, he poured out sarcastic remarks.

Then, Swell's face seriously hardened.

Was it because he was treated as a pet?

He was a fellow with quite a grudge.

Editor question: God-King Oris's Throne or just Oris's Throne?

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