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Chapter 82: (Part 1)

Lu Anwei never expected his actions would cause such great distress to Qin Shuhan and also felt very remorseful. This was his fault. He will never come and disrupt her life anymore; it was due to his own selfishness and wilfulness……

"Do you love me?" Qin Shuhan knew that the best way to deal with this blockhead was to ask directly, any other superfluous words were unnecessary.

"Yes." Lu Anwei did not hold back and told her directly.

Hearing this word personally, Qin Shuhan's tears that she tried so hard to suppress, was going to burst again. Only this time it was not because she felt wronged but because she felt deeply moved, "Then…… Then why didn't you tell me?"

"I said it before." Lu Anwei felt a little aggrieved. He has already said it many times before ah! But Qin Shuhan's always expressed her refusal very straightforwardly ah.

"……" Qin Shuhan could not help frowning, "Clearly, you have never said it!" It was because he did not say it clearly, making her sad and unhappy by herself for such a long period of time ah! She is even pregnant with their child…… Qin Shuhan could not help feeling wronged.

"Forget it……" Lu Anwei felt that all these were not important now. Anyway, he will not disrupt her life again in the future.

"Forget it? That's it?" Qin Shuhan glared at Lu Anwei. The innumerous tears that she had shed for this matter, how was it that she got his single phase of 'forget it' in return……?

"You……" Lu Anwei lowered his head. Realising that Qin Shuhan was actually bare-footed, he could not help but frown and carried Qin Shuhan up by her waist. "Why are you not wearing shoes?"

Qin Shuhan who was originally still very mad, blushed and buried her head into Lu Anwei's neck. She whispered, "I forgot……" What the heck…… This man is simply playing foul!

"I'll take you home!" In any case, Lu Anwei did not want Qin Shuhan to walk home bare-footed. There were many gravels on this road. What if she gets hurt? Even if he was being hated, he still wanted to take her home personally. Only in this way, could he feel at ease.

"Mm……" Qin Shuhan leaned into Lu Anwei's embrace, feeling incomparably safe within. This embrace. She has really anticipated it for too long. Waited for too long.

Carrying Qin Shuhan into the elevator, Lu Anwei pressed the button for the 23rdfloor with one hand.

"Anwei…… Can I ask you…… If… I'm saying… If that time we…. That time we accidentally… accidentally have a child… What should I do?" Qin Shuhan carefully asked as she leaned against Lu Anwei's shoulders. Internally, she was guessing Lu Anwei's reaction. He would definitely be ecstatic to suddenly learn that he was going to be a father, right?

If she was pregnant… Li Anwei's mind could not help thinking of Geng Zheng and Qiao Ying. How was Qiao Ying supposed to live now that Geng Zheng has passed away in the line of duty? How was she going to bring up her child alone? Lu Anwei simply did not dare to think about it… If Qin Shuhan bore his child… He would probably be so elated that he could jump over the moon… But what if he died? How could he bear to cruelly leave both mother and child? The more Lu Anwei thought about it, the more tangled up his mind was.

"Yes ah! What if I'm pregnant?" Qin Shuhan has been leaning against Lu Anwei's shoulder and did not notice the abnormalities in his expression.

"Ding" The elevator sounded indicating the arrival of the 23rdfloor. Lu Anwei replied, "If you are pregnant, it is best to abort it as soon as possible……"

Qin Shuhan never expected that she would get such a reply. This made her feel sadder and ten thousand times more pained than Lu Anwei telling her that he did not love her!

The child that was infinitely precious to her, how could Lu Anwei… How could he ask her to abort it so easily?

After sending Qin Shuhan to the front door of her house, Lu Anwei lowered his head and told Qin Shuhan, "I'm leaving… I… I won't bother you anymore." After saying that, he engraved the figure of Qin Shuhan in his mind and strode away.

Qin Shuhan did not know how she entered the door, nor did she remember how she got back to her room… When she came to realisation, she was already lying flat on her soft bed and the entire pillow cover was soaked.

"So… He really doesn't love me…" After saying this sentence, Qin Shuhan closed her eyes in near despair. Today she has completely stopped all her delusions. As it turned out, he did not love her. That was why he could say such cruel words with such ease…

Caressing her flat stomach, Qin Shuhan murmured, "Baby, mummy will bring up you by herself. You must grow up healthily oh… No matter how many people oppose, I will give birth to you. You are a gift to me from God! You are mummy's precious baby… I'm so sorry… I could not give you a daddy, could not give you a complete family… but you must believe that mummy will love you several times more, along with your father's share! Your father, he…" Qin Shuhan choked and said, "It's not that he doesn't love you, just that he doesn't love me…" Qin Shuhan cried painfully unable to continue speaking. After a long while, Qin Shuhan started to murmur again, "Sorry baby. Mummy knows that crying will have a bad effect on you… but… but mummy really could not help it. Please… Forgive mummy this time… This is absolutely the last time mummy will shed tears! Please… Forgive mummy…"
T/N: The Qin Shuhan/ Lu Anwei arc is not over yet! Lu Anran will appear again in Chapter 84!

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