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Volume 4 Chapter 1 A Strange Encounter In The Canyon

TLN: Let the adventure begin! I have only read till here before; so from now on, I will be reading along with readers! It’s quite exciting! 🙂

Aiwa knew Lisa was going to break her promise when he saw her lazy attitude. Luckily, he had already foreseen this and planted a Chaste Gu inside her, or else, he couldn't have done anything to her.

[You promised to cure Beira, how can you go back on your word?]

Aiwa calmly questioned her.

[Does it matter? Brat, I let you experience pleasure using my body; was it not enough?]

Lisa lied there as she looked towards Aiwa, however, it didn't seem like she was going to move. Aiwa had absorbed a significant amount of her energy when he had sex with her, therefore, her strength was completely washed out.

[Anyway, those who renege on their promises; suffer the wrath of Heaven.]

Aiwa looked towards her alluring naked body and said in a cold voice.

[Wrath of Heaven? What wrath of Heaven? To hell with it! I don't care about Beira! I only want more spirit drops.]

Lisa sat on the bed after she said this and prepared to assimilate the spirit drop into her bloodline.

However, as she sat, she felt as if there was an insect biting inside her pussy; scared, she leaped on the bed.

[Aaaaahhhhh! What is happening?]

Lisa incessantly scooped out her pussy; however, no matter how much she did that, a continuous itch accompanied by the pain caused by an insects biting attacked her. That pain wasn't a normal one; rather it was quite unbearable.

[Ooww — —]

The more Lisa scratched, the more it itched, however, she didn't have any other alternative but to scoop out her pussy as she rolled on the bed.

[I said it right, whoever reneges on their word in front of me, all suffer the wrath of Heaven. How is it? Is it painful?]

Aiwa complacently looked at Lisa's sorry appearance. Even such a fierce woman also had a time when she made a fool of herself.


Lisa suddenly leaped up and gripped Aiwa's throat with her hand.

Although that hand seemed very fragile, Aiwa almost suffocated due to its force.

In terms of strength, Aiwa was not this woman's opponent.

[If you choke me to my death, then the insect inside your body will bite you to death!]

In order to save himself, Aiwa forced himself to resist that suffocation and fished out these few words.

Lisa really loosened her hand; she didn't know whether Aiwa was speaking the truth or not, however, she was feeling a unbearable pain right now.

[You planted an insect inside my body?]

Lisa's beautiful eyes opened wide, however, her hand didn't leave Aiwa's neck.

[I didn't deliberately put them, my body had them from the beginning. Whenever I sleep with a woman, those insects automatically crawl inside the woman's body and only listen to their master's will.]

In order to intimidate her, Aiwa bravely explained her about the dangers involved.

[Take it out of me then!]

Lisa was in a bad mood because of getting played by Aiwa, except when she was taking refuge during her childhood, she had never suffered defeat at any person. She didn't expect that it would happen at this youngster's hand this time.

[They have already penetrated deep inside your body, I have no method to take them out. However, if you listen to me and don't make me angry, they'll calm down. Otherwise, they'll also get angry along with me and harm the attacker, since they comply to the master's will, even I can't do anything; you can do whatever you see fit!]

Aiwa struggled free from her hand when her will waned a bit; he looked at her long fingernails, feeling afraid. If she had made a tiny movement, then they would have skewered his throat.

[You want to control me?]

Lisa was angry; she desperately roared towards Aiwa.

I don't plan to control you. If you cure Beira and return her spirit drop back, then I won't bother you anymore. After parting our ways, I naturally won't be angry towards you and you also won't receive those insects attack.]

Aiwa used warm words to persuade Lisa.

[Oowww — — It hurts — —]

Lisa shouted again.

When Aiwa used his words to convince her, that tormenting pain attacked her again. This woman wouldn't submit easily unless she tasted some sufferings.

[You will have to promise me, if you don't , then my mood won't improve. Beira is my woman, I won't let her become a crippled person!]

Aiwa firmly said. He didn't want Lisa to hold any plans in her mind.

She had to obey Aiwa's order.

[Aaahhhh — —- You bastard! I should have pushed you down the cliff to your death!  Aaaahhhh — —] After cursing, Lisa felt the pain and itching become more violent; that insect bit all over inside her pussy.

[I …. …. promise you … …]

Lisa was muddled from the pain. If it wasn't for her apprehensions towards Aiwa's words, she would have recklessly kill this bad brat who dared to plant an insect inside her!

[Ooowww — —]

At he moment Lisa said [I promise you] these three words, she felt the pain lighten, however, her genitalia still hurt. [Why does it still hurt? I already promised you — —]

Her body curled up as she covered her vulva with her hands.

The sexual secretions from the time she made love with Aiwa had squeezed out and moistened her hands and thighs.

[Come down with me together. Cure Beira, then my mood will become better and you will  also  feel better.]

Aiwa spoke his conditions.

[I promise you. You go first, I still haven't worn any clothes!]

Lisa embarrassingly said; looking at her wet body.

[How will I go down? You want me to jump to my death? If I die, those insects inside your body will start biting you, and then, no one will be able to save you.]

Aiwa used a grave tone to make Lisa not dare to do this test; this was the only way he could preserve his life. It would be difficult to obtain anything from her unless she was very frightened.

[Then use a rattan to go down!]

Lisa disgustfully said.

[The rattan has already fallen down, I will wait for you here. I want to go down together.]

Aiwa patiently sat on the bed.

Without any other option, Lisa got down from her bed, naked, she took out a pair of clothes from a small closet.

Although she lived in the canyon, Lisa was very particular about the details; her clothes were extremely gorgeous.

[From where did you get such good-looking clothes?]

Aiwa's was curious after looking at those clothes.

[These clothes can only be worn by the Wolf Kingdom's Princess!]

Lisa proudly spoke. She wore these beautiful clothes every day, representing her grandeur identity, only at this time, her that noble vanity was satisfied, however, a vengeful flame also ignited at her heart simultaneously.

[So, what you're saying is, that you're the Wolf Kingdom's Princess?]

Aiwa jeered at her.

Right now, that pain had already disappeared, so, Lisa leisurely wore her princess clothes.

[What? I don't seem like a princess?]

Lisa disdainfully looked towards Aiwa, however, her grandeur couldn't be expressed even if she proved her identity in front of Aiwa, because the weight Aiwa held in her eyes was very light, she felt it was unworthy to showcase her true identity in front of him.

[You seem like it, seem like a real princess!]

Aiwa repeatedly emphasized that she merely seemed, that's all, and didn't say that she was a real princess. This made Lisa quite displeased, even though she didn't want him to believe her.

[Promise me one thing. After I give her spirit drop back, you have to leave this Khalila Canyon immediately, not taking even a single step further, or else, I would prefer to break down into pieces!]

In order to be free from worry, Lisa had no choice but to raise this condition towards Aiwa.

[That's easy, what would we do in this damned region? This isn't a place for humans!]

Aiwa coldly said. He only wanted to make Lisa feel relieved, if she cured Beira, then they won't disturb her.

After hearing Aiwa would avoid this region, Lisa immediately got angry: [Curse again, and I will throw you down from here!] Lisa grabbed his hand; although he was tall, he was till powerless in front facing this woman's hand. Aiwa thought: [Don't tell me, she wasn't affected after getting her essence qi sucked out of her?] Aiwa but clearly felt her pussy convulse when he was sucking her essence qi.

[Older Sister Lisa, you mustn't joke like this, I still haven't carried down the ancestral line for my Holtzer family!]

Aiwa tightly grabbed her hand, fearing that she would throw him out of the cave. If so, even his corpse wouldn't be left for Old Kyle to see.

Receiving the influence of East Empire's conventional culture, Aiwa knew [There were three ways to be unfilial; not leaving behind an offspring was the worst!]

[Take a look at your cowardly appearance, what hero are you thinking of becoming if you're afraid of death so much?]

Lisa sent a even more disdainful glance towards Aiwa, however, she didn't shake his hand off.

[It's not necessary for a person wanting to become a hero to face a pointless death! Moreover, there are many beautiful women waiting to be exploited by me. If I die; won't many women suffer?]

Aiwa smiled as he tightly held her wrist.

If this Witch threw him on a mountain during the flight, it would be a wonder if he didn't starve to death! It would be better to die with a full stomach, or else, it was possible to become a hungry ghost; moreover, if he had to die, he would prefer dying in a woman's embrace, after all, dying a beautiful death, even becoming a ghost would be an accomplishment!

[Your words have some reason. Let's go then!]

Lisa was amused by Aiwa's words, as a matter of fact, living inside this grand canyon was really lonely, it felt good to have this stinky brat talking to her now.

[Good older sister, I'm worried. I'm very heavy, maybe I should hug you. I am giving thought for you, if I die, it would be difficult for you to live. So, still … … still; let me hold your waist.]

Aiwa was really afraid that Lisa would accidently drop him down in mid-air.

Although he had rid her alluring naked body a moment ago; he didn't dare to hug her waist without her permission right now.

Seeing Aiwa's pitiful appearance, Lisa also felt a little pity in her heart. Moreover, she wanted to display a heroic demeanor in front of Aiwa; after all, there was no one who could match her inside this valley, however, there was no fun in it.

[All right, however, hug as tightly as you can, or else, don't blame me if you fall down!]

Lisa opened her arms; holding her bee waist out. After her skirt was pulled by her waist, her breasts were showcased more.

After obtaining Lisa's permission, Aiwa became bold and hugged her slim body, fastening his hands together; that kind of hug, made his face stick at Lisa's well developed breasts.

Lisa coquettishly glanced towards Aiwa; however, she didn't get angry. Getting held by such a big boy; felt even tastier than the time he was using his cock to thrust inside her.

[Hehe, there's nothing I can do about it. Or else, older sister has such a slender body; wouldn't I slip if I don't hug tightly?]

Aiwa flattered and smiled at her.

[So what you mean is that you're holding me against your wishes? Originally, you don't like me?]

Lisa pretended to be angry at Aiwa.

[No, No, I want to lie in older sister's embrace like this every day! Hehe, older sister's breasts are really soft!]

While taking liberties with her, Aiwa opened his mouth and nibbled her nipple.

[Don't make trouble, let's go!]

Lisa clearly enjoyed Aiwa biting her nipple like this.

[Let me prepare properly. You take off, let fly in a pair!]

Aiwa hardly finished speaking before he quickly bit Lisa's erect nipple again, as if that was the only thing capable of guaranteeing his safety.

Lisa didn't argue anymore and came to the cave entrance. She jumped and flew out of the cave with Aiwa.

Their bodies didn't fall down; rather, they floated in the air. Aiwa held Lisa tightly; it felt as if he was flying himself, the wind blew Lisa's long hair back as her sleeves also floated backwards.

Wuya was standing at the ground; looking at them flying in pairs, she felt envy and jealousy.

[Aiwa, I am here.]

Wuya anxiously yelled from below. However, Lisa merely glanced at her before their bodies dropped down at a distance 10m away from Wuya.

[Wuya, quickly catch up, Older sister Lisa promised to cure Beira!]

After dropping down, Aiwa loosened his mouth which was biting Lisa's nipple; his hands were still tightly hugging her slender body.

Aiwa completely disregarded Wuya's current feelings; she was waiting below the cave entrance for such a long time, whereas, these two individuals were having a happy time inside the cavern. However, she was waiting like an idiot, wouldn't she be angry?

Wuya also didn't talk anymore; she pouted her mouth and walked beside Aiwa and Lisa.

[Apparently, this girl really likes you; I really can't see how a woman can be captivated by a man like you!]

Lisa struggled free from Aiwa's embrace; she felt that he had already gotten much gains.

[Hehe, which strong point of this general isn't liked by a woman?  How? Didn't you experience enough pleasure in the cave just now?]

Aiwa proudly laughed.

[Stop showing off, let's see if you will still be so rampant after I use my sword to remove it?]

Lisa made a chopping posture.

[Don't! I still have much of its use! Didn't I say? I haven't left behind a son or daughter for my Holtzer family, if it's cut, who will solve the itching of all the women in the world?]

Aiwa was unable to stop his habit of smooth talking.

Lisa ignored his ramblings and walked over to the cave Beria was in.

Wuya also followed her; a group of maids were anxiously surrounding Beira.

Right now, Beira was lying there at her last breath, unable to move her body.

Seeing Lisa arrive, those maids didn't dare to utter a sound, after all, she had just touched Beira's forehead lightly and Beira became like that; how could they be their opponent? Moreover, after everyone saw Wuya come along with this Witch, the made way for her.

Wuya had placed all her hopes on Lisa, her hand couldn't help but grip her sword hilt. If this woman dared to injure Beira, then, she was willing to fall into a life and death struggle with this devil.

Lisa simply ignored Wuya; she passed through the maids and crouched beside Beira's body.

[Indeed a beautiful woman, no wonder Aiwa that guy cares so much about you!]

Saying this, her slender finger caressed Beira's pale cheek; those long finger nails made Wuya anxious. If only she use more force, those finger nails would resemble daggers, skewering Beira's throat. Wuya's heart tensed up.

Aiwa came inside at this time.

[How is it?]

He anxiously pushed those maids away and stooped his body down.

[No problem! I guarantee to cure her properly. However, you have to promise me; from now on, you won't use that wretched magic to torment me, this old woman!]

Lisa turned her body and firmly said this.

[Hehe, feel relieved, you feel I, Aiwa, am a man who goes back on his word? However, whenever you miss this general, you have to simply find me, I will surely make you feel pleasure to your heart's content!]

Aiwa patted his chest and said.

Lisa glanced towards Aiwa before looking towards Beira again, and said as if she was talking to her herself: [It's a pity about the spirit drop I gained just recently; I looked for so many years and have never seen a girl possessing such spiritual qi, all of my efforts have gone down the drain because of you!]

[Hehe, it doesn't matter, relying on your skill, where wouldn't you be able to find another girl possessing spiritual qi? Moreover, Beira is just a little girl, what spirit drop would she be able offer to you? Quickly return it back to her!]

Aiwa feared that this Witch would renege again, so, her continued to go on the psychological offensive.

Lisa shot a disdainful glance towards Aiwa and said: [You understand fart! A girl possessing such spiritual qi like her, I fear it would be difficult to meet another one in several years.]

[Since she has such talent, there's no need for you to destroy her right? You're already very amazing, I am an expert at Hass Empire, however, I am still not your opponent. What realm are you trying to reach? Don't tell me you're thinking of attaining the Heavenly Seat realm?]

Heavenly Seat was something every martial artist in this world yearned for, however, it was never heard that someone had reached that realm. A person who has reached that realm, whether it be a male or female, can obtain eternal life, moreover also retain their youth forever.

Lisa went silent for a while before releasing a sigh.

[After getting cured, she isn't allowed to stay inside this canyon anymore. If she runs into me again, her luck wouldn't be good like today!]

Lisa said to Aiwa, as if she was speaking to her man.

[She won't come. As for us, we also won't come here again. This damned region!]

Aiwa firmly said that in order to make it clear, however, after receiving Lisa's glare, he suddenly laughed, saying: [This is a good region, it's not a place where nobodies like us can stay, only you this kind of daoist immortal older sister can stay in this wonderland!]

Lisa satisfactorily turned her head back. After she took a deep breath, she brought her hands together; slowly, a beautiful halo appeared between her hands; that halo separated from her hands and slowly floated on top of Beira's head.

After that halo rotated on Beira's head a few times, it disappeared into her hair.

Aiwa thought: [That halo should be the spirit drop Lisa had absorbed, now, it has returned back to Beira's head.]

Aiwa only hoped for Beira to wake up quickly.

However, Beira's beautiful eyes were still closed; her breath weak, only her slightly swelling bosom could be seen moving up and down.

[Lisa, is she … … alright now?]

Being unable to see the results, Aiwa anxiously asked Lisa.

[She'll recover in a moment. However, I advise you to leave this canyon as soon as possible. This is not a place where you can stay, besides the God Wolves, there are many more disastrous monsters at here.]

Lisa slowly stood up and left the cave.

[Have a good journey; Miss Lisa. Thank you.]

Seeing her leaving rear view, Aiwa had no choice but to believe her.

[You all; do your best to behave.]

Saying this, Lisa suddenly soared off from the precipice; however, she didn't go back to her cave, rather, she flew towards another direction.

By the time Aiwa turned his head back, Beira slowly opened her eyes.



All of them happily yelled together.

Beira strangely looked towards everyone and asked: [What happened to me? Why are you all looking at me so much?]

Wuya explained the matters about the Witch Lisa sucking her spirit drop to her.

However, Beira didn't feel a single difference from before. She only felt a bit dizzy; a maid supported her as she stood up.

[Beira, we're returning, anyway, we have got the God Wolfs' fur, take a look!]

Aiwa brought the two God Wolfs' fur for Beira to see.

[They weren't beaten by me.]

Beira had recovered her spirit drop just now, so her strength was still weak, as well as her voice.

[However, this is the outcome of our collective battle, without your warning; wouldn't I have already died under that God Wolfs' claw?]

Aiwa was speaking the truth, thanks to Beira's warning at the moment of crisis; he could evade that Wolf Kings' attack.

[Anyway, I didn't shoot that Wolf to its death; I won't claim another person's contribution as mine! You want me to lie in front of Tanzyanians? I won't do it!]

Beira firmly said.

[However, Beira, you can also see how dangerous meeting those God Wolves' was? We almost lost out lives; we shouldn't take such dangers again!]

Wuya reminded. If another accident happens, she wouldn't be able to explain it to Kayseri.

[If you want to return empty handed, then you can return; I won't return!]

Although Beira's body was fairly weak, her determination was firm.

Without anything to bring back, she wouldn't be able to face her mother.

Really, it was she who had challenged Wuya, and if she returned back empty handed; it would be only good for Wuya. It was very hard for her to accept returning back empty handed.

[Beira, that woman living inside the canyon said there are many dangerous monsters in this canyon, which are far more disastrous than the God Wolves, it wouldn't be right for us to advance forward.]

Aiwa had no choice but to try persuading Beira.

[Since someone is living inside this canyon, what's the point of being afraid? Aiwa, if you're unwilling to advance forward, then, you can return back with Wuya; I'll go alone!]

Beira was determined to continue progressing inside this vicious, unfathomable Grand Canyon.

[Beira, you must not be so willful. If you encounter some unexpected accident, then, what would I do?]

Aiwa also got angry.

[Isn't that only a chance? At that time, you can take Wuya as your wife without the slightest hesitation!]

Beira acted in a fit of pique as she glanced towards Aiwa; no other girl has dared to throw a fit in front of him like this, it was only her.

However, Aiwa really didn't want anything to happen to her.

[All right, the Princess says we'll go, then, we'll go; everyone shall die together!]

Although Aiwa said these words, he was in no way thinking to die an easy death; if not, he would have already died several times. The path from the East Empire back to his home was also filled with numerous dangers.

[Support me to stand up.]

Beira commanded her maid.

Under the maids' arms' support, she difficultly stood up.

[How can we do like this? She would fall down while on the horse; let me pass some energy to her! If not, she would definitely fall from horseback.]

Saying this, Aiwa received Beira from the maids' hand.

After he circulated the dou qi inside his body for a complete circle, he amassed a part of energy on his palm; a flame emerged from his palms' center.

After the flame disappeared, Aiwa pressed his palm on Beira's navel.

The best method to transmit energy is through sex, that would lessen the energy lost in the process, however, Aiwa didn't have a genuine skin relationship with Beira yet; if he has sex with her in front of these few maids, she would surely be embarrassed.

Let alone, as the Princess, how could she sleep with a man as she wishes?

Beira felt a wave of warmth at her navel; very quickly, that share of energy spread throughout her entire body from her underbelly.

Soon, Beira felt her spirit high; as if stimulants had been delivered to her body.

Since Aiwa's hand stretched inside her clothes to transmit energy to her; he had to stick it on her skin, unavoidably touching Beira's that thicket.

Actually, it couldn't be called a thicket; it was only a sparse fuzz of hair that's all. She felt very tender, when Aiwa touched her vulva, it felt very different.

Aiwa's finger didn't continue to slide, merely, it touched that soft little area under her mons veneris; his hand immediately came out. However, even that simple touch made Beira's pale face become ruddy.

[Look, Aiwa's energy had already been transmitted inside the Princess's body, her complexion has become better!]

Wuya deliberately shifted the focus in order to cover for Beira.

[Let's set off.]

Beira really felt an abundant strength fill her body.

Everyone picked up their weapons and set off again.

Their party advanced 10 li in a stretch, and when they raised their head to look, they suddenly found that the canyon wasn't merely long and narrow, it was also serene and hidden, the precipices on either side were ten times higher than those at the entrance; taking a look now, only the sky could be seen at the top.

[Aiwa, are we still going to advance forward?]

Wuya was frightened by the dangerous terrain in front of her. If they ran into something at this region, even a corpse wouldn't be left after their death! By looking at this dangerous terrain, it could be seen that some never before seen vicious beasts roamed this place.

Aiwa was sizing up the terrain here; suddenly, a strange hissing cry sounded from a place not far from here — — naturally, it was a sound which hadn't been heard by any person before; extremely frightening!

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