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Chapter 772 - Entering the battle

"There is indeed a limit."

Hu Lie said with a face full of smiles, "In this competition, only the young cultivators of the Four Great Clans can participate. Dragon Clan initially proposed that the maximum age for cultivators participating in the younger generation is thirty years old. However, Eagle Clan, Snake Clan and us, the Tiger Clan, all reject this suggestion. "

"Why is that?" Hearing that, Tang Huan was very surprised.

"There is a very powerful young man in the Dragon Clan. Not only did his cultivation reach the peak of the Rank Seven True Spirit, he even comprehended a special ability unique to the Dragon Clan."

If you agree to Dragon Clan's proposal, Dragon Clan will definitely send him to be one of the top ten participants, and no one else from the three other great clans will be his opponent. In that case, wouldn't first place become the treasure of Dragon Clan? Therefore, all three of us are opposed to it. "

"In the end, the age of the participating cultivators of the younger generation is set to be 25 years old."

Hu Lie said with a smile, "Although Dragon Clan was a little unwilling, but he was also unable to force our three clans, so in the end, he had no choice but to agree. At this age group, the difference in strength between the young generation of cultivators in Four Great Clans is not too great.

Saying that, the smile on Hu Lie's face became sly.

Seeing that he was smiling like an old cunning fox, Tang Huan's heart was moved. "Old brother, the limit of our age, it can't be that you were the one who proposed it, right?"

"That's right."

Hu Lie nodded his head, and said, "The reason why I would suggest this, is because our Tiger Clan has an even younger trump card."

"Who?" Tang Huan said subconsciously.

"That's you, little brother."

Hu Lie said with a sincere smile, "If I'm not mistaken, the 'Yin and Yang Void Method' that little brother obtained, I believe you have already cultivated it to some extent?"

Hearing that, Tang Huan unwittingly nodded his head and smiled: "Big Bro truly has sharp eyes. Then I have indeed comprehended the first level of change in 'Yin and Yang Void Method'." According to Tang Huan's estimations, when Hu Lie found out that he escaped from the Eagle Clan Ranker's hands, he had already made this judgment.

Since that was the case, there was no point in continuing to hide it.

"Haha, really."

Hearing that, Hu Lie laughed out loud, "Little brother, among all the cultivators that are not over 25 years old in Four Great Clans, you should be the only one who has comprehended a sacred art. With this ability, even a cultivator of the Rank Five True Spirit might not be your match. In this sparring match between the Four Clans s, you are our Tiger Clan's trump card. As long as little brother you are here, we Tiger Clan will definitely be able to get first place. "

After saying that, Hu Lie looked at Tang Huan with blazing eyes, filled with anticipation.

So that was the plan of old man Hu Lie. Since Tang Huan is currently a Clan Guardians, it is natural for him to take part in the battle for the Tiger Clan as well: "Brother, it is not a problem for me to represent the Tiger Clan. However, I cannot guarantee that I can help the Tiger Clan obtain first place."

"No matter, no matter. As long as you do your best, it's fine. As for the other things, they are up to the will of heaven." Hu Lie was overjoyed.


The dragon, tiger, eagle, and serpent Four Great Clans would determine the location of the 'Neon Gem' lode through the exchange of pointers! In this competition, each clan will send out ten young Disciples s, and the ages cannot exceed twenty-five years. The location of the competition was set at the location of the Dragon Ascending River's mines, and the time of the competition was set in one month.

When the news spread out, countless cultivators within Wind Howling City and Tiger Vigour Summit began to discuss with each other.

If the age limit was no more than thirty, then the person who obtained first place would undoubtedly be Dragon Clan, but if the person was not more than twenty-five, then he would definitely have a chance.

The chances of Tiger Clan obtaining first place was also very high, and being first place would allow one to obtain 40% of the lode.

With the participation of the Four Great Clans, they were able to obtain forty percent of the mine, while the other three clans could only get sixty percent, so just thinking about it was enough to cause waves in one's heart. Thus, countless people were speculating which ten young cultivators would be sent out by the Tiger Clan this time around.

Several days later, the list of contestants finally came out.

Hu Xuan, Hu Qin, Qin Xiu, Sun Yunlin, Sun Yunlin,, Huo Gang, Zuo Zonghai, Hu Feng, Tang Huan … These people were either the famous Hu Clan Disciples, or someone who had stood out step by step in the general election of Clan Guardians. They were all outstanding experts in the younger generation.

Wait, Tang Huan... Who was that?

This name was extremely unfamiliar. Just where had he come from?

"Tang Huan, your identity has been exposed?"

Wind God Valley, No.643 Courtyard, Chen You's beautiful eyes that looked at Tang Huan, were filled with anxiety and worry. After breaking through to the True Spirit Level today, he had just excitedly walked out of the Spiritual Soul Cave and heard of the list of participants. Others might not know who "Tang Huan" was, but she was very clear about it.

Therefore, Chen You hurriedly ran to Tang Huan's residence, but discovered that this guy was unexpectedly calm and composed, as if he did not care about his identity being revealed at all.


Tang Huan nodded his head and laughed, "I first helped Team 50 obtain close to five hundred 'Flamingo Blood Beads', and then I helped Tiger Clan find a mine and get a 'High-grade Raw Stone' back. I even borrowed the Spiritual Soul Cave's power to enter the Rank Three True Spirit in a short amount of time. Tiger Clan will definitely pay more attention to me, they only need to send people to Chen Village to investigate, and it will be very easy to find out my real name. "

Upon hearing this, Chen You's face was immediately filled with vexation: "Before I left, I repeatedly reminded everyone to not leak it out, but I didn't think that it would still be …"

"If it's leaked, then it's leaked. It doesn't matter."

Tang Huan comforted her.

Although his real name was exposed, the request Tang Huan made to Hu Lie was put on the list of participants. Before this, the reason he used the name "Chen Huan" was because he did not want the Tiger Clan to think that he had an unknown origin, and that his origins were unknown, which would lead to some unnecessary trouble.

Now that his identity had been exposed, there was no need for him to use an alias anymore.

The most important thing was that there was an advantage in using his real name, and that he had the chance to let Shan Shan, Feng Ming, Yu Feiyan and the others who came from the small world know of his existence. This Forging God Great World was incredibly vast, and if Tang Huan went to look for them one by one, he might not even be able to find them after a lifetime. However, if Tang Huan could do his best to raise his visibility, it would actually be easier for him to meet them.

Right now, this little bit of fame for Tang Huan was still useless. But one day, when the name Tang Huan spreads throughout the entire Forging God Great World, no matter which corner of the Forging God Great World Shan Shan and the others are at, they might find out about his existence.

"How can it be all right?"

Chen You said anxiously, "You have concealed your real name and joined Tiger Clan, this Tiger Clan will definitely think that you have some ulterior motive, and might think that you are a spy from some other force …"

Tang Huan was speechless, "If Tiger Clan was worried about this, why would I be allowed to join the list of participants? Aren't they afraid that I'll go easy on them during the competition? "

"Uh, that's true..."

Chen You was startled, and only then did he come to his senses.

If Tiger Clan really suspected that Tang Huan had ulterior motives, let alone entering the list of participants, it would be a problem even if they could sit here and speak.

Thinking of this, Chen You couldn't help but blush slightly.

Just then, a rough voice sounded from outside the courtyard: "Brother Chen Huan, Brother Chen Huan, the 'Tang Huan' on the list, is that you?"

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