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Long Fei's body directly penetrated through Long Fei's body and started to petrify rapidly, like a burnt coal, and his entire body became stiff.

Long Fei had completely lost control of his body.

He did not hide.

Because …

The one fighting against the Holy Spirit was not him, but the Yan Huang ancestor.

Long Fei slightly said: "Ancestor, can you do it or not, if not, then I will do it. If you destroy my body, then I will not let you off so easily."

Seeing his body acting like this, Long Fei was in a bad mood.

The Heavenly Spirit penetrated Long Fei's body, and he laughed sinisterly. Wuu, wuu, wuu, wuu, wuu... "You're just so-so."

"Is that so?"

As a voice fell, Long Fei's body moved.

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His body charged out from the petrification like a brand-new body. With a single step, he landed right on top of the Celestial Spirit's throat.

The Yan Huang ancestor said, "Have you cultivated the Ghost Vein Method well?"

"Then try the power of emperor Yanhuang."

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An incredibly powerful Qi rushed out, directly crushing at the sky spirit, causing the Qi coming out from his body to disappear completely.

The ill intent in his heart was also crushed by the power of emperor Yanhuang until he couldn't move a muscle.

The heavenly spirit was enraged as it roared, "Old ghost, who are you?"

Yan Huang ancestor laughed blandly: Your body of evil originally possessed the power to control the spirit, but you did not go on the road. Instead, you absorbed the Yin Qi, the baleful qi, and even filled your mind with hostility.

"You're wrong!"

"This road will only allow you to walk further and further away from it. You still need to turn back and be in a rush."

As soon as he finished.

The Yan Huang ancestor released a stream of Seal, "Seal for me!"


A stream of power of emperor Yanhuang was in the depths of the Holy Spirit's mind, and had also sealed the evil and ruthless aura inside his body.

The aura of the sky spirit changed and returned to normal.

Yan Huang ancestor also instantly returned into Long Fei's broken Pubes. He let out a light breath and said: "Brat, this child possesses the power of yin fiendish energy and is extremely powerful. He also cultivates the power of nine stages of the Ghost Vein Art, however, the power in his body will temporarily stop, and in the future, he will become even more powerful."

"Are you still going to tame him?"

Yan Huang ancestor asked seriously.

"Ghost Vein Method?"

Long Fei's heart trembled as he thought to himself, "I keep having the feeling that I've heard this name somewhere before."

However …

"Yes!" Long Fei did not hesitate, and said: "I must. Even if his body is filled with even more Yin energy, I must still submit to him."

"Such a strong person must submit."

Since he was one of the eight great King Kong, he had to submit.

Eight great King Kong Yuling guardian warrior.

Adding the god;s water king kong, holy king kong, and Demon Subduing Vajra, there were a total of four Vajra, four Vajra, and eight Vajra.

Long Fei was a little excited.

At this moment.

Yan Huang ancestor continued, "He is more difficult to tame than the previous few. Just the Yin energy in his body is already difficult to refine, once it explodes, he will become uncontrollable like a devil. You better think carefully."

"If I'm not as good as a demon, I can become a Buddha."

"Hahaha …"

Long Fei began to laugh, and said: "If he didn't have that kind of evil and ruthless aura, I would still reject it."

"It's him."

Who isn't insane in the Eight Great Vajra?

Li Yuanba was a God Power madman.

The reincarnation of the Arhat holy buddha, but he was directly possessed by the devil, was he crazy enough?

Was the unique Domain of the Water World of the god;s water king kong crazy enough?

The Heavenly Spirit, Yuling guardian warrior, and body of evil had absorbed the Baleful Yin energy for eight whole years in the Ghost City. His Baleful Yin body could be said to be the strongest amongst the four of them.

Is it crazy?

The Chao Heaven Sect was extremely powerful, and after three years, they would become even more so.

If they wanted to stomp him flat, they would have to stomp him to death at 360 degrees.

The power of the eight Vajra was the strongest power!

Long Fei would never miss a single one of them. He said to the Yan Huang ancestor: "Besides, even if he's not under our control, don't you still have you?"


"You should have broken through as well, right?"

Long Fei clearly sensed the power just now!

power of emperor Yanhuang!

This was a power that the Yan Huang ancestor had never released before. This should be the power of the Seal in his body, and it had now been refined by him.

Yan Huang ancestor laughed out loud and said: "That's right, I have absorbed a strand of my power back then. Although it has not been completely refined, it is already much stronger than the previous me."

Right now, he had only refined a tiny bit of the power of emperor Yanhuang's skin.

Currently, he was still a remnant soul and could not absorb any more.

And then …

The Yan Huang ancestor said: "For the past year, I have devoured countless of your holy artifact, and it was also the power within those holy artifact that allowed me to refine a little bit of the power of emperor Yanhuang."

"And …"

"Brat, do you want to train my strength?"

Long Fei laughed: "You can slowly refine your strength. I want to walk on my own path of martial arts."

It wasn't that he didn't want to.

But not.

The power of emperor Yanhuang of the Yan Huang ancestor was definitely extraordinary and incomparably powerful, but it was the power of the Yan Huang ancestor, and it was his own path of martial arts.

The path Long Fei took was different from his!

So he refused.

Yan Huang ancestor laughed and said: "I knew it would be like this."

"I won't make things difficult for you."

"I know you will not walk my path, but …" Boy, you don't cultivate my power, but the holy artifact that devours you won't soften my mouth. "

"I need more Profound Qi from the holy artifact, otherwise, my residual soul would not be able to support the power of the power of emperor Yanhuang." The Yan Huang ancestor said directly.

The power of emperor Yanhuang was very strong.

Once he started refining, he would not be able to stop. He had to absorb even more holy artifact energy to continue refining.

Once it stopped, his residual soul would be devoured.

Long Fei grinned: "Relax, follow me, holy artifact? Thief Feng Yi! "

"Thief Feng Yi?"

"What do you mean?"

Yan Huang ancestor did not understand.

Long Fei laughed and said: "It's very simple."

At this moment.

Long Fei moved his body and said: "Accept the mission!"

Two tasks entered the task bar.

Long Fei walked in front of the beautiful woman and said: "He's fine.

"Big Sis."

"You know that he's a body of evil, so you should also be clear about the evil and ruthless aura in his body. Hand him over to me, I will let him control himself, and he will properly live on, moreover …" Long Fei said with incomparable firmness, "Live in that world that belongs to me."


How could she not know about her son's situation? [].

In the end, she gritted her teeth and said: "Alright, I beg you, you must take good care of him. He's only a child."

Long Fei slightly smiled, "Don't worry, from today onwards, he will be my little brother, my blood brother!"


The sound of intense footsteps echoed out from the small alley within the courtyard. "It's here!"

The fourth chapter was sent over.

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