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Chapter 1539: Heavenly Knights

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The heavenly knight dispatched by Taiyi Fantasy Sect was their deputy head Swords Immortal.

The heavenly knight dispatched by Heavens Holding Pavilion was their deputy head Clouddragon Immortal.

The heavenly knights dispatched by Qionglou Pavilion was a grandma with goosebumps, the deputy head Reflectingmoons Immortal.

Another one was Woodbuilding Immortal the founder of Jiang Clan, Herbal Clan.

Besides 10 knights following the Woodbuilding Immortal, all the other clans’ deputy heads were followed by over 100 knights, which manifested the special domineering qi fields of major clans.

When Zhang Tie gazed at those heavenly knights flying over there, Bai Suxian immediately discovered Fang Xinyi in the team of Qionglou Pavilion based on her inexplicable intuition and insight.

Although Fang Xinyi was Lord Guangnan’s wife, in major events, when Reflectingmoons Immortal of Qionglou Pavilion arrived, she joined the team of Qionglou Pavilion without demur; instead of joining the team of Lord Guangnan’s Mansion, which really shocked Zhang Tie a bit.

All the other heavenly knights threw a glance at Zhang Tie silently. Only Woodbuilding Immortal of Jiang Clan nodded towards Zhang Tie politely. Zhang Tie nodded towards him too as a response.

After sensing being gazed by a pair of eyes, Zhang Tie turned around as he saw a man in the team of Heavens Holding Pavilion watching him.

It was Gu Qingyun. Before Zhang Tie returned to Youzhou Province, Gu Qingyun was always a genius among the young generation of Youzhou Province. Whereas, after the competition for the provincial governor of Youzhou Province, Gu Qingyun had been dwarfed by Zhang Tie. From then on, Zhang Tie rarely heard any news about Gu Qingyun except that he had returned to Heavens Holding Pavilion for diligent cultivation. They had not imagined that they could meet here once again after departing from each other in Youzhou City.

Previously, the difference between Zhang Tie and Gu Qingyun in position and social status was sharp. Zhang Tie had already become a shadow knight and a divine dominator; however, Gu Qingyun was still a black iron knight. Only after a few years, if one was not favored by God or had a chance to enter a tower of time, he could never promote to an earth knight. Even though being a genius, Gu Qingyun could never match Zhang Tie.

Gu Qingyun had not imagined that Zhang Tie could have such a sharp perception. When he saw Zhang Tie turning around and fixating on him, Gu Qingyun instantly turned aside while an embarrassed and flurried look flashed by. Meanwhile, he hid among the disciples of Heavens Holding Pavilion.

“You’re that black iron knight of four sage freaks who has entered the tower of time?” Swords Immortal of Taiyi Fantasy Sect opened his mouth as he watched the four sage freaks, some tiny sword-shaped braids on his head and two long swords on his back, making him full of aggression and flamboyance like a blade coming out of its sheath. The moment the others heard his voice which was neither pleasant nor furious and saw his distant and majestic eyes, the scene around the tower of time had turned silent at once. All the other heavenly knights didn’t speak either, including Zhang Tie. After looking around, Swords Immortal nodded satisfactorily as he added in a more aggressive manner, “It seems that you’ve achieved a lot in the tower of time. Look, you’ve already promoted to an earth knight. How did you find this place? If you hide any secret to us, I will definitely let you have a miserable death!”

Watching Swords Immortal’s unruly deed, Zhang Tie slightly frowned; whereas, he remained silent. In Zhang Tie’s eyes, what did the deputy head of Taiyi Fantasy Sect do rightly proved that Taiyi Fantasy Sect had joined the Imperial Alliance to exterminate the Great Wilderness Sect. However, neither did Imperial Alliance nor Taiyi Fantasy Sect get the Great Wilderness Sutra . This time, Taiyi Fantasy Sect might also come here with the intention for gaining the Great Wilderness Sutra .

As Zhang Tie gazed at Swords Immortal, he kept observing the moguls of the other major sects. Actually, on this occasion, Zhang Tie could easily judge who among the top six sects had joined Imperial Alliance besides Taiyi Fantasy Sect.

After hearing Swords Immortal speaking to them like they were his disciples, all the four sage freaks revealed furious looks. Bad-tempered Mr. Chrysanthemum raised his eyebrows as he was about to rush forward if not being towed by Mr. Bamboo. After throwing a glance at Swords Immortal and the surrounding knights, Mr. Bamboo took in a deep breath as he took out an old piece of tan metal plate, which carried the obvious symbol of double snakes of Great Wilderness Sect. Closely after that, he threw it to Swords Immortal as he said, “We four brothers have lived in South Border for so many years. We were always interested in the treasures and Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect. We got this piece of the metal plate one year ago beneath a deserted courtyard of Great Wilderness Sect. It recorded some information about this Dongtian and the way to enter it. We think that this piece of the metal plate might be left by an elder or disciple of Great Wilderness Sect. After studying it for a long time, we finally targeted Centralpillar Mountain, then here…” Mr. Bamboo explained as he threw a glance at the surrounding knights who were casting covetous eyes towards him, “That’s all we know. As for the rest floors of Dongtian and treasures, we won’t participate in the discovery anymore. It depends on yourselves…”

Zhang Tie found that Swords Immortal had lowered his head and studied the lines and characters on the piece of metal plate carefully who then exchanged a glance with Clouddragon Immortal the deputy head of Heavens Holding Pavilion. Zhang Tie’s heart then slightly pounded.

“Clouddragon Immortal, take a look…” Swords Immortal then passed the piece of metal plate to Clouddragon Immortal the deputy head of Heavens Holding Pavilion.

Clouddragon Immortal was slightly fat and looked kind. With two short beards, he always smiled like a rich, innocent local official. After receiving the piece of the metal plate, Clouddragon immortal squinted his eyes and observed it for a short while before nodding and passing it to Reflectingmoons Immortal the deputy head of Qionglou Pavilion.

Reflectingmoons Immortal replied with a cold harumph as if she was not satisfied that she was the third person who read it. However, she still received it and took a look at it before nodding and teleporting it into her space-teleportation equipment without demur as if it should be.

Woodbuilding Immortal of Jiang Clan, Herbal Pavilion, as a heavenly knight too, turned gloomy at once…

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