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chapter 60 Qin Kage

Qin Yi knows Madara very well. He understands his ambition and emotions.

Among Konoha, there are two extremes between Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama It can be said that one is a hawk and the other is a dove. Hashirama believes that the world will be peaceful with the policy and the free will. On the contrary, believes that peace can only be achieved through the unification of the entire ninja world through war.

Although that the differences between them earlier but when Madara saw the stone tablet of Uchiha their conflict became deeper.

The stone tablet is fake and will guide Madara to another path.

For Qin Yi Madara's thoughts are radical but they are also correct.

Only a great unified country can have real peace. Moreover, he was eager to take the five great powers into his own hand so that the whole world has only one country.

And when all the people become from people of Qin, peace will come naturally.

Madara came to the Kingdom of Qin for such a long time, understand the magic of this kingdom, and naturally understand their truth.

But it is not so easy to achieve peace through violence, it requires sacrifice strength. Among them, there is no doubt that the first person who will stand against them is his former friend and ally, Hashirama!

Therefore, Madara chose to leave, he had his own plan, and he did not want to tell Qin Yi.

Qin Yi was discussing with Gandalf for a while and he turned around to arrange for the meeting after half a month.

“make the kage’s cloak and I want it in the lavender color, and the six-pointed stars will be the symbol of our country.”

“Then, the three generals will accompany me to the trip.”

” Mr. Gandalf is responsible for the domestic arrangement.”

After that, Qin Yi nodded to make sure that there was no loophole from passing the order.

the Kages meeting is soon, and the three generals have to practice madly.

Qin Yi was in the house studying the scroll that Madara left to him.

This scroll is much more complicated than the one that Madara gave it to him before.

a variety of strange ninjutsu as well as the various ninjas’ explanations and foundations, it was like an encyclopedia of the Naruto world.

“I guess it is all the secrets ninjutsu that collected by Madara, even some of the mysteries of Uchiha family are actually here!”

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