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Chapter 10
K . T . W Volume 3: Chapter 10: Test!
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“Good, Tasty Drink!”

“Ha ha ha ha, this wine is really delicious . ”

The man was walking, askew and twistedly . When he took another step, he felt something wrong .


the drunk guy looked down; then, he bent down .

“I think I’ve come to the wrong place . Is this the garden?”

“I’ve drunk too much . ”

His words are vague, and his Tongue was heavy . He was obviously drunk .

“flower man, I’m sorry . Situ Zhong accidentally stepped on you . I apologize to you! Apologize! “

Situ Zhong said and laughed . At last, tears came out .

He simply sat in the flowers, overwhelms numerous flowers and plants, kicked and swung his arms, and started to drink crazy .

His loud voice was really annoying . Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly open .

“Who is making noise here?”

He said with a deep voice, and his eyes were like electricity in the direction of Situ Zhong .

when he heard that, situ Zhong was stunned and looked up .

“isn’t that overreact, uncle flower!”

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Qin Yi immediately woke up situ Zhong, who was excited .

“what’s your name?”

Glanced at Situ Zhong coldly, Qin Yi was in a bad mood .

After Xu Changqing left, after a short time of refinement and enlightenment, he has once again piled up his realm to the fourth level (Learning the Dao), which can be said to have made rapid progress . Now he is on his way to the fifth level . The way of cultivation is more complicated than the first level . When he was concentrating until Situ bothered him so now, he was upset and impatience . The voice around him makes him fidgety, so he has no good temper .

“Young Brother, disciple Situ Zhong . ”

Qin Yi stretched his right hand with an expressionless face .


In the void, a force of attraction rushed out, the flowers and plants were in a state of chaos . Situ Zhong didn’t react, but he was pushed by force to the other side .

“Grand, Uncle!”…

Situ Zhongjiu was completely sober, and the True Essence awakened him, he looked at Chang Yu with puzzled eyes .

Situ was a novice disciple who just arrived at Shushan .

“you disturbed me, my cultivation, Situ Zhong, how dare you . ”

Qin Yi’s eyes turned to Rinnegan . He looked at situ Zhong directly, which made him tremble .

“I’m a Disciple; I made a mistake . I was drunk . I’m sorry, Elder . ”

“Drunk? On this holy mountain, you dare to drink . “

Qin Yi sneered and admired the courage of the young man in front of him .

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Although Shushan was generally free, there are many rules and regulations . The disciple in front of him was just a beginner . He dared to drink openly and destroyed a large area of his garden .

“It seems that Laws and Morals Elde is very negligent . I will take his place and punish you well . ”

Qin Yi’s eyes were sharp, and his strength turned again .

“Shinra Tensei . ”

Situ Zhong was suddenly thrown out . Looking up to the sky, he was spitting out blood . He was in a panic .

For him, the Elder was too strong . Although he has just entered the Shushan sect, he was talented . At this moment, he had reached the fourth level (Learning the Dao), but he has no resistance at all under Qin Yi’s power .

Qin Yi’s face was indifferent, but he was overjoyed from the inside . He just used the Shinra Tensei by his new nature of power, True Essence .

Unlike when using chakra, the power generated by the Rinnegan is omnidirectional, unable to control the direction, size, and recovery time accurately . The repulsion force and the gravitation force have changed with the true Essence, which can be controlled more precisely .

Such a new change made Qin Yi immediately interested in it .

“It seems that the bloodline and ninjutsu, and the use of True Essence, will bring a new Era . ”

He stepped forward and came to situ Zhong with cold eyes .

“Situ Zhong, you deserve more than that but, I hope you learn something from that”

“Yes, I did, my mistake!! “

Meanwhile, he thought about who the Elder was . It seemed that he had never seen him before .

“Go out, remember this punishment, and don’t disturb me in the future . ”

Qin Yi said .

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Situ Zhong didn’t say a word . He quickly turned around and ran out in a panic .

He will never forget Qin Yi I mean Chang Yi .

Looking at Situ’s back, Qin Yi just went back to the place where he used to sit in and sat down again . He closed his eyes and continued to meditate .

“The fifth is already a little difficult . If I can reach the fifth realm, it will be great; If I can’t, I can read the notes and study it again . ”

After making a general decision, Qin Yi was calm and attentive .

He was very confident about what he should do at this moment . Before, his strength was equivalent to the sixth level, so he raised his realm level to “Contacting the Dao . ” Otherwise, if the level does not match the strength, it will be easy to have problems, and he will never reach the perfect state .

here in this world, to cultivate you have to advance Jin-Qi-Shen (Essence, Energy, Soul) synchronously, keep pace with all of them, make no mistakes, and give full consideration to all of them .

Compared to the powers of the two worlds before, Qin Yi is not only practicing but also learning, understanding, and forming a system .

After running out of the garden, situ Zhong saw a cold expression man coming .

“Dugu Yuyn . ”

He shouted suddenly .

Dugu Yuyun smelled the wine on the other side and frowned: “you were drunk again?”

Then he saw the blood on the corner of situ Zhong’s mouth: “injured?”

“what happened?”

“I broke into the garden and was found by the Elder, who punished me . It’s my fault . ”

Situ Zhong said with a wry smile .

“Flower garden? The elder Chang Yi stayed there . He hasn’t cultivated . How could he hurt you? “

Dugu Yuyun asked in a deep voice .

“hasn’t cultivated? It’s impossible . Although he didn’t use all his True Essence when he attacked me, he is absolutely in the sixth realm . “

Situ Zhong said .


A little doubt appeared in the eyes of Dugu Yuyun .

The sixth level is not high . Dugu’s current level is the eighth level . However, when he contacted with elder Chang Yi, he was absolutely not cultivated .

“You go back and heal . I’ll see it . ”

Dugu Yuyun glanced at situ Zhong and walked toward the garden .

After a while, Dugu Yuyun entered the flower garden and saw Qin Yi, who was practicing at the moment .

“he already reached the fourth realm, and he is cultivating the fifth now . ”

“It really Elder Chang Yi . ”

Dugu Yuyun’s pupil shrank and was surprised .

But in a second, he thought of the sixth strength that situ Zhong said, and could not help but stare .

After a while, he raised his right hand and pointed to the sword . After hesitation, he finally looked forward .

“Sword Controlling Technique . ”

He couldn’t help but try to find out how much strength the Elder has, who didn’t have any achievements before and could hurt Situ Zhong .

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