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Chapter 99
K . T . W Volume 2: Chapter 99: Interesante
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 The Donquixote family was walking behind Doflamingo .

 Headed by Doflamingo, they strolled through the corridor to the headquarters .

 The marines felt nervous . The Shichibukai are one of the Three Great Powers that keeps the world in balance, along with the Yonko and the Marine headquarters .

 With the coming of the Shichibukai today, the Marines realized the horror of the next war .

 Half an hour later, the second boat slowly landed .

 “Gecko Moria!”

 Moria was smirking, stepped out of the boat, looking to the Marines, and took his men to the headquarters .

 “What’s going on to make that old man? Sengoku summoned me forcibly . ”

 “I just found a funny experiment over there . It’s annoying that I haven’t had time to complete it yet . ”

 As he walked, Moria said .

 Then Bartholomew Kuma came to the harbor with a twinkling figure and an expressionless face .

 Ten minutes later, Jinbe arrived quite peacefully .

 The Marines were still waiting . They knew that there is one Shichibukai left . And this Shichibukai, maybe the most powerful one .

 For an hour, the Marine’s bellies began to rumble . Even the officer standing in front of them looked terrible .

 It was time for lunch, and hunger made them feel uncomfortable .

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 Just then, along with the coast, A small boat slowly docked, near the harbor .

 “Dracule Mihawk!”

 “He is finally here!”

 The Marine was in a relaxed mood and once again strengthened . If they wait any longer, they really didn’t know how long they can hold on . Fortunately, the man finally came .

 After the boat came ashore, Mihawk rose slowly and walked towards the building .

 Navy headquarters, in the conference room .

 Sengoku, Garp, the three Admirals, they were sitting in their seats at the moment, their hands on the table, solemn and dignified .

 The Shichibukai have different expressions at this time, Kuma and Mihawk’s faces were cold, Moria and Doffy were smirking, and Jinbe was wondering .

 Strangely, no one was speaking in the conference room at this time .

 “Sengoku sama, you summoned us all, what is the matter?”

Doflamingo said .

“just one more person hasn’t arrived, let’s wait till we’re all here . ”

Sengoku’s words made the other Shichibukai surprised .

Need to gather all Shichibukai, can imagine, Sengoku summoned them for an important matter for sure .

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“Are we going to fight the White Beard Pirates?” Moria laughed, his eyes full of doubts .

 Suddenly, a figure appeared at the door of the conference room .

When the man arrived, he attracted the whole audience’s eyes . Following closely, the man walked forward, took seat him, pulled it aside, and sat down . Finally, he put his legs up on the table .

Doflamingo smirked after a long gaze to the man .

 “Now that everyone is here, can the Fleet Admiral speak?”

 After he finished, he looked at his side again to the man with the Chinese suit and asked .

 “Besides, who is this stranger? Does he qualify to sit here and talk to us? He doesn’t seem to be a Marine!”

 Yuanli looked and Doflamingo, he closed his eyes and smiled then said coldly .

 “If a king is not qualified, you may have to get out!”

 Doflamingo’s eyes were cold, but he smiled: “Funny, few people in the world dare to talk to me like this . ”

he looked at Sengoku: “I hope to get the answer that this man has something to do with the Marines, Admiral . ”

 Sengoku knocked on the table with his fist .

 “Enough, don’t mess around here . ”

 “Everyone here, from now on, is in the same a camp . I don’t want any conflicts between you . ”

 “I hope you will forget your problems after we finish this thing do what you want . ”

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 His words made them sneer quietly .

 “Now that everyone’s here, I’m not going to go into the subject .

 “I invite you to come here today for the next war against the Qin State!”

 Two sentences made the audience’s eyes flashed .

 “Qin, as far as I know, they seem to have unified the first half of the Grand Libe . When I traveled a few days ago, I saw many warships patrolling the sea . ”

Mihawk said .

“Yes, their power and the speed of expansion have become more and more terrible . ”

“In recent days, the army has been allocated to the position of Long Ring Long Land . ”

Sengoku nodded .

After they listened to Sengoku, they know that the Qin State is not only a single country but is more dangerous than the (Yonko) Four Emperors .

 “So what does the Fleet Admiral want to do?” Jinbe said .

 “I need you to join in because this war is not simply about the world government, Marine battle . It’s about the whole world!”

 Taking a deep breath, Sengoku slowly said .

 Subsequently, he gestured to the king .

 “The king of Qin has come from outside the world . Behind him is not just the state of Qin as you can see, but also a huge world . ”

 “According to the news that King Yuanli sent some scouts to observe days ago, he had established a Portal, linking the two worlds, and he is about to summon a large army to appear at any time . ”

 “It’s hard to stop him from moving forward .

“It almost needs the power of the whole world!”

Yuanli quickly said, introduce the general situation .

 After listening to everyone, all eyes were stunned .

 After a while,

“Fascinating story, war, then it is!”

Doflamingo clapped, stood up, and turned away .

 Before leaving, he took an in-depth look at the king .

“And you, we’ll see you again . ”

Yuanli eyes turned cold .

 “I heard that you have Dressrosa . ”

 “It is good land . ”

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