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Published at 23rd of November 2019 10:27:58 AM
Chapter 77
K . T . W Volume 2: Chapter 77: To Dust, You Will Return
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Since Enel took control of Skypiea, the island of God became his territory . Except for the unique personnel of the temple, the rest of the people were not allowed to step on it at all .

However, for the Shandians, they have never been allowed .

Because of this, Shandians and Skeypeians were warring against each other for hundreds of years .

However, just now, they heard that Enel had let everyone go to the Upper Yard!

“What the hell is going on?” The Shandians fighters were confused .

Wyper’s eyes flashed, and he murmured, “I don’t know if you remember the Unidentified flying object that rushed into the temple before?”

“Wyper, are you saying that the group has a mysterious relationship with Enel?” A fighter said .

Nodded, Wyper glanced at him: “I’m afraid it won’t be wrong . ”

“What about us?” The fighters looked at each other and hesitated .

“Stay here . The Upper Yard is our home, home of Shandia . It belongs to us!”

Wyper said solemnly .

Hidden here, they planned to find the right time to attack, to see what Enel and the group of strangers playing .

Two or three hours later, while the Shandia fighters were hiding in the jungle, they suddenly noticed that a large number of Angel Island people were coming towards them, with grave doubts on their faces . They were carrying large packages and dragging their families too .

Over the next two days, a large number of Skypieans migrated at the command of Enel .

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“There are four people behind Enel, who seem to have the same status as that of Enel . ”

“Especially the freckled boy, he has the power of the flame!”

“The red-nosed man, able to split and combine his own body at will . ” the Shandia fighters hide in the shadows and get useful information after observation .

Enel stood in a conspicuous place, and his with his highly developed Mantra was aware of all their movements, he just smiled coldly and ignored them .

In his heart, this group of rude warriors has never been a big deal .

“Besides, Enel was injured, and I suspect that the gang caused it,” Wyper said .

The soldiers were shocked .

If what Wyper said was true, what is the identity of the gang? They could hurt Enel, who controls thunder and lightning .

Just then, a thin man in a black dragon cloak and carrying an ancient sword stepped out . He came to the front of Enel a few steps; The hegemony atmosphere field that just appeared directly shocked the audience so that people’s eyes could not help but look at him .

What made Wyper’s pupils shrink was that when the man arrived, he saw the fear in the eyes of Enel .

“Who the hell is this guy?!” Wyper’s body was trembling .

At first glance to the young man, he got no unique feelings . However, after careful observation, he felt something weird like it was radiating from his body; there was a terrifying, secretly frightening spirit of an overlord .

When he saw the man coming to the front, even Enel could not help but step back . Then a smile appeared on his face .

This smile, like the blooming spring flowers, it was like a recovery of all things, made the people present feel a fresh breeze on their faces, and made their hearts very comfortable .

“This man is special!”

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For a moment, Wyper was astonished .

As a great soldier of Shandia, he is not just the strongest fighter but also had an excellent intuitive . Qin Yi’s power was apparent to him .

“It’s a great pleasure to meet all of you, Skypeians, and to tell you a message . ” Qin Yi smiled and looked at everyone on the Upper Yard at the moment .

Although the crowd scattered everywhere, when Qin Yi spoke gently, his voice can be magically heard by everyone, making people secretly surprised .

“This is your god Enel, joined to the Qin State My Kingdom; he is representing Skypiea, then you are my people now, a part of the Qin State at this moment!”

What I saw, however, made people instantly discolored . They were all shocked .

“Qin State!”

Wyper and the Shandians behind him looked at each other, their eyes fixed .

“Well, since we are the people of the Qin State, we should naturally return to where we were . ”

“I’m surprised to hear that you were in continuous war for the Upper Yard . ”

“The things that can be seen everywhere down in the blue sea can cause an endless war here!!”

“With a sigh in my heart, I made a decision, that is . ”

After a pause, Qin Yi smiled and uttered horrifying words that made countless people discolored .

“bring back the Godland to the blue sea again!”

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Suddenly, the Skypieans were in an uproar, and all of them shocked . All kinds of shock feelings appeared on their faces, and they couldn’t help but discuss it .

“How can this be?”

“There is a distance of 10,000 meters from the blue sea, not to mention whether it will fall to pieces or not, but how it will fall is a problem!”

“Crazy, is he crazy?” People shouted .

Wyper’s face changed significantly at this moment, what happened here beyond belief .

Legends said that Shandians came from another unknown place, but it was unexpected for him that he was from the blue sea .

“What on earth is this man talking about?” Mumbled, Webber felt shocked .

“Please be assured that this will be a smooth and safe process . ”

“After all, all of you are already members of my Qin State from now on . ”

Qin Yi stood at the top and said with a smile .

The smile on his face and his King’s power made people inexplicably stable . Although they were still doubtful, they could not resist .

“for you are dust, and to dust, you will return, Enel, you are curious about the world below, right?”

Qin Yi looked at Enel and said with a smile .

Enel was still looking forward to the World below .

“The Blue Sea? I am very interested . ”

“Haha, you are interested in the blue sea now . In the future, when you are aware of certain truths, I’m afraid that you will be more interested in other worlds . ”

“I appreciate your pioneering spirit and dream pursuit . ” Qin Yi laughed and praised Enel .

Enel smiled in silent .

Soon, Qin Yi ordered God’s Army of Enel to make all preparations for the journey .

Five hours later, he looked down at many of the protective brackets that had been fixed to the ground below, took a deep breath, and raised his head violently .


Suddenly, Qin Yi jumped upward . When he rose 800 meters above the land, he stopped .

“By the sweat of your face

you’ll eat bread,

till you return to the ground,

for out of it you were taken;

for you are dust,

and to dust, you will return!”

the dream of Enel in the manga came true .

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