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Chapter 51
K . T . W Volume 2: Chapter 51: Akainu Vs Madara
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Vice Admirals who were close to him, could not evade it . They were all hit and flew out fiercely .

“If the Navy is just that kind of thing . ”

“What a shame!” waving the Gunbai, Madara looked straight ahead to Sakazuki, who had stood up .

Magma bubbles rolled, The Admiral Akainu is about to start .

“You’re beyond my expectations . ” Akainu stood up and said .

The hot magma burned the chair, and all the things under him into ashes and the air around him became suffocating .

This scene made Madara wrinkle his eyebrows .

“He Didn’t use hand seals?? directly from his body?”

Akainu’s power burst out . Madara wanted to study how the pattern of this world power was different from what he had, but he couldn’t understand it for the moment .

The rules of two different worlds were hard to understand, even for Uchiha Madara .

“But it would be dumb to think that this would make you arrogant in front of the navy!”

“In the name of justice, I will punish you here!”

“Death is your destination!” Sakazuki said such cruel words, he stepped forward and transformed his fists into the lava .

“interesting!” Madara walked toward him with a smirk .

They both stared at each other in a deadpan manner . After a few steps, they speed up their walking .

At this moment, everyone was quiet . The army, including the Vice Admirals who had just suffered heavy losses, watched the two men silently .

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The pirate Spades recognized that the man who had come to the naval base alone was the one who had taken Ace that day .

“Go! He’s the Admiral Akainu!!”

“run away!”

In the field, the two men were running toward each other .

After a couple of seconds, the two are already face to face .

“Great Eruption!”

The rolling lava quickly condenses into a massive fist, expanded and became at the size of ten meters, and then hit Madara .

The latter Mangekyou Sharingan suddenly changed into Rinnegan .

“Shinra Tensei!” the hot lava was directly collapsed .

Madara strode into the lava and clenched his right fist and pushed him hard .

“Is this a Devil Fruit ability?”

Akainu’s eyes flickered, he responded at the same time . His other fist transformed hot lava and colliding with Madara .

“boom!” the latter punched his fist .

The collision caused a circle of shocks rippled and spread, and the ground around them fell apart inch by inch, showering debris .

Suddenly .


Madara retracted his hand . When he looked down, the top of his fist was burned by the burning magma, and a large area of skin has turned into burnt black .

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“I admire that you dare to face me!” Sakazuki said with a sarcastic smile .

“Elementalization?” His eyes narrowed slightly, and he murmured in a low voice .

“It seems that his whole body has been transformed into this element . It’s an interesting ability . ”

It seems to have figured out the nature of the Logia Devil fruits, Madara was retreating, thinking about it .

“Unlike Ace, is there any chance of seizing the solidification of the element?”

Akainu saw him retreated, he shouted .

“Want to escape?”

With a leap in the form of lava, Akainu approached again with lava fist .

Lava fists shot toward him, Madara raised his Gunbai with indifferent eyes .

“Uchiha Reflection!”

Chakra force burst out in an instant; the wind burst from the surface of the Gunbai, the magma fists of Akainu quickly crushed, his pupils shrank, Akainu was shocked .

They leaped apart again, surrounded by the burning magma .

They were Standing against each other with cold eyes .

“his ability is amazing, and I still have not a clue . This guy is very dangerous!” Akainu murmured .

He can feel that the other side does not master Haki, but has abilities more dangerous than Haki . What a surprise that this old fan could bounce his magma .

Suddenly, he saw his opponent raised his right hand .

“Banshō Ten’in!” Madara roared, and at the same time, Akainu’s face changed, he noticed that his body was being pulled by this freak .

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“This strong attraction!”

Sakazuki was shocked, then he smirked and raised his fist violently .

At this moment, he used this attraction to speed up his own attack and go toward Madara .

“What an instinct!”

“Are you the strongest man in the world?”

“Let’s play!”

Seeing this scene, Madara’s eyes that have been indifferent suddenly burst out with excitement .

Madara dropped his big hand, Akainu’s fist burst out .

“Inugami Guren!”

The magma rushed out and turned into a demonic dog, heading straight for Madara .

The latter disappeared from his original place .

“Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!”

Akainu’s attack missed the target, but he heard the rumble behind it .

The colossal water dragon descended from the sky and headed straight for Akainu . The latter looked up in astonishment . He was surprised that he could make such a thing, but his response was quick . He leaped away .

The water dragon caused a large hole into the ground, and then a large flow of water .

Akainu leaped toward him quickly and swung his fist fast .

This time, he did not use his lava just with pure fists with Haki .

Madara with indifferent face, start punching him too .

They dodged quickly, attacked and so on, their figures turned into two red flashes, flashing fast on the ground .

The onlookers were shocked at the moment . They didn’t expect the weird old fashion guy to be able to fight with Admiral Akainu .

Suddenly .


Madara hit Akainu three punches on the face, so that made him shocked, on the other hand, he couldn’t touch him Madara was so fast .

Technically, Madara won in taijutsu .

Madara strode fast and kicked him horizontally .

This time, Akainu got kicked directly, and one of his ribs was broken .

“How can this be?!” Akainu was shocked .

He’s the first time he’s ever seen someone who can physically attack and wound him!

Then he saw a scene that made him even more stunned .

Madara jumped high and roared .

“I had the fun of playing this game, but it seemed that you have no other means . ”

“Then you will be buried here!”

his hands printed quickly .

“Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees!”

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