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Chapter 32
K . T . W Volume 2: Chapter 32: Fire Fist
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Pomelo was somewhat surprised . Since she joined, she had never seen her Majesty showing his power .

In fact, the people in the Kingdom know that your Majesty is the most powerful person, but few people know how strong he is .

“Hum, just, don’t make a fool of yourself!” Zeff smiled .

Sanji and others were waiting excitedly .

Soon Qin Yi had arrived on the deck . The sea restaurant is a large ship .

by standing on the floor, he could see many ships around .

There, there is a huge pirate ship flying from the flag: a rough sweep, the number of pirates on it, at least five hundred or more .

“holy crap, Don Kreig pirates, I didn’t expect that they would come here . ” Someone said .

The visitors there knew him; they were full of panic .

When Zeff stepped out and saw the pirate Ship coming toward his restaurant, he was surprised .

“Mr . Zeff, is it enough to destroy them?” Qin Yi pointed to the Ship .

Zeff was stunned and then focused on the topic: “Yes, but!”

Before he had finished speaking, Qin Yi had already stepped forward .

“Ok, then!”

After three steps, Qin Yi leaped from the Ship .

Then, just when people thought he would fall into the sea, they saw that Qin Yi stood steadily in the sea .

“Oh, my God!”

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“How could he stand in the sea!”

“How is this possible?”

Zeff’s eyes were shrinking, and ‘Sanji’s eyes were twinkling .

Everyone, keep a close eye on Qin Yi, and then they saw Qin Yi running fast on the sea .

“Wait a minute; his direction is the Huge ship!”

“What is he going to do?”

On the deck of the Sea Restaurant, more and more people came out, shouting .

Zeff clenched his fist, and Sanji was also nervous at this time .

Qin Yi’s speed was getting faster and faster, and his figure turns into a white flash .

A couple of seconds later, Qin Yi had come to the front of the Huge Ship .

“What is that?”

“he’s a man! What is he going to do?”

On the Eastern Rick Pirate Regiment, the pirates were surprised .

In the next moment, Qin Yi stepped on the sea with his both legs, and then he jumped high .

“He jumped up!”

“Come on, quick!”

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The pirates were panicked, then they pulled out their weapons and were ready for battle .

At the same time, Qin Yi, who was in the air at high speed, the power of the King was rising in his body .

“Just use it!” Qin Yi has already decided .

The flames quickly spread out from Qin Yi’s body, covered him in an instant .

“‘he’s burning!!”

In the twinkling of an eye, Qin Yi had arrived at a height parallel to the deck of the Ship . When they saw him wrapped in flames, the pirates were shocked and roared .

“Get ready for the battle!!!” The captain realized that it was not right and roared .

At this time, Qin Yi speed was becoming slower and slower, when it is ten meters above them, he stopped .

“Fire Fist!”

He punched them with his right fist .

at this moment a circle of flame in a flash has been winding up, forming a fire fist with a width of 40 meters .

Then Qin Yi waved violently .


The sound of a massive explosion, the colossal fist cut off the Ship into two parts .

Suddenly, the screams came out, and the Ship began to sink .

The flame on Qin Yi’s right fist was gradually extinguished, and he was falling on the sea again at this moment .

Qin Yi was happy right now .

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As a disciple, Ace belonged to the Qin State . When Qin Yi used the power of the King, he could use his abilities naturally .

As for the Bara Bara no Mi of Buggy, but it is still in research . If we can develop and awaken this fruit, his destructive power at that time will be terrible .

Compared with Ninjutsu in the world of Naruto, the ability of One piece’s demon fruit is undoubtedly more convenient, faster, and more diversified .

Some defensive abilities in One Piece even ignore the strength gap among sides .

When Qin Yi returned to Zeff, people in the Baratie looked at him with awe and shock .

Privately, many people were quietly inquiring about Qin Yi’s identity, but there is no result .

No one knows this person .

“Your Majesty is a super powerful man!”

Buggy was laughing, and his eyes full of respect to Qin Yi .

Qin Yi waved his hand and looked at Zeff: “Mr . Zeff . Now you can you rest assured, ‘I’ll take care of Sanji?”

Zeff shook his lips and couldn’t speak for a while . He knows very well that this person is such a character that he can’t imagine .

“I assure you that Sanji will not be harmed . he will become a real man, a strong man!”

This sentence has ultimately defeated Zeff .

Qin Yi is such a strong person, and he made a promise to him, ‘that’s enough!

“Whether he goes with you or not, let Sanji make his own decision!”

Zeff turned around and sighed .

“Old Geezer!”

Sanji was trying to stop the tears in his eyes . After so many years of living together, their feelings were as deep as that of father and son .

“You have grown up, make your own decisions, and don’t regret it!” Zeff said, with his back on his back .

“HMM . ”

Sanji focused and closed his eyes . He was struggling . After a long while, he opened his eyes, and his eyes were firm .


Suddenly, Sanji knelt on the ground and knocked his heads tree times to Zeff .

“Owner Zeff, I owe you a hell of a lot what ‘you’ve done for me I shall never forget!!!!”

‘Zeff’s mind trembled, closed his eyes, but he still could not stop the pouring of tears .

“Get out of here, men ‘shouldn’t cry!” He said .

Qin Yi watched this scene quietly; his feeling was indescribable . He was deeply impressed by the sentiments in this world .

He witnessed Friendship, blood, family, dreams, courage . In a short time, Qin Yi saw many scenes .

Half an hour later, Sanji was in the King’s boat .

Sanji was full of curiosity and . His eyes were turning hearts whenever he looked at Pomelo .

“I feel that my world will be bright from now on . ”

“It’s all bright!”

Sanji stared at the cute face of Pomelo and said with a heart-eyes face .

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