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Chapter 30
K . T . W Volume 2: Chapter 30: Sanji
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Buggy’s heart was broken .

He spent a long time collect this treasure .

Buggy couldn’t breathe, and he was sinking in his tears .

“Your Majesty, Miss Pomelo, come on, she took our treasure!”

However, they didn’t lift a finger, and Qin Yi said .

“calm down, why you are so nervous?”

This words made Buggy despaired .

That’s much money! It’s worth at least 560 million Belly!

At this moment, he saw that Qin Yi’s expression was complicated and he could not speak for a while .

“What a brave little girl!” After a long while, Qin Yi sighed .

Yes, Nami is very brave . The girl is only fifteen or sixteen years old . However, she has been wandering outside alone for many years . Moreover, her goal was simple: make money and use it to buy back freedom .

Nami was deeply suffering by her agreement with Arlong .

Qin Yi knows her better than herself . That’s why he didn’t know what to do at this moment .

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After Buggy’s join, the hesitation on Nami’s face was evident to Qin Yi .

He knew that the girl was hesitating to make a choice .

After seeing how Pomelo defeated Buggy, the girl’s heart was filled with hope . Should she ask for help or continue to implement her plan without drag her last relatives into it?

She did not know Qin Yi well but had a good feeling on this new family member .

 Qin Yi can clearly feel that the little girl’s mood changes within this day, but after all, she had to make a choice .

Qin Yi had already predicted her departure . However, he did not intervene .

Everyone has the right to make choices; All he has to do is to show up on time when she is in danger .

“Do you want to take care of all of it by yourself?”

“how can I let you face the pain alone like this?” he muttered, Qin Yi’s eyes became sharp .

In Naruto’s world, perhaps because of the different era, he can not see most of the characters in the original story . It’s not such a profound experience as the world of one piece now . This kind of vivid style with emotions, beliefs, and dreams have brought him complicated feelings .

A girl of fifteen years old has carried such pain on her shoulder .

She loves money, but because of the pressure of this pain, When this pain moved away, the habit had penetrated her core and cannot be suppressed .

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“Keep her under your eyes, Pomelo, don’t let her notice . ” Qin Yi said .

On the other side Buggy, after hearing such words, he was silent .

He had a vague feeling that his Majesty was not chasing him for his treasure, but something more impressive .

Far away from the king’s ship, on a boat no longer than two or three meters long, Nami was laughing .

“With this treasure, we will be saved . ”

“After that, we will be free, and I will be able to find my own dreams . ”

“That’s great; everything is Ok . ”

“That’s it, that’s it, let everything go back to its original state . ”

“this silly guy, I would like to call him my uncle . However, are there any uncles? Haha . ”

Laughing, Nami burst into tears .

“Sorry, Uncle!!!” Nami was depressed .

Three days later, the king’ boat was beside a large ship .

“This is a famous seafood restaurant in East Blue . The food on it, wow . ” Buggy said and his tongue outside .

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“That must be tasted . ” Qin Yi nodded .

At the same time, Qin Yi’s eyes were shining . If he remembers correctly, there seems to be a main character in the manga right here .

Our three characters went into the restaurant and found that there were a lot of visitors, Navy, and pirates . However, here, the forces of all sides tacitly do nothing or deliberately pretend not to see each other .

They found a seat next to a window and sat down . Qin Yi took the menu, checked out a few, and handed them to the waiter .

“Wait, do you have a chef here called Sanji?”

The waiter was shocked, then nodded: “Yes, Sanji is in the kitchen . ”

“can you make Sanji cook for us . ” Qin Yi smiled .

The waiter was puzzled by this sentence . is Sanji, a famous chef?

“We can add more money to this!”

“Of course! Sanji will be happy to do it for you . ” The waiter smiled .

Two minutes later, the waiter pulled off his coat and strode toward Sanji, put down the menu .

“Hey, Sanji, the guests ask you to do this for them . ”

“Speed up, make sure the food is delicious!”

When Sanji heard this, his eyebrows wrinkled, and his face swelled with anger .

“Are you kidding? Didn’t you see I am busy? how can I do this?” Just after he had said this, Zeff kicked him in his head .

“The guest is a God here . Pay attention to your attitude, stinky boy . Haven’t you learned this after working with me for so many years?”

“old man, how you dare to hit me!” Sanji was furious .

“Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up!” Zeff was angrier than he was, roared .

Sanji took the menu indignantly; then he cooked quickly .

After a quarter of an hour, Sanji took the food out of the kitchen and walked toward the ordered table .

“Which bastard did I cook for?” The menu was for Sanji specifically, which made him angry .

After finding them, Sanji rushed over and laid down the food .

He was about to speak, but the young man on the table looked at him with a smile .

“Sanji? it has been a long time since I saw you!”

Suddenly, Sanji was stunned .

“Do you know me?”

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