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Published at 22nd of May 2019 12:03:10 AM
Chapter 23
Volume 2: Chapter 23: The Weak Man
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“Boy, since I came to this world . ”

“This is the first time I am a little excited . ”

Madara said, looking at the fireball that was getting closer and closer and his eyes turned to Rinnegan .

“Shinra Tensei!”

, but the repulsive force was pushing out the flames from his area .

Ace stared at the fireball in the air .

He felt that this man is very unusual .

In the next second, the fireball with a diameter of 100 meters exploded from the middle and turned into a raging fire falling into the sea . From this fireballs, a figure leaped with high speed .

“It’s him!”

Ace’s pupils shrank violently; the huge fireball did not cause any harm to this man .

The wind was blowing, and the speed of Madara was like a flash . In an instant, he was already on top of his head and kicked his head .


Ace’s body rushed back, and the deck was instantly shattered by the power of the strike, creating a huge hole .

Ace was feeling bad .

He paid much money for this ship!

“Fire Pistols!”

his hands quickly matched the shape of the pistol, pointing at Madara that was looking up at him .

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Madara’s strange eyes made Ace feel awkward .

The flame bullets stopped, seemed like there is an invisible shield protect Madara .

“How can this be?!”

Ace was shocked by the bizarre power of Madara .

In his astonishment, Madara came in front of him in a flash; he punched him .


With this punch, Ace couldn’t escape and was struck, but his eyes flashed .

His face turned into flames .

“is this a mirage,” Madara whispered .

“I’m a Logia user, Oji!”

Ace responded, holding his right fist tightly, and the flame quickly gathered into the shape of his fist .

“Flame Fist!”

The flame fist suddenly hit Madara .

The latter was responsive; his body rushed back ten meters .

“Is this the power of the devil’s fruit in this world?” Madara asked, and his eyes turned into Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan .

“yes, Mera Mera no Mi!”

“Oji, although you burned my ship, you can’t kill me!” Ace dipped in a fighting posture, and after a pause, he asked .

“why the hell you do this?”

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Madara closed his eyes and smirked .


“for amusement!”

As soon as he said, his body disappeared, and the kunai in his hand was swinging out in an instant .


Fast as the speed of light, even so, that Ace has not responded, his waist was split off into two halves .

“too fast!!”

Flames emerged from his waist and then recovered quickly .

“you completely immune to the physical attack?” Madara said .

Then he leaped towards Ace .

The latter tried quickly to block him .


Then Madara stepped back and said .

“When you are materialized, you can be attacked . ”

“But will the element form appear passively too?”

“Some troubles, but not for me . ”

He smirked and said .

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“It’s still easy to kill you!”

At this moment, Ace felt chills from Madara’s intent of killing . From the time he went out to sea, especially after getting the Mera Mera No Mi, he never felt like this .

“Your ability is good, but it’s still too weak!”

“It’s a basic power!”

The indifferent words made Ace sink to the bottom .

“To deal with your element mode, I can kill you at the fastest speed in the instant of your materialization, so that even your passive skills cannot be applied . ”

“I can take advantage too!” Madara said, and he printed .

“In this sea, the most powerful technique should be . ”

Suddenly, he roared .

“Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!”

Instantly, in the sea behind him,  a giant head of dragon appeared, splashing the water .

When he saw this dragon with six hundred meters tall rushed out of the water, his face has become ashen .

He felt despair in the face of such a dragon from the water and the sea around him that restrains his strength .

Yes, he was too weak and pitiful in front of such a strange man .

On the small broken boat, the three generals roared .

“No,  Madara, this is too much . Such a powerful technique will kill the kid!!”

“Yang Yi!”

Qin Lin roared .

Yang Yi had already jumped high from the ship at this time . The cold rushed from his right hand, toward the direction of the giant water dragon .

“Ice Release, Ice Brush technique!”

Instantly, a layer on top of the sea froze rapidly .

The speed of this freezing was breakneck . In the blink of an eye, Madara’s water dragon was frozen .

When the ice reached, the water dragon of the house size had already hit Ace .

“too late!” Yang Yi’s face changed .


With the white mist burning, Ace was hit and fell into the sea . The ship was broken entirely now .

Madara looked at this scene, with no expression . He got down and picked up Ace, and put him in his arm .

“Madara Sama it’s just a competition . You almost killed him!!” Qin Lin shouted .

“you have to blame his weakness, not me,” Madara said coldly .

The three Generals were speechless .

At this time, the Spade pirates swam to the boat, looking for Ace, they were about to board the ship .

“weak men, go down!”

“let’s go!” Madara said, made people tremble .

“Wake him up, the three of you . ”

In the twinkling of an eye, he said to the Generals .

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