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Published at 19th of May 2019 11:35:47 PM
Chapter 22
Volume 2: Chapter 22: Madara Vs Ace
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  The three generals and Madara have been wandering here for three months after they first came to this world .

  They have marveled from the mystery and vastness of this magical sea .

  Compared with the world of Naruto, there are apparent differences . The endless sea, as well as all kinds of magical scenes and creatures, made their world outlook change always .

  The world is big and vast, and Madara has been known here .

    Of course, on their road, all the way on the Grand line, Madara has been slaying pirates from all various levels, and this made him disappointed .

  These pirates, each of them praised how they powerful and how many men they killed . However, all of them killed by one hit or two from Madara, he was bored .

Until a few days ago, he heard that on a sea not far from them, there was a big pirate named Portgas D . Ace, who got a Bounty of 130 million Belly .

  Rumors said that this great pirate holds the power of fire, this made Madara want to fight him especially his Bounty is the highest that Madara has ever heard .

  Thus, there was a confrontation at this moment .

  There were some of the broken boats, Madara and three generals, was standing on it .

  A dozen of meters away from the place, Ace crew were laughing and looking at the opposite to Madara .

  ”Oji, if you challenge me in anything else, I might lose . ”

  ”But if it’s about the fire, this is my life!” Ace looked confident, and he waved a fire from his hand .

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    As soon as the two sides met, Madara asked for a competition with Ace . Of course, Ace and his crew were stunned, and then they burst in laugh .

  ”Oji, I am a man who has eaten flame fruit . Do you want to fight with me?”

  ”the result will be terrible; go and take a drink, Oji Sama!”

  Ace said .

When the three Generals looked at Madara’s face, they knew that something wrong would happen .

“You are very confident, cool!”

Madara said, and he began to step forward in the next second .

After three steps, he leaped directly off the ship .

  on the other side of the boat, the Spade Pirates were shocked .

“What does this man want to do? He jumped into the sea?!”

  In the vast sea, the ship is the only dependence of human beings . Those who concern life will not jump off the unknown sea for no reason .

  However, in an instant, their pupils contracted .

  ”A, A, Ace! Did you see this? What!! He runs on the sea!!”

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  ”How is that possible? How can a man walk in the sea! “

  ”Even if it’s devil’s fruit power, it is impossible!”

  ”This old man, who is he?” Ace and others were shocked, and at this moment, finally realized that the serious, cold-faced Oji was not joking .

  Above the sea water, Madara was running fast . With every step, he was making ripples on the sea . It was as if there was a mysterious force in his body .

  At a distance of tens of meters, Madara has crossed it instantly .

  When he got close to their boat, bend his knees, and jumped high .

  ”Ace! He is here!” The crew shouted .

  Running on the sea is not the problem anymore when he jumped up too much higher than any man alive!

  Ace looked up then they stared at each other .

  In the next second, Madara’s right hand pinched several times, put it on his mouth, and looked down .

“Let me see your fire, boy!”

“The man who dares to say I will lose!”

  Suddenly, he took a breath, then, spat out .

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“Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!”

  The ninjutsu of fireball is the most common kind of fire release Ninja . It is only C rank . Many Ninjas can master it with practice . However, when this ordinary fire released out by Madara, it was in a massive fireball with 30 meters in diameter . With much higher temperature, Ace and others were shocked .

  ”Are you kidding?!”


  ”What happened to this old man!”

    The Huge fireball fell toward the ship . All the crew jumped into the sea expect Ace who was shocked; he never thought that there is a man in this world who could control fire like him .


  The fireball collided with the ship and blasted open .   The flames rose and have spread over all the directions, and the whole boat was in a fire in the blink of an eye .

  Madara looks down with indifferent eyes .

  Suddenly, he smiled .

  ”Sure enough, your fame isn’t a lie after all!”

  The power of Madara Release Fireball is enough to destroy the ship in an instant .

However, below, on the boat, the sails and most of the wood that has been burning . The fire on it, at this moment, seems to be bound by some unknown force, it was gathering rapidly .

Suddenly .


All the flames quickly gathered and moved toward where Ace stood . In a flash, it converted into a massive ball of fire .

On a small broken boat, Qin Lin was surprised .

“Destroying my ship, Oji!”

“That’s a bit too much!”

  Ace slowly raised his head and was surrounded by red flames, and the huge fireball rotated above his right index finger . At this time, there was no smile on his face .

   He was angry at the strange man’s act of destroying his ship .

  ”Oh? What do you want to do?” Madara was standing in the air, looking down .

  ”Of course, you’ll pay back!”

His eyes were burning with anger, and the fire around him was burning . The ball of fire above his right hand swelled and became 100 meters in diameter .

This scene made the three generals staring in wonder . Madara smirked from excitement .

Ace shot the ball of fire towards Madara…

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