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Published at 13th of April 2020 04:11:13 PM
Chapter 118
K . T . W Volume 2: Chapter 118: Is Defeated
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Someone yelled .


Momonosuke fell and lost his conscious .

No one thought that the Gudodama that was smashed by Kaido’s punch would rush here unexpectedly, causing such a tragedy .

The harbor, by this time, the land, which had been fairly neat, had become a piece of ruins from the fight of the two beasts .

The battle between them made the audience from two sides frightened, trembled, and steadily retreated, trying to avoid the scope of their battle .

“It’s terrible . It’s like two monsters fight!”

“It’s a real close-up hand battle . It can even trigger such a big earthquake!”

“The ground is shaking, even the air pressured, even can I feel the temperature rose!”

People trembled and huddled behind the building, resisting the aftereffect of the fighting between the two men .


The booms were continuously sounded .

The more Kaido was fighting Qin Yi, the more frightened he became . He was taller and much more extensive than his opponent . However, in this close-up battle, he did not win or even harm him; he was always got hit . And his body healed, again and again, after every punch .

Above the physical power of this young man, he carries mysterious power, the terrible power of crushing everything .

“Kaido, submit to me!”

Qin Yi said, and the two men collided again .

The wind-dispersed, and they stood on the ground, gazing at each other .

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“Kill me, and I’ll give in!”

“In my life, I only want to die if you are strong enough; let me feel the threat and terror from death!”

Kaido roared, shook his fist again, and waved it to Qin Yi .


Qin Yi dodged and let Kaido’s fist hit the ground . The ground cracked, and the dust was flying . He flashed again and came to Kaido .

He raised his right foot sharply and kicked out .


He kicked the middle of Kaido’s neck, split his skin, the blood was spraying, and Kaido’s behemoth body was kicked for several meters .

But after a few breaths, Kaido rose again from the ruins, still well and burly, with the majesty of the Devil .

“Not enough, though you are flexible enough and your hits are strong enough, you can’t kill me yet!”

“King Qin, come on!”

Kaido roared and attacked Qin Yi again .

“What a tough man!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were slightly frozen and sighed in a deep voice .

Qin Yi also felt admiration for his majestic power and his physical power .

“Then let me put an end to you . ”

“to make you aware of the gap between us!”

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Suddenly all his muscles became slack, and then Qin Yi closed her eyes .

When Kaido waved his fist and came to him, he opened his eyes suddenly .

At the same time, to achieve the ultimate Chakra energy explosion, Qin Yi waved his hands .

“Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack!”

Shake the sky with the power of Kaguya; the attack caused mighty shock power!

Qin Yi also displayed the super-strong killing skill of Kaguya at this moment .

Kaido suddenly stopped, his pupils contracted, and in a trance, he seemed to see the whole sky ahead, circled by transparent fists, dense, overflowing fists, reflected in his eyes, without understanding its end, surrounded him .

“let’s see you will die or not!”

“But remember, what you have said before, Kaido . ”

“You will surrender to me!”

Qin Yi looked to Kaido and said .

Then .


From all his sides, infinite fists, at this moment, hit him with a bang and covered from all sides in an instant .

People hiding dozens of miles away were now shocked and unable to close their mouths . What they saw, half the sky was covered by infinite fists .

“What kind of attack is this?”

“Every attack is enough to smash a mountain!”

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“Kaido, Captain Kaido, can you handle this?”

Muttered, though they believed in the strength of their captain, they began to doubt because of this scene .

It’s so shocking and frightening!

The endless fist went on towards Kaido . Gradually, the dust flew higher and higher, and spread over the whole harbor, reaching more than a dozen miles Kaido covered up among it, and his figure has been completely invisible, they can only hear his continued thunderous roars .

I do not know how long after that, he stopped roaring .

Dust gradually dispersed, they saw Qin Yi folding his hands, flying in the air with an indifferent expression .


Everyone was swallowing saliva .

Qin Yi’s strength shocked everyone . From the beginning of the fight, he has the upper hand!

Then they looked at the big figure not far from Qin Yi .


After seeing that figure, everyone was shocked .

Blood, crushed meat, made people stunned, like the most tragic dead body in a horror film . Kaido has been slaughtered .

His whole body was thoroughly shattered by the fury and strength of the fists .

“Still alive?”

With a trembling voice, someone asked .

No one answered, but everyone had an answer in their hearts, no one can live any longer with this look .


But at this moment, Qin Yi was standing on the field, suddenly opened his mouth .

“Very tenacious beast, made me admire you . ”

“But it’s only a breath away from death . ”

“Then . ”

Moving slowly, Qin Yi came to Kaido .

“Now tell me, are you really want to die!”

Qin Yi said with an indifferent expression .

Kaido was not dead, but with just a little effort, Qin Yi could cut him off .


Suddenly, Kaido grinned .

Qin Yi glared .

“I’m defeated, yes . ”

“I’m with you!”

He said, Then, Kaido closed his eyes and fell to the ground with all the scars on his body .

Then Qin Yi was stunned, and a smile appeared on his lips .

“Crazy people like each other?”


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