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Chapter 108: 108

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The void shuddered, ripples appeared in front of Mihawk, making his eyes narrowed from the shock .

He waved his Black Sword instantly; he concentrated his power and gave one stab toward Qin Yi .

Instantly, Qin Yi blocked him, and the two blades collided fiercely .

Astonishingly, golden lightning flashed around the two blades . At the same time, a storm centered on them and spread rapidly around them . The ice cracked, and even the ground beneath it collapsed at that moment .

They were facing each other, staring at each other .

After a couple of seconds, Mihawk sword trembled, so his eyes narrowed .

At this moment, the Marines around were trembled, showing a shocking expression .


The ground vibrated, and the ice on both sides of their sword blades suddenly split apart, extending a crack to thousands of meters and made the ice shaking violently .

“they cut off the Ice!”

The Marines shouted .

That was just a collide of their swords, but it has created such a terrible scene .

However, it’s not over yet .


Flames and thunderbolts burst out around them, roaring in front of Qin Yi’s sword and rushing away .

Mihawk’s pupils shrank, and he waved back his sword .

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Retreated his right foot one step, cleverly dodged Qin Yi’s strike, and stroke the sword with all his power .

At this moment, the wind blew fiercely, the thunder was raging, and Qin Yi’s sword split into two pieces .

“Cut off the sword of thunder and fire?”

“No doubt, you’re the greatest swordsman in the world!”

Qin Yi’s eyes burst with light and exclamation .

“But, Swordsmanship isn’t even my domain!”

At the end of a sentence, one of the ten tails behind him suddenly became solid, was pointing straight at Mihawk and stabbed fiercely .

Mihawk’s face was gloomy, and he moved quickly . He barely dodged it .

“Excellent Kenbunshoku Haki!!”

“However, I have nine more!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were sharp, with nine tails behind him . At this moment, they all went straight up into the sky and then bent quickly toward Mihawk .

The tails sprinted towards the eagle’s eye, and the latter was dodging with his maximum speed .


Four tails scattered the ice around him, and he was surrounded by water .

Just then, the fifth tail attacked him, he was unlike always nervous and even afraid, lifted his sword trying to block it .


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The tremendous force made him tremble all over in an instant, but the sword still blocked it .

“Not finished yet!”

Qin Yi sneered .

Sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth tails attacked him almost in an instant, followed by a fierce blast .


Mihawk got threw meters away, even though he was still standing, he spat out a lot of blood, and he was exhausted .

He held the sword with both of his hands; he felt an incomparable pain .

“This power!!”

Mihawk’s eyes were filled with shock .

He was sure that the ten tails were not an entity, but pure energy, forming a real power attack . What made him shocked that this young man has power behind his imagination .

“You are not my opponent!”

“anyone stronger!”

Qin Yi took back the ten tails, and it rushed out again after he shouted .

The tail, which carries tremendous energy, grew and coarsened rapidly and swept across the battlefield .

During this time, the Marines turned over and screamed .

Under this attack, hundreds of navies were directly defeated by Qin Yi; he shocked the whole audience . Whether it is an officer or a soldier, there is no chance to fight back when his tail swept away .

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He withdrew his tails again, and Qin Yi’s ten tails shoved violently on the ground . Like a spider, floating up and looking down at the entire battlefield .

“Let’s have a good time!”

There was a grin on the corner of his mouth, and three tails slowly lifted beneath him .

A black ball was overgrowing and became at the size of a basketball, glowing with sparkles and black lights .

“UltrTailed Beast Ball!”

Qin Yi stared at the endless sea of people ahead and roared .

The Bijudama suddenly expanded more and more, reaching a diameter of 10 meters, with a vast colossal aura .

“what about this!”

With a sharp eye, Qin Yi raised created another two Bijudama and threw the three of them violently with three tails .

Then .


It brought up a whirlwind and cracked all the ice area, and rushed ahead .

At this moment, countless Marines heard the piercing whistle of the air, turned their heads, and then screamed .

“Not good!”

Sengoku trembled .

Almost instantaneously, the three Bijudama had separated three positions, with extreme speed, came to the top of the navy, and then fiercely blasted .


With a loud voice, it exploded out in an instant, the dark light quickly became red then a colorful shiny light, with a chaotic airflow the shock waves were pushing in all directions .

In this explosion of energy, under the divine shock, the Marines screamed, one by one, were thrown into the sky . Almost instantaneously, numerous soldiers were under the sea .

The dark light spread hundreds of meters before it stopped .

After a while, when the explosion subsided, the whole area was quiet, and the rest of Marines swallowed their saliva, and their eyes were filled with shock .


When the three generals saw this scene, their faces became very gloomy .

Qin Yi turned his neck and looked down at the audience . He said coldly .

“The Marine is not as powerful as I imagined . ”

“I am really disappointed!”

No one could say a word .

“so, let me put an end to this battle!”

Qin Yi said, and his ten tails pointed to the battlefield at this moment .

The dark lights began to rise again and then expanded rapidly to the size of a hundred meters .

“what about one Bijudama like ten times of the previous ones . ”

“I hope you like it!”

Under the distorted expression of Sengoku, the Bijudama rushed to the high altitude .

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