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Chapter 109: 109

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The unique voice made the Marines stunned .

Then .


A series of explosions spread out, red flames covered half of the sky, the Marine camp already incurred significant losses .

“I must stop him!!” Sengoku roared .

However, Qin Yi’s Bijudama wiped the most of the Marines up .

He underestimated the strength of the Qin State, and seriously underestimated the high king! No one thought that he would have such a huge amount of energy, let alone that he could launch such a terrible attack covering the whole scene .

“his power beyond our imagination, how could that be!!”

Sengoku shocked .

King Qin’s strength is far beyond that of Admiral, and even beyond that of Garp and Sengoku! his energy’s fluctuations alone can tell that he is as terrible as a god or something powerful or or . . whatever!

“As I said, Sengoku sama, you don’t understand the power he has . ”

“At this moment, at this war, you just see less than one percent of the military strength of the Qin State . ”

Hashirama sighed and said, Sengoku was shocked; this fellow looked honest .

Even he knew that Hashirama has not been taking this fight seriously, and he couldn’t even beat him .

“One percent?” Sengoku said .

If it’s only one percent, how powerful the Qin State is?!

What Yuanli said, and he predicted they were far from reality .

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“Will you lose?” Sengoku’s heart was shaken .

If they barely handle their power now, and they could be more or more overpowering a hundred times, he just couldn’t imagine, just felt frustrating . It’s a terrible, trembling force . Even he could not imagine what kind of great empire the young man named Qin Yi was in control of .

“You know nothing about the State of Qin!”

“Your Majesty is a benevolent monarch . If you obey him, the world will be better than it is now . ” Hashirama whispered .

Sengoku stood steady for a while, and he took a deep breath .

“You are a respectable opponent, but as the Fleet Admiral of the Marines, I have to take my responsibility of protecting this world . ”

“I can’t give in like that!”

Some individuals were approaching to Qin Yi at this moment .

Mihawk wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth; he rushed up again .

He slashed his sword .

“This is useless . ”

Chakra rippled over Qin Yi’s hand and quickly covered his body . A circle of deterrent space bursts out .

The sword of thunder and fire reappeared from his right hand,

His aura energy made Mihawk’s eyes contracted from the shock .

A blade cuts across the air toward Qin Yi .

At the same time, Qin Yi held the sword sharply and waved it violently .

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The next moment, the swords collided severely .

“Oh!” A

A circle of ripples rushed for dozens of meters, forming a gale, and the Marines rolled up and thrown into the air, screaming and flying higher and higher, because of the enormous wind pressure, they couldn’t help but block their eyes .

“That’s terrible! It was only the aftereffect of their Swords collision! “

“Are they human beings?”

Countless people were shocked and frightened .

“This is my shot!”

Rob Lucci was hiding under them, at this moment, his eyes were fierce, and he rushed up .


Several steps on the air, and he was already behind Qin Yi .


Then, in a flash, Lucci was a meter away from Qin Yi .

His movements were rapid, and he did all of these instantaneously .

When reaching the rear of Qin Yi, Lucci was in the air, and his muscles, bones, and joints were stirred up at this moment .

He made his hands closer and said coldly .

“Rokushiki Ogi: Rokuogan . ”

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Lucci suddenly slammed with his hands toward Qin Yi’s head .

The time he sought was very ingenious when Qin Yi consecrated fighting Mihawk . He wanted to take the opportunity to sneak behind him; the probability of success should reach more than 80% .

And yes . Lucci succeeded!

The blow hit the young king hard on his head .

With the strength of this blow, enough to blow his head in an instant!

But after a couple of seconds, Lucci’s expression changed, and his eyes opened wide .

“How can this be?!”

Involuntarily, Lucci shouted out .

What did he just saw?!

Qin Yi was harmless, even at this moment, he turned his head slowly .

“Didn’t you eat well?”

“Rob Lucci !” The

A faint voice, made Lucci’s pupil shrink, “you have to run away . ” he thought just about this .

Horror, this feeling, facing this beast at a close range, he felt like he was a little boat in front of a massive storm and had to run away before getting smashed .

However, it is too late for feeling .

Qin Yi clenched his other hand, and Chakra was rushing, making a huge aura then .


The atmosphere around shuddered, and the punch broke through the air and struck Lucci in his abdomen .


From the terror of the punch, the impact rushed through Lucci’s waist and abdomen, burst out from his back, and he slammed away hundreds of meters .


Instantly, there was blood flowing out of Lucci’s mouth . This punch almost broke his body and made him hit hard immediately .

“come on, have some respect guys a huge fancy cat dares to attack me now?”

Qin Yi sneered .

Then, he looked to Mihawk, and he shook his right arm, the power of the ancient sword surged again, and the power of the thunder and fire transformed into a huge dragon and attacked Mihawk .

Everyone surprised from the scene, the world’s greatest swordsman got hit, and he was flying out, falling massive thousands of meters away .

“Even the Hawk Eyes failed!”

Everyone’s heart shaken, Lucci and Mihawk defeated by one hit .

All the navies were shocked, and they were desperate .

In the field, Qin Yi looked down and stared at the man in the gorgeous Chinese clothes .

“hey you, I feel the same power from you . ”

“But why is it so weak?”

Qin Yi looked to Yuanli and said .

“am I weak?! “

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