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Chapter 568: Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (1)
Chapter 568 Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (1)

The daylight was getting darker and darker .

Mormans’ wind blew into the church, which was even colder than that of Recchi City . But it did not wake up the people in the church .

The fanatic atmosphere that was full of desires continued to surge . The somewhat crazy breathing and low roars became the only melody in the church .

The hard wooden cross had been dyed red by blood and the holy white dress was torn apart . The blood-stained cloth fell around the cross, and blood dripped from the cross . The woman, whose limbs had been nailed, was pale and numb . Numerous disgusting liquids covered her naked body . Her white and splendid body, which had once been too beautiful to look at, was covered with bruises . The most noble holy woman was destroyed and finally ended up with such a cruel and desperate end .

The woman’s eyes turned slightly, and she looked at Aresis, who had been standing in the hall the entire time .

The tall Aresis looked at her coldly, with indifference, hatred, and pleasure in his eyes .

Another group of Saint Warriors took off their clothes in a flurry and rushed up . The crazy, almost irrational sound rang out, and the whole hall became the best place to vent their desires .

No one could describe this feeling .

That was a deep-rooted absurdity and ease . After all, at this moment, it was the Holy Virgin of the Vatican who was being insulted and played with under their bodies .

For this kind of feeling, as long as one thought about it, it was enough to make these devout and determined Saint Warriors lose their minds .

A group after group of Saint Warriors went up and came down, and this process repeated .

The cross had been completely stained with blood .

Angel’s body was nailed to the top of it, enduring countless ravages .

Her expression didn’t change at all; she just looked at Aresis quietly with moving her eyes .

There was no emotion in her eyes, only numbness and dullness . It was the despair of her entire soul being completely destroyed .

The disgusting liquid flowed down with the blood .

The weird smell in the hall was almost unbearable .

Aresis took two steps forward and went over to Angel .

“Do you regret it?”

He looked into her eyes and said, “B*tch, this is the end that you deserve . You betrayed the Vatican and your faith, and you will fall into hell and accompany the devil . Are you satisfied with this ending?”

Angel’s eyes gradually lit up . After she had been tortured like enduring a thousand cuts, her voice sounded clear in the dim hall . “I brought this upon myself, but what about you? What’s the difference between you and the demons?”

She was speaking Chinese .

As the Holy Virgin of the Vatican, she had been thinking about speaking Chinese and Mandarin for many years .

There was a sudden flash of fury in Aresis’s eyes .


He gave Angel a hard slap across her face .

Blood flowed down from the corner of her mouth . Aresis’s face was ferocious . “Speak our language, you b*tch!”

“You will go to hell . ”

Angel laughed bitterly . “Everything I do is for the benefit of the Vatican . Perhaps I have my own selfish motives, but I’ve always been clear on my own standpoint . Aresis, you’ve fallen . You aren’t worthy of the title of the Saint War Angel . ”

“I don’t deserve it?!”

Aresis suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed Angel’s chin . He roared with madness, “You say that I don’t deserve it?! What about you? When you were played by that filthy, base, and lowly assassin, did you ever think that you were the Holy Virgin of the Vatican? Huh?! In the thousands of years of history of the Vatican, you were the lowest Holy Virgin . You were the humiliation of the Vatican . I heard that you had a heterogeneous child? Ha, do you like men very much? How is it now? You have dozens of men who have been with you now . Do you feel good?”

He slapped Angel hard on her face and said coldly, “I’m not an angel, but you aren’t the Holy Virgin either . You’re just a lowly b*tch!”

“I love him . ”

Angel’s voice was weak . “But I have never given up my position because of this . Aresis, how do people like you know it?”

Aresis really didn’t understand .

Because Angel was so weak, her voice was weak . He didn’t even understand what Angel meant . This damn woman, until now, was still speaking Chinese, which he wasn’t very familiar with .

“I’ve already informed him . ”

Aresis said coldly, “If he cares about you, he will come here . So you’re lucky that you won’t die before he appears . During this period, you’ll have a lot of men . Enjoy them . Your Highness Holy Virgin, I’ll catch him and nail him to the cross with you . You should both be purified!”

Angel’s body moved . Just as she was about to speak, a sigh suddenly rang out .

This sigh with incomparably complicated emotions was deep and old . For a moment, it seemed to pull everyone’s soul into it .

All the people, including Aresis, were stunned for a while, with confusion in their eyes .

The Pope in white walked into the main hall, from which a subtle stench was emanating .

“Are you from the north island?”

“I’m from the northeast . ”


“The northeast of Zhongzhou State . ”

“Oh, Zhongzhou State . I haven’t been there yet . My name is Edres, and I come from Italos . ”

“My name is… Situ . ”

“That is the surname . ”

“Yes . ”


“Goodbye . ”

“What a coincidence! Haven’t you left yet?”

“No . ”

“Do you also like cherry blossoms?”

“No, I don’t . ”

“Then what are you looking at?”

“The sea . ”

“The sea on the north island doesn’t look good . ”

“The opposite side of the sea looks good . ”

“Oh, I don’t like that place . I don’t like that mountain . ”

“People of Italos don’t like the mountain . I don’t like it, either . ”

“I’ve been very happy these days . See you tomorrow . ”

“I’m leaving . ”

“Where are you going?”

“Home . ”

“Oh, Zhongzhou State? It seems that I’m not welcome there . But I think I’ll go there . Chinese is very difficult . Can you teach me?”

“I’m leaving . ”

“You can take me with you . I will learn Chinese from you . ”

“I can’t take you . ”

“Goodbye . ”

Under the sunset, the sun on the north island shone from the sea level and fell on the cherry tree . The holy and beautiful woman looked at his back getting further and further away, and suddenly said, “In fact, I’m Angel . ”

The figure paused .

“My name is Situ Wanjie . ”

“Oh, Situ, we are friends now . ”

“They want to kill me . ”


“My identity can represent a lot of things . They want my identity . ”

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“Yes . ”

“Oh, yes again?”

“Look at the cherry blossoms . You love them the most . ”

The petals of the cherry blossoms danced in the wind . In the early morning after the rain, the world was clear and bright everywhere .

She looked somewhat haggard as she sat under the tree, with a beauty that made one’s heart tremble .

After a while, she whispered, “But I want to go back . ”

The silent and sharp young man looked at the sea in the north for a long time, and then said blandly, “Then go back and I’ll give you a ride . ”

“Ha, the Holy Virgin?”

“I’m sorry, I…”

“There’s no need to apologize . ”

The Holy Land was right in front of them .

From the north island to the Holy Land, the mountains and the rivers, the plains and the seas, countless warriors with firm faith had collapsed . Over the course of the past half year, they had roamed around many times . Finally, the young man and woman had arrived at Italos, the Holy Land .

Exhaustion was all over the man’s face, but the light in his eyes became sharper and sharper .

“You are the missing Holy Virgin of the Vatican . ”

“I’m sorry, I really…”

The woman’s voice trembled .

The man slowly turned around and said calmly, “Goodbye . ”

“No . ”

“That place is the Holy Land . I grew up there . I’m the Holy Virgin of the Vatican . Returning there is always my dream . There’s nothing I can do . ”

“I can understand that . We’ve already arrived in the Holy Land . It’s time for me to leave, Your Highness… Angel . ”

“Don’t call me Your Highness!! Call my name . ”

Amidst the cold and deathly silence, a woman, who could just take a single step forward and reach the peak, turned her head to look at the Holy Land . Her eyes were a bit dazed . “I’ve always wanted to return because I have my own dreams here . ”

But at this time, her dream was so illusory that only the man in front of her, who had blocked her countless times in the past half a year, was so real .

She had returned to the Holy Land .

But now…

“I want to get out of here . ”

“Situ, take me away, okay?”

“… Okay . ”

“Your Majesty, let him go . Please . ”

“Your Highness Angel, don’t forget your identity!”

“He is my friend, Aresis . You are not qualified to interfere with my privacy!”

“Ridiculous . The Holy Virgin has no privacy!”

“I don’t want to be the Holy Virgin . I don’t want…”

“If you don’t become the Holy Virgin, he’ll die . ”

“This is blasphemy . ”

“Purify this heretic . He should be sentenced to death for kidnapping the Holy Virgin!”

“No, no, please, please, let him go…”

The engine roared to the extreme in the wind and rain, and the blackness of the night quickly retreated . The vehicle went straight from the road to the highway . At the extreme speed, the off-road vehicle with the passport of the Snowdance Corps directly crossed the border of Wulan State .

Tribulation’s eyes became more and more silent .

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At 10 o’clock in the evening, the car officially entered the border of Eyme .

The engine sounded almost overloaded as it continued to rumble .

The car was running fast through the wind and rain, and countless memories flashed through his mind .

“Glad to see you, Your Highness…”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Situ Cangyue’s younger brother . I’m Tribulation . ”

“Oh, I’ve met you before . Why are you here?”

“I want to become stronger . ”

The calm voice was full of incredulity and stubbornness, like the growls of an injured beast .

“There are many ways to become stronger . ”

“But I can only find the fastest and most effective way in your place . My Martial Arts are very special . ”

“Why do you want to be stronger?”

“I just want to bring her back . He said that she wanted to go with me . He said that she wanted to see the cherry blossoms on the north island . ”

“Where is she?”

The other party did not ask who she was, but just asked where she was .

In the old man’s heart, who the other party was did not really matter at all .

“In… the Holy Land . ”

The simple words seemed to carry a heavy weight . He slowly opened his mouth, and it was extremely difficult for him to speak .

“The Holy Land… Do you want to take away their Holy Virgin? Or the candidate for the Holy Virgin? Or maybe it’s some core Holy Punishment Priest?”

“No matter who it is, in my current state, facing Aresis and the Pope, if I go all out in the Holy Land, I should have 70 percent confidence to bring her back . But you… I’m afraid it will take many years . ”

“Your Highness, are you willing to help me?”

“I can’t take any action, otherwise what should I do with these remnants of the army behind me?”

“I heard that His Highness has the Map of God of War in his hand, and it can help one progress as quick as possible…”

“That’s the Invincible Manual . You may die . ”

“I’ve already died once when I was in the Holy Land . I hope Your Highness will help me . ”

“I can give you the Invincible Manual . What can you give me?”

“As long as I have it, I am willing to pay anything!”


“Anything . ”

“I don’t want your anything, I want your position . ”

“There has always been a rumor in the world that His Highness had arranged a lot of back-ups before the Li family collapsed, among which Seven Stars should be the leader . If the rumor is true, Tribulation is willing to be one of Seven Stars . ”

“There have already been candidates for Seven Stars, so you don’t have to worry about it . If you do want to join them, from today on, you will be called Polar in the Li family . ”

“What am I going to do?”

“In a few more years, if there is a suitable opportunity, I hope you can take care of my grandson outside . ”

The old man pointed his finger forward .

Through the dense forest, he vaguely saw a child standing in the farthest place .

He held a sword with one hand . Under the scorching sun, he was as still as a statue .

“This is…”

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“My grandson, Li Tianlan . ”

Tribulation’s gaze fell on the phone .

Countless pictures in his memory surged over like a tide, broken, messy, clear, and vague .

He picked up the phone and found Li Tianlan’s phone number . After a moment of hesitation, he didn’t dial through in the end .

Early in the morning on August 25th…

The black off-road vehicle rushed past Eyme’s border and continued to move forward .

They went all the way north .

The cold currents of the Arctic Ocean were whistling in the wind and rain .

The darkness ahead was getting darker and darker .

The car entered Snow Country and went all the way forward .

In the northern area of Snow Country, it was already a polar night .

The storm kept blowing like a waterfall between the heaven and the earth .

Tribulation’s eyes became more and more focused .

The serious injury in his body began to be suppressed bit by bit, and it was suppressed at all costs .

He no longer wanted to think about what would happen in the future .

At this moment, Tribulation was crazily shuttling in the darkness, and there was only concentration in his mind .

This was Tribulation in the most powerful state .

It was the Tribulation who no longer thought about the future .

At 4 o’clock in the morning…

The black off-road vehicle entered the northernmost part of Snow Country, no more than 100 kilometers away from Mormans .

Tribulation suddenly felt a little regretful .

After all, in this world of snow and ice, there was no cherry blossom that she loved the most; he was even no longer the same person as he was back then .

Such a person like him had also failed to fulfill the promise he had made to that old man .

He finally picked up the phone and dialed the number .

The phone was slowly connected in a brief silence .

A soft but somewhat surprised voice came from the other end of the phone . “Can you still call me?”

“Elder sister…”

Tribulation was silent for a moment and said softly, “Do me a favor . ”

Situ Cangyue seemed to be unable to react in time and did not speak for a while .

“From now on… take good care of Tianlan for me . This is what I owe the Li family . ”

“Where are you?”

It seemed that something cold had been connected to the two ends of the telephone in an instant .

Situ Cangyue’s voice suddenly became extremely calm .

Tribulation took the phone and drove faster and faster .

He shook his head and said softly, “Sister, I’m sorry . ”

Then he hung up the phone .

Under the crazy roar of the engine, Tribulation, who was full of regret and concentration, threw away the phone and the mask on his face .

His face, which was no longer young, faced the wind and rain outside the window . And he rushed straight to Mormans in the most decisive posture .

He was resolved to do this .

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