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"What do you want to do? I'll keep you company to the end today!"

Combined with Zhong Shaofeng, the one lying on the ground without anyone knowing whether he was dead or alive, these words seemed matchless aggressive and potent immediately.

Li Tianlan, who neither knew nor wanted to know how crazy he was, laughed grimly. However, nothing could be seen in his eyes except for calmness.

Sometimes, ultimate calmness often meant ultimate craziness.

"This man is a complete lunatic."

Gu Youlan, who was soaked by wine, curled up instinctively. However, she looked at Li Tianlan without any intention of avoiding his gaze.

There was no anger or killing intent in her eyes. At least Li Tianlan saw only the unfathomable seriousness in her eyes, simple and pure.

"You know me?"

Gu Youlan asked gently. Her voice was clear and affectedly sweet. Even if she flew into a rage and scolded someone else, her voice still sounded affectedly sweet and harmless.

"Do you think I'm blind?"

Li Tianlan swept around the other youngsters wearing different expressions on table number one and responded by asking coldly.

When Gu Youlan was in the Sky Academy, she always wore an exquisite mask. Thus, very few people had seen her face. However, Xu Yunzong—the Core Disciple of Kunlun City, who had been sent flying by Li Tianlan's blow just now, finished the maneuver with her. His powerful build and vicious look were absolutely impressive. Aside from Xu Yunzong, there were a man and a woman sitting on table number one. Li Tianlan not only knew them but also had a deep hatred toward them.

They were originally two giants of an organization named "Flames of War" in the Sky Academy.

Liu Dongyu.

Tan Xilai.

These people were the key training targets of the young generation of Kunlun City. They circled around Gu Youlan as if a myriad of stars surrounded the moon. Moreover, Gu Youlan's physical features were so distinct. Therefore, it was not difficult to identify her at all.

"Tell me, what kind of game do you want to play? Shall we start right here, or go out?"

Li Tianlan pulled his collar and took off his camouflage clothing. Wearing only a combat vest, he stood in front of Gu Youlan, showing that he would not let this matter go easily.

He had always thought of himself as someone who couldn't see the big picture. He was required to maintain the Li family's glory that had lasted for hundreds of years and to consider the prospects as well as grievances of countless veterans in the campsite at the border. From this point of view, perhaps these were the big picture that he should focus on.

Nevertheless, he did not think that he should be a coward for whatever he encountered for the sake of the so-called big picture. Whether it was worth or not, he could not do it by his character alone.

He was too lazy to take any action when seeing Zhong Shaofeng insult Wang Yuetong. Frankly speaking, they were not good friends. Furthermore, the Wang family of Beihai was omnipotent in Zhongzhou State and there was no need for him to show off his ability.

However, Qin Weibai was his woman.

He was unable to swallow his anger for the sake of the big picture when his woman was humiliated. The one who didn't dare to anything when his woman was humiliated was not deserved to talk about the so-called big picture.

Everything just happened so coincidentally and even somewhat intentionally, be it the appearance of the people led by Gu Youlan and Zhong Shaofeng, or their high profile provocation.

In the beginning, Li Tianlan did not intend to interfere in this matter, but Zhong Shaofeng dug his own grave by speaking ill of Qin Weibai.

"Plot? Big picture? General trend?"

"I don't give a shit!"

"I'm here to kill you! Who can stop me?"

At this moment, Li Tianlan may be a little impulsive and even frenzied, but he felt unprecedentedly proud in his heart. His pride was so tough that everyone felt their blood froze, as if it was inborn.

"You want to play a game with me?"

Gu Youlan still looked at Li Tianlan seriously. She pursed her beautiful lips and added coldly, "Are you qualified to do so?"

Her eyes swept over Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng without leaving a trace. "Get out of here right now," she continued, "I can temporarily let go of your offense today. I'm glad to tell you that someone else will play with you very soon."

Her crossed legs moved slightly. Wearing high-heeled shoes, her tiptoe casually kicked Zhong Shaofeng, who had already fainted. "Forgot to introduce him to you. This is Young Master Zhong, Zhong Shaofeng— the deputy chief of Huating Department of Supervision. Moreover, he is the youngest son of Secretary Zhong and also one of the political successors of the Zhong family in the future. You made him disabled and how do you think the Zhong family would thank you? Hum?"

The faces of everyone behind Li Tianlan darkened.

Today, there were surging waves in secret in Huating and the six groups were ready to make a move. But anyway, the Zhong family occupied the commanding heights of power of Huating, hence, to call it the number one influential family in Huating was within reason.

Moreover, the one who was knowns as the Secalming Needle in the Zhong family was still a young man among his peers. He was now the top leader of Huating and there was even hope for him to get a higher place. This powerful man was at the top of his game, both in personal integrity and ability. The pioneer that the Prince Group sent here to occupy Huating was never ordinary.

Given the current situation, stabilizing Huating would be his most important task in the next few years. If he could do a good job, the big shots from the Prince Group would probably back him up to get a higher place.

And this was his big picture.

That was why when his nephew became a cripple due to Wang Xiaoyao a few months ago, he just conducted some secret activities within the Prince Group but didn't do anything out of line. In order to get more compensation in the game with the Wang family of Beihai, the Prince Group then was ready to make a move. This matter itself had little to do with the Zhong family.

But no matter how much importance the Zhong family put on overall interests, that powerful man was never a bodhisattva without a temper. He swallowed his anger when his nephew was disabled, but in a few months, his son went through the same experience as his nephew. How could he stand that?

Even if he could manage to bear it, he had to do something to maintain his authority and vent his anger that he had suppressed over the past months under these circumstances.

And this big shot would pour all his anger and resentment onto Li Tianlan's head without reservation!

How could Li Tianlan, who was in Huating, withstand the anger of a leader in Zhongzhou State and the top leader in Huating?

Li Tianlan's face was still expressionless. However, the weapon named Human Emperor had slipped out of his sleeve and was held tightly by him.

"You talked a lot of rubbish."

Li Tianlan replied coldly.

Gu Youlan's pupils contracted slightly. Her voice still sounded affectedly sweet as if she was acting coquettishly, but the words she said were not polite. "Get the hell out of here before I change my mind. If I really want to play with you, you won't be able to leave here today. Wouldn't it be nice to live a few more hours?"

"What a tone!"

Standing behind Li Tianlan, Li Baitian could not help but sneer, "For those innocents, they would think that Kunlun City is invincible, but I'd like to play with you—a bitch from Kunlun City. Well, do you have the nerve to keep me company to the end?"

"Even if Kunlun City is not invincible, it just needs to take a little effort to deal with Mount Shu. Weakness Li, don't pretend to be someone in front of me with the title 'Great Void Sword Master'. See, Drunbility Cheng is silent. Why the f*ck don't you know what should you do?"

Tan Xilai said sarcastically.

Li Tianlan was too lazy to argue with these people, but Li Baitian had just ignited the war. Therefore, he took a deep breath and remained silent.


Ning Qiancheng, who had been silent beside him, suddenly called him.

Li Tianlan glanced at Ning Qiancheng. As he noticed that the latter looked at him inquiringly, he nodded slightly.

His eyes appeared calm, but deep down there was a hint of uncontrollable indomitable spirit and fighting desire.

Ning Qiancheng took a deep look at him and nodded. The so-called tacit communication was done without anyone noticing.

He had never thought that Qin Weibai, a woman who was kinda a legend in Huating and even in the entire Zhongzhou State, would be Li Tianlan's woman before.

He had never thought that Li Tianlan would injure Zhong Shaofeng so severely either.

Zhong Shaofeng's bones were crushed totally. Even if he could barely survive, he would be disabled in the future.

And the root cause of all this was that he insulted Qin Weibai.

But was it really that simple?

That might be the reason at first. Li Tianlan injured Zhong Shaofeng due to Qin Weibai. But under normal circumstances, that was where it should all end. Then they should start to wait for the Zhong family's revenge.

Nonetheless, Li Tianlan took the initiative to provoke Gu Youlan and took his gloves off. And this was not something that could be explained by impulsiveness or recklessness.

Obviously, Li Tianlan was going to do something.

After receiving Li Tianlan's response, Ning Qiancheng was more certain about that.

Undoubtedly, Li Tianlan did not want to keep Gu Youlan out of this mess. He intended to get her involved in this matter.

"What does he plan to do as a newcomer in Huating?"

"Without a thorough understanding of the situation, would such a move be risky?"

All kinds of questions ran through Ning Qiancheng's mind, but time did not allow him to think of a safe answer. Seeing Li Tianlan nodding, he pursed his lips and took a step forward, saying, "Mount Shu may not be as good as Kunlun City, but it still can set up a few sword formations. What does Asura Path have? You, a good-for-nothing, has even been treated as a key training target in Asura Path. Alas, no excellent person of this generation will appear in this organization!"

"Tan Xilai, look at the way you hype and praise Kunlun City. Is it the very atmosphere that shrouds the time-honored Asura Path?"

Tan Xilai's face darkened due to killing intent. However, he didn't get angry and just said disdainfully, "You are merely my defeated opponent, Ning Qiancheng. Are you qualified to judge me?"

Ning Qiancheng nodded quietly and replied calmly, "You did defeat me, but do you want to win once more? Again, I'm here for you whenever you want to fight. How about we fight a life-and-death battle?"

The killing intent flashed through Tan Xilai's eyes unceasingly and made him look gloomy and irritable.

To everyone's surprise, he managed to keep his emotions under control. Then he turned to look at Gu Youlan, who was calm and a little indecisive now.

Ning Qiancheng and he grew up in the same yard, so to speak. Even if they were not close playmates and their parents took a different stance, there was no need for them to become mortal enemies. They even had a relationship that was not so good but not bad either years ago. But because of a strange combination of circumstances, the two young men, who had once been playmates, had become implacably hostile.

Tan Xilai was looking at Gu Youlan.

Ning Qiancheng was looking at Li Tianlan as well.

Li Tianlan wore a calm expression on his face and his eyes were deep. Obviously, he had made up his mind.

Ning Qiancheng made up his mind with a smile on his face and said directly, "Xilai, I have slept with your mother. I guess it's not too much for you to call me father in terms of seniority."

"Ning Qiancheng! Damn you!"

Tan Xilai stood up abruptly and glared at Ning Qiancheng with his red eyes. "F*ck you! Can you say that again?!"

"Do you guys want to play a game so much?"

Finally, Gu Youlan said calmly, "Fine. Xilai, wish you have fun."

There was no fluctuation in her tone, but once hearing it carefully, one could sense that she was reluctant to do so.

Li Tianlan.

She had heard the name many times since the entrance maneuver was over.

Liu Dongyu had talked about the name.

Her follower Xu Yunzong followed suit.

And Director Gu, Gu Yunxia, was no exception.

She could ignore the opinions of the first two people, but she had to pay attention to what Gu Yunxia had said.

What Gu Yunxia meant was obvious—Li Tianlan was very likely to become one of the threats of Kunlun City in the future. She hoped that Gu Youlan could find an appropriate opportunity to kill him directly.

Furthermore, Gu Yunxia had expressed her idea about the so-called appropriate opportunity very clearly; she didn't want to see Li Tianlan continue studying in the Sky Academy after the vacation.

Given Gu Yunxia's status, what she said was almost equal to a command to Gu Youlan.

The strategy she offered Gu Youlan was also simple; either to kill Li Tianlan outright or secretly disable him.

There was no need to explain her strategy to kill Li Tianlan.

And it would not be difficult to disable him.

According to what Gu Youlan knew, Li Tianlan had forcibly advanced his strength through realms in the entrance maneuver, so he must be severely injured. Under these circumstances, if she continuously sent people to kill him and forced him to forcibly advance his strength through realms by taking advantage of this vocation, even if Li Tianlan was still alive, he would certainly be a good-for-nothing whose future achievements were greatly limited when the time came.

There were quite many candidates that were available for her to choose.

Liu Dongyu, Tan Xilai, and Xu Yunzong were suitable to force Li Tianlan to advance his strength through realms.

Gu Youlan had planned to take action when she met Li Tianlan tonight. However, she couldn't tell that Li Tianlan was injured when seeing him fight. As a result, she immediately became a little indecisive.

In her mind, the best solution should be consuming Li Tianlan's potential step by step. But when facing Li Tianlan in good health, she had to take action herself to push Li Tianlan to forcibly advance his strength through realms.

That made the battle between them a little risky for her.

Therefore, Gu Youlan had the intention to ignore Li Tianlan's provocation in the beginning. Anyway, he had disabled Zhong Shaofeng. Even if she didn't make any move, the Zhong family would not let him go.

However, Li Tianlan was determined to provoke her thoroughly. Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng were ready to make a move. In particular, Ning Qiancheng's remark was an insult to Tan Xilai, and it made him lose his head.

At such times, if she didn't grant Tan Xilai's wish, perhaps the later would harbor unfavorable ideas about her.

In this case, she'd better go with the flow and do not attack Li Tianlan temporarily. It was a good choice to disable Ning Qiancheng first and made him lose a right-hand man.

"You have my approval."

Tan Xilai smiled hideously and stared at Ning Qiancheng. "Alright. I'll fight a life-and-death battle with you tonight. You are digging your own grave, my defeated opponent!"

"Are you confident to do so?"

Gu Youlan frowned and asked as she saw Ning Qiancheng's calm face.

"Just give me three minutes and watch."

Tan Xilai twisted his neck and looked at Ning Qiancheng with hatred in his eyes. "Shall we change a location? Do you dare to come with me, Drunbility Cheng?"

"At your disposal."

Ning Qiancheng answered calmly.

Tan Xilai nodded and pointed at Ning Qiancheng, walking straight out of the bar.

Li Tianlan moved and said calmly, "Let's go and have a look."

"What the hell is going on here? I've just left for a while. Why is this happening?"

Just as Li Tianlan turned around, Zhang Houlong's voice sounded.

He was accompanied by a large crowd of nearly naked young girls. Next to him was a fat man who was in a cold sweat with a stout build.

"Young... Young Master Zhang, your friend had beaten Young Master Zhong. Young Master Zhang, I beg you to lend me a helping hand. Please save me."

Near Zhang Houlong, the fatty, who weighed more than 125 kilograms at least, trembled and said imploringly.

"Zhong Shaofeng?"

Zhang Houlong's eyelids twitched. He glanced at Li Tianlan and immediately said, "What are you nervous for? Send him..."

He pointed at Zhong Shaofeng's body and added, "Send this idiot to the hospital and then close the bar temporarily for a few days. As for the follow-up, just wait for my message, okay?"

The fat boss surnamed Wu nodded mournfully. His face was pale and he was frightened.

"Ask someone to call the police and you hide first. Nothing bad will happen."

Zhang Houlong patted the fat boss on the shoulder, leaving a group of girls behind and chasing after Li Tianlan directly.

He could vaguely hear Li Baitian's remark in amazement in front of him. "Wow, I can't tell that Qiancheng is so good at courting hostility before. When he said that he had slept with Tan Xilai's mother, Tan Xilai's face darkened drastically. Haha..."

"Tan Xilai?"

"Ning Qiancheng?"

The muscles on the corners of Zhang Houlong's mouth twitched.

Probably amongst the several people present, he was the only one who knew that Ning Qiancheng did not mean to court hostility by saying that he had slept with Tan Xilai's mother, aside from Ning Qiancheng and Tan Xilai—the two people involved.

Because Ning Qiancheng was telling the truth.

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