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Chapter 1426: Xuan Xiao Palace Unlock

Little Egg saw the aggrieved look of the little red bird, and he immediately applauded and laughed happily, “Yeah, bad bird, bad bird, that’s what you get for pecking me! Mom is the most powerful, and I’m the most beloved baby of mom! If you dare to bully me again, I will let mom strip off all your feathers!”

“Chirp chirp chirp~~” Dead pig, I will peel off your skin!

“Hee hee, come if you can! Come!”

Hexi pressed her forehead with a headache, and she asked Xiao Li, “What’s the matter with this little bird?”

Xiao Li quickly said, “Miss, isn’t there an egg in the Sumeru Hall? Just now the void suddenly changed, and another door opened too, then this little red bird broke out from that egg. “

“Then, do you know what species this bird is?”

Xiao Li shook her head in bewilderment, “Xiao Li has never seen such a bird in Miluo Continent.”

Then we can only wait for Little Golden Dragon to come back.

Speaking of which, Hexi was now more worried about the situation outside, especially what happened to Jade Fire Toad.

However, she tried to leave the void several times, but she couldn’t way.

Is this the void’s upgrade that hasn’t been done yet? Or is she just not letting her out because she doesn’t understand all the changes?

Hexi walked quickly into Sumeru Hall.

She was even more dumbfounded when entering.

Sumeru Hall had opened up 2 palaces, Ling Xiao Hall and Xuan Xiao Hall.

However, the palace at this time had changed completely from its previous appearance.

The Ling Xiao Palace used to be a huge room. Rather than looking like a palace, it was more like a storage room.

But now, the Ling Xiao Palace had numerous rooms. Each room contained different types of things.

The spiritual plants were put together, beastkin meat and bones were put together, magic weapons were put together, and crystal stones were piled together. It was very pleasing to walk in the rooms. Hexi had the illusion of being super rich.

The Xuan Xiao Palace was separated into 2 sections. 1 section was a resting place.

When Hexi walked into the resting place, she felt indescribably refreshed all over his body. Before she went to bed and meditated, she felt her fatigue all over her body swept away.

In addition to the resting place, Xuan Xiao Palace also had a place for training, a place for pill refining, and even a puppet array.

In it, Hexi could improve her spells and swordsmanship by training with puppets.

The puppets were made of wood and looked extremely simple, but their strength was terrifying. With Hexi’s current strength comparable to Nascent Soul Stage, she couldn’t last for 3 minutes under these puppets.

In addition to these changes, a part of the general outline given by the Old Man Sumeru had finally been unlocked.

It was just that Hexi was concerned about the outside world now, so she just flipped through it casually. When she saw that wood source was mentioned in the general outline, she didn’t read it anymore.

Another void upgrade reward was what made Hexi the happiest.

That was a new technique, called [Circle of Life], it was a mental method specially used for training the wood spiritual root.

Endless life means that there is no end, no death, and the highest level of practice can control the life and death of all things in nature.

Hexi had been in Miluo Continent for so long, and this was her first time seeing a technique about wood spiritual root. Now that she had just awakened the power of wood source, it was really like timely help for her.

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