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Chapter 1276: Real Purpose

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However, she was not a saint who would help everyone.

There were some things she could meddle, and there were some things that she had no interest in.

In this Miracle Healer Academy, the weak prey the strong and the strong are respected. If he wanted to stay here and be respected, what was the use of crying. The only way was to improve his strength.

Thinking of this, Hexi ignored them and returned to her bed to sleep.

Tong Bing’s pleading eyes looking at Hexi turned into disappointment when he saw Hexi closed her eyes.

He bit his lips and stood there dumbfounded. His tears turned cold. Finally, he gritted his teeth, bent down and picked up his quilt, and walked out the door.

When he walked out of the dormitory door, Tong Bing suddenly turned his head and choked out, “Mr. Xuan Mu, I… I will definitely work hard to be acknowledged by you.”

However, before he finished, a gust of wind shut the door.

Tong Bing only felt a pain in his nose and cheeks, and the tears couldn’t help falling again.

But he still bore it, turned around and went to the utility room.

5 days later, Hexi had basically figured out the general orientation of the Bijing Pavilion.

In other words, Little Egg remembered the brief map and patrol situation of Bijing Pavilion.

She even walked around pretending to admit the wrong way. She also let Xiao Li confirm the place where Wu Qi’s aura appeared.

The people in the Bijing Pavilion now had a much better attitude toward Hexi.

There was no other reason. Under Hexi’s conditioning, their His Honor’s complexion had indeed improved a lot. 5 days had passed, and the illness didn’t trigger again.

In the quiet private room, Hexi retracted her hand from the middle-aged man’s wrist vein and smiled slightly, “Although your condition has not improved, your physical condition has improved a lot. Maybe you won’t have to wait 10 days for the craniotomy. “

A hint of joy flashed in the middle-aged man’s eyes, and the hand he withdrew trembled slightly because of excitement.

No matter how high his strength, how powerful, how calm and calm he behaved, no one wouldn’t disregard his own life.

What’s more, his illness was still so embarrassing and ugly when it was triggered. As long as he thought of his crazy appearance being seen by others, the middle-aged man felt more unbearable than death.

It wasn’t that Lu Xuyang didn’t relieve his pain in the past, but he could feel that the power in his head that drove him crazy was getting stronger and stronger.

However, he felt different after the young man gave him the treatment.

Although the evil power in his brain had not diminished, it seemed to be bound by something. He no longer felt that his life was threatened.

Just the accommodative treatment can make me feel alive again, what about that surgery? Will it really cure me completely?

The middle-aged man took a deep breath and quickly stabilized his originally tumultuous emotions.

A pair of dark and dark eyes fell on Hexi, and he slowly said, “These days, you have come to treat me every day, but you have never asked me who am I? Little girl, aren’t you curious?”

Hexi smiled leisurely, “If I ask, will you tell me?”

Facing the middle-aged man’s gaze, Hexi spread her hands and said, “Well. Since you won’t tell me, why should I ask.”

The middle-aged man laughed lowly, “What an interesting little girl. But also, the real purpose of your coming here is not all to cure me, right?”

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