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Chapter 1226: Ignorant

Jin Zeyu’s brows moved slightly, and he murmured, “Xi Yue…”

Chen Xiaofeng reached out and grabbed the window edge of the upper bunk, and he looked at Jin Zeyu nervously, “Boss, do you think Xi Yue’s medical skills are really that high? If… if he can cure your disease… then…”

Qian Dazhuang’s eyes lit up, and he nodded again and again, “Boss, I think so too. As long as Xi Yue can cure your disease, even if he let us be his servant for a lifetime, we will do it!”

Jin Zeyu shook his head with a wry smile, “Don’t forget who caused my injury. No matter how good Xi Yue is, can he be better than that person? Can he heal the internal injuries he left behind?”

The dark and deep eyes slowly shrouded the numbness of despair and the unwillingness of resentment. He clenched his teeth tightly as if he wanted to tear something alive.

However, everything was like an ever ending dark night. There was no light of hope at all.

“The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.” Jin Zeyu closed his eyes. His voice was indescribably desolate, “Forget it, this time we only need to protect ourselves and get a snow ganoderma grass. That’s enough. “

Chen Xiaofeng’s heart shuddered when he heard the words. His eyes were hot and wet. He slammed the wall with 1 hand.

He knew that boss had given up on himself. He agreed to join Xi Yue’s party in this heaven level mission, mainly because they could earn more points. He didn’t want to drag them down.

He wanted the snow ganoderma grass to let him advance, so he risked his life to pick it.

Chen Xiaofeng’s spiritual root attribute was the dual spiritual root of mutated ice and earth. Over the years, his cultivation had been stuck at the peak of Meridians Stage and couldn’t make any progress. That was because the cultivation environment and resources of Huang Medical Branch were really poor.

With snow ganoderma grass, Chen Xiaofeng could promote to the Gold Core Stage within half a year.

But, boss… is there really no cure for him?

In the morning, the teleportation array to the Sun Moon Mountain Range was already crowded with people.

Zhang Yi, Fang Yun and the others were waiting there early. All of them were excited.

Last night, Zhang Chong watched his silly brother stay up all night. He was so excited that he couldn’t sleep.

Now seeing Fang Yun and his 2 friends, he couldn’t help shaking his head helplessly and worriedly.

These little guys have been in the Huang Medical Branch all the time, so they don’t even know the horror of the heaven level mission. They actually treat this mission like an outing.

But think about their team, except me and that Qian Dazhuang are at the Gold Core Stage, others are at the Meridians Stage. Oh, no! There is also a Xi Yue at the Foundation Establishment stage… How can such a party complete the heaven level mission?

It’s already good that all of us don’t die!

Do they see the gloating look of the students around?

Zhang Chong gritted his teeth and could only swear to himself that he would protect his younger brother no matter what, even sacrificing his own life.

When Jin Zeyu and his 3 subordinates arrived, the laughter grew louder.

“A bunch of rubbish from Huang Medical Branch dares to challenge the heaven level mission? Hahaha, they are so ignorant.”

“Should we bet how many days they can stay in the Sun Moon Mountain Range before they run away like a dog?”

“How many days? I think they will be able to hold on even in a few hours. Especially when they even stupidly brought Jin Zeyu. That trash can’t even take care of himself, what else can he do except be a burden? Hahaha”

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