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The horned monster hadn't made a move yet. It didn't want to say anything to Wei Suo and the others, but was trying to find out the true body of this great elder. It was stealing the last secret of the original body, its powerful concealment technique, as well as its comprehension of the origin laws!

Seeing this, whether it was Wei Suo's side or the alien Heavenly Demon's side, both knew that the great battle had begun, and both instantly attacked the horned monster with all their might. **!。 *

Although the original body of this ancestor was the weakest and most likely able to deal with him, no one needed him to say anything. Everyone present could see that this horned monster was much more terrifying than the original body of this ancestor.

"Crack, crack, crack …"

As soon as the indigo and dark golden chains of divine light appeared, giving off a hair-raising aura, a strange cracking sound immediately came from the surrounding space.

The horn on the horned monster's head was surrounded by a purplish black divine light. It seemed as if it wanted to bring its body into the void. However, it was locked in place by the divine light chains that rippled with countless origin energy laws.

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!"

The countless powerful attacks from Wei Suo's side and the alien Heavenly Demon's side instantly became like pieces of the universe, pressing down towards the horned monster.

At this moment, both Wei Suo's side and the alien Heavenly Demon's side had moved towards the same spot simultaneously. The power that exploded out was much more terrifying than the one that the alien Heavenly Demon had used to deal with Wei Suo.

The horn on the horned monster's head flickered with a purplish black light, but it couldn't break free. It stopped on the spot, but what caused everyone's heart to thump was that in the face of all the powerful presences coming from all directions, the horned monster didn't show the slightest bit of panic, instead, it only revealed a meaningful sneer towards the true form of the great power of the Wasteland Race.

With the appearance of this sneer, indigo magic flowers suddenly bloomed in the air around him. Each magic flower emitted a curtain of light, forming an indigo light curtain around him.

Waves of extremely violent power struck the Spiritual Light barrier around him, but it actually only caused it to tremble non-stop. It was completely unable to penetrate through and was completely blocked.

As the waves of might struck the light barrier, each of the indigo demonic flowers turned into a ferocious indigo head. Its appearance was similar to that of an ordinary elder of the Wasteland race, making it look extremely terrifying.

"You actually managed to comprehend this jurisdiction of mine!"

Upon seeing this, both Wei Suo and Shakyamuni felt as if their bodies had been submerged in ice water. Cold air began to seep out from their bones, and the true form of the great elder of the Wasteland Race also paled as he let out a cry of disbelief.

"Do you think that you can deal with me just by joining forces?" "Don't forget, I'm you. How hard is it for me to comprehend these arcane skills and origin laws of yours?" Hearing the loud shout of this great elder from the Wasteland race, this horned monster, which was unceasingly receiving the attacks of countless powerful forces, opened its mouth and spoke in a dense voice.

At this moment, Wei Suo and the others could clearly see that within the indigo divine light of the Spiritual Light Barrier that surrounded him, countless tiny white lights were swimming about. These were astonishingly countless spatial rifts.

This jurisdiction was similar to Wei Suo's Emptiness Realm. However, the might of this Horned Demon with a single horn was countless times greater than what Wei Suo had displayed.

Moreover, the speed at which the horned monster was casting the spell was at least twice of that of Wei Suo and the others!

He could even activate two arcane skills during the time that Wei Suo took to cast one arcane skill.

"Quick, we can only continue to stay like this, otherwise, if he escapes, all of us will die!" "My avatar can traverse thousands of miles across the void, and it also has a unique perception for auras. If we join hands and fail to deal with him, even if we run away, we will never be able to escape!"

Hearing the howls of this great elder, everyone knew that it was the truth. They all desperately activated their powers and continued to attack the horned monster.

Facing the desperate bombardment of Wei Suo and Shijia Lan, this unicorn didn't seem to be worried at all. Instead, it narrowed its eyes and started to examine the indigo and dark golden chains that intertwined around it.

"Pah!" An explosion actually pierced through the earth-shattering explosion that was caused by the powerful impact on the indigo light screen, clearly spreading out.

Inside the indigo light curtain, the horned monster unexpectedly opened its mouth and spat out a golden light, striking the indigo light and the golden black chain that intertwined with it. This explosive sound was the sound of the golden light striking the chain shaped divine light.

After this golden light struck the chain shaped divine light, it didn't disappear. Instead, it spread out along the chain like divine light, as if covering the chains of the indigo and dark gold colors with a layer of pure gold.


And outside in the void, the true body of the mighty elder of the Wasteland Race shook and cried out in alarm. Everyone could feel that the consumption of his origin energy was several times more severe than before.

"What are you doing!"

Shijia Lan suddenly let out a sharp whistle. This was because her entire body suddenly shook, causing the original body of this great elder to suddenly disappear from the void. He had actually suddenly appeared behind one of the alien Heavenly Demons.

Just as the alien Heavenly Demon released its powerful attack, the Rage Race Supreme Elder's sixteen arms had already latched onto his body.

"I have no choice. If I run out of Essence and I can't hold him, he'll escape and we'll all be swallowed up by him!" With a cracking sound, the great elder's body ripped the alien Heavenly Demon into pieces. At the same time, he let out a loud shout, devouring the alien Heavenly Demon's vital energy and blood.

"You!" ShiJia Lan was originally prepared to make a move against him, but after hearing his words, she gritted her teeth and endured it.

"I don't care if you have a way or not. If you dare to touch any of the people by my side, our alliance will directly end." Upon seeing this, Wei Suo's expression turned cold as he said these words.

Everyone could hear that Wei Suo was definitely not lying.

"Very good, the corpse of Zhou should be on you. As long as you don't join hands with them right now and serve me from now on, I can spare your life and the lives of the people beside you." Upon hearing Wei Suo's words, the horned monster within the indigo light curtain nodded its head at Wei Suo, and said these words in a dense manner.

"It is actually very easy to deal with the current situation. As long as you hand over Zhou's corpse to me, I can take care of this avatar of mine." The main body of the elder gritted its teeth as it looked at Wei Suo.

"Wait until you become stronger than me and devour me before taking care of them? You think he's stupid? " Before Wei Suo could say anything, the horned monster in the indigo light already sneered.

"My cultivation is the weakest among you guys. Speaking of this corpse of yours, I feel that you should help me break this corpse and let me devour it." Only then will it be safe. " Wei Suo said as he looked at the true form of the great elder of the Wasteland race and Shiya Lan.

Hearing Wei Suo's words, both the original body of the elder of the Wasteland Race and the horned devil changed color slightly.

"This won't do. Your divine ability isn't weak either. If you make another breakthrough, then we'll be in a bad situation." The original body of the great elder immediately shook his head and said with a stern voice.

"Then there's nothing to discuss, unless you have Shijia Lan constantly devoured by others." Wei Suo also sneered and said, "Otherwise, we can all die here."

"Actually, as long as we have the benefits from all three sides, we won't be able to deal with each other. It's not like there's no room for negotiation." At this time, the eyes of the little white bone person that Shiya had turned into flashed intensely for a moment. It suddenly looked at Wei Suo and the true form of the great elder and said, "It just depends on whether or not you have any acceptable methods."

"They actually managed to turn such a dangerous situation into a deal?" Ling Longtian, the Sorcerer Girl, and the others could not help but look at each other. They could all see this thought in each other's eyes. No matter what, as long as Wei Suo's strength could be raised to a level where the original body of a Wasteland Supreme Elder and Shiya Lan couldn't handle him, it would be extremely beneficial for them.

"My cultivation is the weakest. As for what sort of methods I might have, of course I can only rely on you two." Hearing Shiya Lan's words, the one-horned monster's face darkened. As for Wei Suo, he looked directly at the great elder of the Wasteland race and Shiya Lan as he spoke.

"I can help you recover your Essence and raise it to the level before your body is destroyed. But the condition is that you have to sacrifice another person by your side and they have to return your corpse to you." He looked straight at Shi Jia Lan and Wei Suo before quickly saying, "As for you, I can help you beat up some wounds on the corpse of Zhou, allowing you to develop and raise your cultivation. However, you must let me absorb a portion of that origin energy as well."

The surrounding alien Heavenly Demons felt a chill in their hearts. One of them subconsciously took a step away from her.


But when he moved his feet, the black pillar of light shot out from his mouth had already hit his body, instantly piercing through his forehead.

"He is the most cowardly among us. I believe you all have no objections if I kill him?" After piercing through the head of this alien Heavenly Demon, Shiya Lan coldly swept his gaze over the remaining alien Heavenly Demons as he spoke.

The rest of the alien Heavenly Demons were filled with joy. How could they dare to say no? They could only nod in response, their bodies emitting cold air.

At this moment, it was clear that Shi Jia Lan was agreeing with the original body of the Wasteland Race. The only thing left to do was to wait for Wei Suo's opinion.

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