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It would take some time to sell the more than 40 items. Every piece was a rare fruit with effective functions presented by the Great Buddhist Temple. Today, many families had sent their delegates. Every round of auction was heated. Therefore, it would take quite a while.

The fruits sold later were more valuable. The auction became more heated and every round would take the time for several incense sticks to burn before a deal could be made.

At noon, a rest was arranged. Monks severed fruits appease people's hunger. Of course, the warriors present all could go for a month without eating or drinking. The lunch rest was just a way to let everyone know that the real treasures were going on sale in the afternoon.

"Those fruits are not tasty."

Prajna hid behind Lu Li when a monk came in. They were not sure whether she was seen or not. Prajna pouted at the plate of red-colored fruit. She took out two pieces of white fruit from her Interspatial Ring, handed one to Lu Li and said, "Here, try this. This is good."

Lu Li took it over and had a bite. Instantly, Lu Li felt a beautiful scent in his mouth. Warmth spread to his body, very comfortable. He asked with curiosity, "Prajna, what is this fruit?"

Prajna had several bits in her mouth so she mumbled, "This is Sarira Fruit. It is too precious to be sold."

"Sarira Fruit?" Gu Min and the patriarch of the Gu Family were stunned. They stared at the fruit in Lu Li's hands, gulping.

Looking at those two, Lu Li waved the fruit and asked, "What? Is it pricey?"

Gu Ming gulped and answered, "Each one of them is worth at least three million Purple Xuan Crystals. You tell me if it is pricey. More importantly, it cannot be bought. The Great Buddhist Temple won't sell…"

"Three million Purple Xuan Crystals?"

Lu Li was taken aback. Three million Purple Xuan Crystals would be 30 billion Xuan Crystals. He had eaten something of 30 billion Xuan Crystals?

"This is nice!"

Lu Li sensed the warmth all over his body, refining his muscles and improving his soul slowly after it spread to his soul.

Lu Li ate the fruit, longing for more. Looking at Lu Li's expression, Prajna smiled sweetly and said, "I don't have more Sarira Fruit. My master told me to have only one each day so I only have two with me. I can give you more next time."

Lu Li felt indebted to her after ate a fruit worth 30 billion Xuan Crystals. He showed her his Interspatial Ring and said, "Prajna, you gave me a fruit and I will give you a gift as well. See if there are anything you like. Tell me."


Prajna's eyes sparkled. She looked at the ring carefully and said, "That little white beast is cute. Can I have that?"


Lu Li was speechless. The little nun had good eyes. All of his other treasures combined would be worth less than Little White. Of course, he could not give Little White away. He forced a smile and said, "I cannot give the beast away. He is my buddy."

"Oh, I am sorry I have asked for too much." Prajna seemed to be let down. After a few more glances, she became excited again and said, "Then I want that jade scepter."

Lu Li saw with his psychic power that it was a Holy Grade weapon. He couldn't remember where he had gotten it after someone he killed. He took it out at once, handed to Prajna and said, "Here."

Prajna was delighted. The jade scepter had a warm yellow color. The craftsmanship was skilled. It was of the length of a palm, very suitable for Prajna to play with.

Prajna loved it. She would give Lu Li a sweet smile every now and then and said, "Thank you. I love it. Well…I don't know your name yet."

Lu Li gave it some thoughts. In the end, he lowered his head and whispered to Prajna, "I can tell you but you must keep the secret. My name is Lu Li."

"It is you?"

Little Prajna's eyes sparkled even more. She looked at Lu Li with admiration and said, "I have heard many stories about you. You are so impressive. I want to be as powerful as you are when I grow up."

Lu Li smiled. He was about to pat her head when he realized that it was not proper to pat a little nun's bald head. Instead, he pinched her cheek and said, "When you grow up, you will be more powerful than me."

The afternoon session began while they were chatting. The host was still Evil Punisher. He seemed to be younger than 20 but had already reached the peak of the Noble Lord Realm. He must be one of the most talented in the younger generation of the Great Buddhist Temple. It was a way to showcase Great Buddhist Temple's power by letting Evil Punisher as the host.

The afternoon session's grade was higher. The quantity of certain sorts of fruit increased. A bundle would include more than 10,000 in some cases and the prices were more than high.

Most of the fruits auctioned in the morning were bought by guests in the private rooms. By the afternoon, guests in the private rooms basically retired from bidding. It was the turn for disciples sitting on the lotus seats.

The scene became heated. When some young masters made an offer, they even deactivated the shield over the lotus seats, showing off to the other guests as if they feared someone wouldn't recognize them.

With the help of Gu Mins introduction, Lu Li came to know many disciples of major families, such as the future family patriarch of the Yaksha Race, future chief of Life League and the most honorable young lady of the Palace of Immortals Inquiries, etc.

Lu Li became more excited as more items were sold. By dusk, the final three items were about to be auctioned. It was the finale.

Someone brought 16 Fairy Mushrooms with each one the size of a human being. The Fairy Mushrooms were glittering and translucent with a faint glow spreading out from within. A fragrance extended out. Even a fool could tell this was a piece of treasure.

The Great Buddhist Temple had a practice not well-welcomed. They would sell Mystical Materials and elixirs in a bundle. Either one could buy all 16 Fairy Mushrooms or none at all.

Considering that the Fairy Mushrooms could greatly increase the chance of reaching the Human Sovereign Realm warrior, they were regarded as valuable and the price was appalling. The starting price was already at 200 million Purple Xuan Crystals. Anyone that was not from a Royal Family would never afford them.

"200 million!"

The Life League made an offer first. Any one of the major families would want it. If six, let alone 16, people could reach the Human Sovereign Realm with the help of the Fairy Mushrooms, it would be worth it.

"300 million!"

A beautiful voice rose. Lu Li raised his eyebrows in joy. Ji Mengtian made an offer? If she could have the Fairy Mushrooms, then she wouldn't have the money to fight for the Bodhi Fruit.

"350 million!"

Another familiar voice was heard. It was Lu Suan. Lu Li could understand. Because Lu Zhengyan was in a coma, the Lu Family was in dire need to have more powerful warriors as the number had decreased sharply. It was not a surprise that Lu Suan would want the Fairy Mushrooms.

"400 million!"

It was Ji Mengtian again. The sudden rise in price sweep the venue and guests with a huge sensation. They were fortunate enough to witness how wealth a Royal Family could be.

"500 million!"

Someone from a lotus seat said. It was a pleasant voice from a lady. Many looked over with astonishment and recognized that it was the lotus seat for the Tumulus of Universe.

"Ye Yu!"

Lu Li was no stranger to this voice. Instead of Ye Luo, Ye Yu was the one shouting offers? It would seem that…they wanted to compete for the Fairy Mushroom.

Lu Li was counting on Ye Luo to help him get the Bodhi Fruit. But there was nothing Lu Li could say when Ye Yu made this offer. He just felt nervous.

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