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Lu Li hadn't decided on how to punish Ji Mengyao and Yang Yu yet. Killing them would bring about a string of troubles. Letting them go would put him in a bad moon. He just left them in the Ding of Barbarian God to give them a hard time so as to vent some anger.

Hu Lang and Lu Li spent some time talking and decided to carry on with Lu Ling's plan. They would continue to attack at other cities until Lu Ling told them to go back.

The auction at the Great Buddhist Temple wouldn't start until two months and a half. There was still some time left. Lu Li would have to send someone to verify the information as well. What if Yang Yu was lying and a trap was awaiting Lu Li?

Lu Li and Hu Lang set for Dragons City as planned. They ran into other warriors from the Silver Dragon Mountain on the way. Lu Li told one of them to go back and let Lu Ling know of what had happened and ask her to send someone to verify if Great Buddhist Temple really had the Bodhi Fruit.

Three days later, Hu Lang, Lu Li and the more than a dozen warriors arrived at the Dragons City in the central region. Without waiting for other members of their team, Hu Lang fought his way into the city directly. There was only one Ji Mengyao and the same trap would not be set twice. After all, there weren't so many people to make two formations like that.

As expected, they managed to smash the city's protection formation easily. They killed their way into the city, causing blood to shed. Warriors were slaughtered and blood flowed like a stream.

After tens of thousands of warriors were slayed, Hu Lang and Lu Li left with the others, waiting for the rest of their team nearby.

A day later, almost all the warriors that survived the Black Tortoise City came, with only two missing. They might be late or dead.

Hu Lang decided to wait no more. He led the team back to the Dragons City and then left via Teleportation Formation. He planned to carry on destroying other cities. He believed that the Serenity Plains' army would withdraw when blood shed everywhere at the Serenity Plains.

Lu Li actually didn't have the heart to go on like this because there were cities and families who weren't involved in attacking the Clouds Plains. That meant that many families and warriors were innocent.

He talked to Hu Lang about this but Hu Lang decided to ignore Lu Li's ideas. As far as Hu Lang could tell, this was a war between the Serenity Plains and the Clouds Plains. As they spoke, the Serenity Plains' army were marching on and many innocent civilians of the Clouds Plains were murdered as well.

If their own actions were not cruel enough, the Serenity Plains' army would not withdraw. By that point, more lives would be lost at the Clouds Plains. If the Clouds Plains was defeated, then all of would die and civilians of the Silver Wolf Mountain would be slaughtered.

Lu Li was unable to find an answer. He had to act long with Hu Lang. The only thing he could do was stop the warriors from killing civilians but he would be against the killing of their enemy warriors.

The ultimate fate for all warriors was death. The moment they set forth on the path to become a warrior, they would have to be prepared to face death at any time.

It went on and on…

Lu Li and the team massacred one city after another and they teleported along the way. They were fast and had no fixed destination. They would teleport to a random city and then move onto killing right away.

Hu Lang and Lu Li faced no Human Sovereign Realm warriors at the Serenity Plains. There were nobody to stop them. Everywhere they went, bodies lay everywhere, a sight too horrifying to bear.

Hu Lang made a determined effort. He almost was defeated at the Black Tortoise City. He had decided that as long as Lu Ling didn't send any message, he would go on and destroy the major cities of the Serenity Plains. He would purge all the low-level warriors of the Serenity Plains so that it could not recover for at least dozens of years.

On the 13th day, they arrived at the Crystals City, the headquarters of the Crystal Palace. They teleported over so the city protection formation was just a pretense. Hu Lang was the first to be teleported over. He faced the attacks from a group of Noble Lord Realm warriors head on and killed many by using Force Field. By the time Lu Li and the rest came over, the situation was under control.

Three hours later, Crystal City was turned into ruins. At least tens of thousands of warriors were killed. More than 100,000 ran off. Hu Lang told the team to hunt down for six hours. After that, they were ready to teleport to the headquarters of the Stellar Alliance and destroy the last headquarters of the last major forces of the Serenity Plains.


A jade talisman hung on Hu Lang's belt cracked. Lu Li breathed in relief. Finally, the slaughter could come to an end. He had lost count of how many were killed. He himself must have slayed over 10,000.

Lu Li was not a fan of this sort of slaughter because the two sides were not equal. It was as if he were killing civilians. He even had the urge to puke on the sight of blood.

"Let's go back!"

A glint of pity flashed through Hu Lang's eyes. He appeared to be disappointed not being able to slaughter the Stellar City. He was a ruthless man. He could kill tens of millions without a guilty conscious let alone these few warriors. Any overlord would have to kill his way up the mountain of bodies and blood.

They teleported for several rounds and arrived at the north Serenity Plains, where they flew toward the cave with the Teleportation Formation to the Clouds Plains. They had concealed their tracks. The Teleportation Formation could not be exposed considering that the passage to the Deserted World was here as well.

After two days of flying, they arrived at the cave where the Teleportation Formation was at. Two warriors from the Silver Wolf Mountain were waiting there.

As soon as he stepped in, Lu Li asked, "What is the situation like in the Clouds Plains?"

The two warriors were clearly here to relay the information. One of them grinned and said, "Very good, Saintess played her card right and has wonderful foresight. The Serenity Plains' army is crippled. Two Human Sovereign Realm warriors from the Serenity Plains are killed and four are captured. They have joined the Cloud Prowess Emperor and now they are working for us."


Lu Li was overjoyed while Hu Lang had mixed feelings. Working for us meant that the four Human Sovereign Realm warriors of the Serenity Plains had taken the Fire Phoenix Soul Pellet that Lu Ling developed and had become her slaves just like he did.

Lu Li cared not what Hu Lang was thinking. He looked at the two warriors with excitement and said, "Tell me the details. What was it like?"

The warrior at the peak of the Noble Lord Realm of the Silver Wolf Mountain said with clear admiration, "As soon as the Serenity Plains was under attack, their army received the information. Instantly, their morale ratings dropped but they didn't retreat. Instead, they forged ahead with full strength, ready to attack the Drifting Cloud City. Saintess allocated some generals to ambush the Serenity Plains' army. They would run every time they had a successful strike. Warriors of the Serenity Plains became more disturbed."

"At the same time, the Emperor himself took actions. He managed to defeat some teams of the Serenity Plains that were covering at the Drifting Cloud City on command. Flames of war raged across the region and the Serenity Plains met with our full strength counterattack. After you achieved victory at the Black Tortoise City, the Serenity Plains' army was finally defeated. The four forces of the Serenity Plains had internal struggle and Human Sovereign Realm warriors of the Crystal Palace and the Stellar Alliance withdrew first but they were ambushed by Saintess, twice. Two Human Sovereign Realm warriors were killed and four were captured. The Emperor is now going after the surviving forces of the Serenity Plains. I think…they are at the Serene Cloud Sea and will be able to reach the Serenity Plains soon."

Unclear and incomplete as the Noble Lord Realm warrior's explanation was, Lu Li and Hu Lang had understood. They had their own understandings. The reality could not have been as easy as the Noble Lord Realm warrior had said.

Lu Li and Hu Lang looked at each other, feeling a bit pity for not being able to fight with Lu Ling and kill or capture Human Sovereign Realm warrior of the Serenity Plains.

"Sister, you have not disappointed me."

Lu Li exclaimed in pride. Lu Li had anticipated victory in this war but he didn't know that the victory had come so fast and so great.

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