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Jiang Qiling stayed at the Ling Empress City while Lu Li set off to deal with the matters of the Northern Desert. He had a lot to catch up with after being away for such a long time.

He didn't manage every trivial matter but it didn't mean that he was so stupid as to leave every single thing to Madam Yan and Yu Huashen. What if they didn't behave?

He told Madam Yan to arrange Jiang Yi's and Jiang Qiling's accommodation. Then he went to chat with Lu Feixue during the afternoon and then called Ming Yu over to give him some directions.

Lu Li had dinner with Jiang Qiling and nobody else. He didn't worry about Jiang Yi's dinner and asked Madam Yan to entertain him. Jiang Wuwo already harbored some anger towards Lu Li so the latter didn't mind the attitude of the Jiang Family much.

Jiang Qiling had a blast at dinner. She barely ate anything for some time and she had lost some weight. She was stuffed with Lu Li accompanying her and the presence of unique Northern Desert dishes. She had a good appetite tonight.

But she didn't like the wine here, saying the wine was not strong enough. She had left in a hurry so she didn't bring the Bloody Rose with her. Lu Li had people send over several kinds of wine but none of them made her happy.

Jiang Qiling said she was stuffed after dinner and asked Lu Li to give her a tour so she could enjoy some sceneries of the Northern Desert. Lu Li was in a better mood after he knew there was a way to save Bai Qiuxue. He took Jiang Qiling to a big city by taking Teleportation Formation. There was a good scenic spot where a huge waterfall of more than 20 miles in height was found. This waterfall was well-known around the Northern Desert.

It was a good night with a bright moon and a gentle breeze. It should have been enjoyable to tour around with a beauty at side but Jiang Yi had been with them all along and it wrecked the atmosphere.

Jiang Qiling flared up later so Jiang Yi had to keep his distance from them, afraid to disturb the two again. They arrived at the waterfall and Jiang Qiling was shocked by the scene.

Under the moonlight, a waterfall cascaded down, seemingly from heaven. From the distance, it was as if the waterfall was the milky way falling down. It was both magnificent and beautiful.

Under the waterfall was a picturesque lake with a pavilion on the bank. This was built by a region master. Lu Li told Ming Yu that they were coming here before they set off so the civilians nearby had left.

There was a boat close to the pavilion. Jiang Qiling was enjoying herself very much. She boarded the boat and asked Lu Li to take her to the lake.

Lu Li dared not to offend this young lady now. Besides, she was here as a visitor to the Northern Desert. He, as the host, must entertain her.

"Jiang Yi, wait here. If you dare to follow us, I will castrate your precious grandson." Jiang Qiling shouted to a man in the distance.

Jiang Yi's legs trembled and he was afraid to go further. Not even Jiang Wuwo could control Jiang Qiling when she went crazy. If Jiang Yi angered her today, his grandson could really be castrated and he would see no more future generations…

Jiang Yi had to patrol around the lake in case anyone else got in. He was not too worried, though. There weren't many powerful warriors at the Northern Desert. Who dared to assassinate them when Lu Li the emperor was here? Besides, Ming Yu was patrolling outside as well.

The night was romantic. The lake was glistening. In the distance, the waterfall was cascading down into the clear lake. Such a pleasant scene. It was paradise on earth.

Jiang Qiling sat at one end of the boat, holding a jug of wine. She looked at Lu Li at the stern, paddling and laughing for no reason. Every now and then, she would raise her head and swallow some wine.

The pretty girl drinking wine with her face up was kind of wild and gorgeous. She took off her shoes, putting her delicate feet into the lake. She would stir up some water from time to time and laugh and giggle in her beautiful voice…

Seeing how happy she was, Lu Li felt his mood was getting better as well. But he felt his heart ache when he thought of Bai Qiuxue, her pretty face and how she was frozen in ice like a dead body.

"Hey, hey~"

Jiang Qiling's voice took Lu Li back to reality. She tilted her head, pointed her jug to Lu Li and said, "Lu Li, please show some respect to me. When you are with me, don't think of other women, understand? Or I will throw your Mystical Materials to the lake."

With that said, Jiang Qiling twitched her little nose. When she was angry, she looked like a female cat losing her temper. Lu Li smiled gently, nodded and said, "Okay, I promise you."

"This is what I'm talking about."

Jiang Qiling stood up and walked to Lu Li. She looked down at him and said, "Open your mouth. You are a good boy. I will give you some wine. Now that you have had my wine, you must behave."

Lu Li rolled his eyes. But he couldn't do anything except for opening his mouth. Jiang Qiling tilted the jug and wine poured into his mouth.

Jiang Qiling grinned from ear to ear at Lu Li's cooperation. She patted her head and said, "Now, good boy."

Lu Li stared at her and said, "Mind your language. I am not your pet. Good boy? I'm getting goosebumps…"

"Ha, ha, ha."

Jiang Qiling left with a laugh. She flew out like a butterfly. Kicking back on the water gently, she leaped forward. Without releasing her Fate Wheel, she managed to tread on the water, which shocked Lu Li.

Jiang Qiling wandered around and then landed on the boat again. Her graceful movements were like that of a fairy from heaven.

She saw the shock in Lu Li's eyes. She twitched her little nose and asked, "What? You want to learn? Actually, this is just for show. It is not very useful. Don't learn it. It will be a waste of time."

"You are right!"

Lu Li was convinced. Apart from showing off, this skill wouldn't enhance his fighting abilities.


Jiang Qiling jumped off the boat again. This time, she didn't tread water. She jumped right into the lake and then she rolled around and swam, like a mermaid going in and out of the water having fun.

The moon was bright. Lu Li's eyesight had become good. Jiang Qiling only wore a red dress which was see-through in the water. He could even see her body. The few looks gave Lu Li the urges and he had to look away at once.

"Lu Li, come and swim with me!"

Jiang Qiling said after a while. Lu Li felt shy. He shook his head and said, "You go ahead. I want to sit here."


Little did he expect that Jiang Qiling would swim right to him like a fish, grabbed him with one hand and pulled him in.


Lu Li fell into water. She hugged him and their bodies were bumping against each other. He tried to fly up but she held him down. Inevitably, they had some bodily contact with one pushing and one pulling. In the water, the clothes didn't have much use. They sense of bodily contact was strong…

Lu Li was afraid that he could not control himself or how things would develop like this. He stopped struggling. She smiled and let him go happily. They had a good swim in the lake, like two carefree fish.

After an hour, Jiang Qiling finally got tired. She flew up and Lu Li came up with her. They used Xuan Energy to dry themselves.

"I am tired and I want to sleep. Lu Li, can you hold me while I am asleep? I can only have a good sleep when you are here."

Jiang Qiling moved closer to Lu Li who frowned and said, "How about we go back? This boat is too small."


She shook her head stubbornly. Then she lied on her side in the boat with her head on his legs. She curled up and soon, she was sound asleep.

Lu Li remembered the night they spent together at the Lake of Delicacy. He sighed but said nothing, sitting there quietly and holding her while she slept.

It was getting late. There was a sense of coldness in the wind. She curled up like a kitten and enjoyed a peaceful sleep on his legs.

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