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Lu Li had been having a hard time trying to figure out how to put the Speed Profound Meaning into use. Now, he was finally enlightened.

Meng Huo's move inspired him. A fist in the air could cause ripples.

It was normal to see a powerful warrior to be able to tear up space which could create shockwaves in the air. The unusual part was how Meng Huo's fists could shatter Lu Li's clones with the shockwaves.

No matter how strong the fist was and how many shockwaves were there, the strength in the fist would not pass into the air. Trembles in the space were just trembles so how could they shatter the clones?

Lu Li had gained a deeper understanding of the Mirror Image. Even though the number of his clones did not increase, his clones were stable. Normal trembles in space would not shatter his clones.

If that was the case…

How did it happen?

It was evident that the shockwaves contained energy, so strong that Lu Li could sense it. If he was hit, he would be injured and spit out blood.

Where did the energy in the shockwaves come from if fists could not pass their strength into the air?

Finally, Lu Li had an answer. This was not just some average move. This move had triggered the power contained in heaven and earth!

Why could tornadoes spin? Because they triggered the power in heaven and earth. What Lu Li took away from the move was not some Profound Meaning, but a way to utilize powers in heaven and earth.

It applied to Speed Profound Meaning as well.

Lu Li did not know how to use it. He was inspired now. Taking advantage of the powers of heaven and earth, he could release the Speed Profound Meaning.

The fist was only about 30 feet away from him and would land on him in an instant. Suddenly, Lu Li's Fate Wheel span and it span faster and faster. Because of his high-speed rotation, a fierce gale sprang up…


Suddenly, Lu Li disappeared in midair. The others just felt a glare and next thing they knew, Lu Li was gone.

"Whoosh, whoosh~"

Meng Huo's move was still ongoing but the person he tried to hit vanished. He looked up in shock. Lu Li was unbelievably fast. How did he get away when he was about to get hit?

Bai Qiuxue and the others looked up as well. They found Lu Li in a place nearly 4000 feet over the head of Meng Huo. They were as shocked as they were relieved. Ye Cha was more surprised than others.

Cyan Phoenix Race had been known for their speed in the Central Plains and not even the several patriarchs of the Cyan Phoenix Race would be able to avoid the attack. Maybe Ye Cha was the only one that could and he was as fast as a Human Sovereign Realm warrior. In other words… Lu Li was that fast as well?

"How could it be?"

Ye Cha's eyes opened wide in surprise. He could not believe what he just saw. What kind of Profound Meaning could let a warrior at the middle stage of the Fate Wheel Realm become as fast as one in the Human Sovereign Realm?

Could it be one above the seventh-rank?

Lu Li once said that his Profound Meaning was about speed and he had named it himself. Ye Cha and the others didn't find this one in their ancient records.

They didn't pay much attention to it anyways since they thought it was nothing special.

But one that could increase Lu Li's speed so drastically could only be explained by a seventh-rank Profound Meaning or higher than that.

Above the seventh-rank!

Even Ye Cha became envious. Profound Meanings were hard to learn, not to mention those above the seventh-rank. With this Profound Meaning, even Human Sovereign Realm warriors would

find it hard to catch up with Lu Li when he reached the Noble Lord Realm.


Suddenly, a sword appeared in Lu Li's hands. With a glare, he generated more than 10 clones once again and all of them span quickly and traveled to all directions.

The scene freaked out Meng Huo and the others of the Titan Race. Lu Li was so fast that they could only see a glare before they saw one of the Lu Li whooshing down to stab at Meng Huo.


Meng Huo swung his fist and smashed at the clones of Lu Li. Everywhere his fist hit, there would be shockwaves in space and Lu Li's clones would be shattered.

However, Lu Li kept on generating more clones and they all swarmed towards Meng Huo. Afraid that one of them might be the real one, Meng Huo dared not to stop and he continued to swing his strong fists.

Soon, the time was up.

Lu Li showed no intention of stopping. His clones continued to attack Meng Huo and he flew down as well. This time, it became really confusing for Meng Huo to tell the real one from the clones.


Once again, Lu Li generated more than 10 clones and they were all attacking Meng Huo from different directions. There were several of them coming at Meng Huo from down below, aiming at his animal skin pants.

Underneath the animal skin cloth was Meng Huo's genital, the Achilles heel. Titan Race were quite strong around their bodies, except for this place.

Therefore, Meng Huo paid much attention to. With a glare of anger, Meng Huo smashed down and the shockwaves shattered those clones.

"Swish, swish!"

More clones were coming from other directions. There were four from the left, aiming at Meng Huo's head. He was not afraid of getting hit, but it would be a shame if he did so he smashed at those clones.


Right at that moment, the few clones behind his back suddenly changed directions to his crotch area. There were two others that were stabbing at his chest.

Meng Huo was infuriated. He suddenly turned around and smashed at the ones down below, exposing his back to the other clones.

Lu Li's sword was only a Heaven Grade Xuan Artifact. Meng Huo thought that it didn't matter if one of the clones was real… since his back was the strongest place on his body and he didn't think that Lu Li could wound him.


Shattering the clones around his crotch, Meng Huo became even more cautious. Now one of the rest two clones must be the real person. This time, Meng Huo allowed no failure. He must smash that tedious tiny human into a puddle of goo.


Two swords pierced through the air and stabbed at Meng Huo's back. But only some sparkles came out. Meng Huo didn't sustain any wound as if his back was cast in iron.

Meng Huo grinned. He was trying to turn around and smash at Lu Li when he suddenly had a sense of fatal danger.

"The fight is over!"

Ye Cha and the others noticed Lu Li's right hand which he had been hiding in his sleeve and they grinned. They didn't know how mighty the Blood Claw was, but they knew that it looked horrible. Lu Li had been planning for this moment and he would not fail.

As they expected!

The Blood Claw pierced through Meng Huo's back. Meng Huo shouted, and on his back, there appeared dark golden scales. Lu Li slowed down a bit, feeling the obstacle, but after a silver glare, he managed to pierce into Meng Huo's back close enough to his heart.


Lu Li retracted his Blood Claw at once. His Fate Wheel span fast and he ran away. In the distance, he cupped his fists and said with a gentle smile, "Sorry about that, Patriarch Meng."

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