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A+ A- Chapter 395: The Worst Decision
Bai Xiashuang didn't make much progress during the past half a year. She only cultivated from the middle stage to the later stage of the Soul Pond Realm. Compared to Lu Li, this speed was slow.

Lu Li was curious about Bai Qiuxue's Realm. He asked Bai Xiashuang, "Which realm is your sister at now?"

Speaking of this, Bai Xiashuang answered with pride, "My sister has reached the Fate Wheel Realm! Lu Li, don't look down upon us. My sister is very hardworking. She has been in the small world for such a long time now that she may have reached the middle stage of Fate Wheel Realm."

Lu Li replied with a smile. He could already beat warriors of the Eternal Realm. Average warriors of this realm could be killed by him easily. Therefore, Bai Qiuxue's progress was not surprising to him. Jiang Qiling's progress was stunning. Her speed of cultivation was so fast that it was even incomparable…

Bai Qiuxue seemed to be a quiet girl but she was stubborn inside. On the contrary, Bai Xiashuang looked like a difficult person but she was vulnerable inside.

On the thought of Bai Qiuxue's stubborn but pretty face, Lu Li smiled. He asked, "Are there any powerful beings in the small world your sister went to? Is she going to be in danger?"


Bai Xiashuang answered with a frown, "The small world is the one with Green Dwarfs. Even though powerful Green Dwarfs were all killed, but there are quite a number of average ones. My sister has reached the Fate Wheel Realm so she can fly now. I don't think the Green Dwarfs can hurt her."

"Okay, later I will go to that small world

and find her." Lu Li didn't talk more about her. He had to conquer the Northern Desert now so he didn't have much time to worry about Bai Qiuxue.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle!"

Just as Lu Li was ready to play another game of with Lu Feixue, there came some footsteps. Ming Yu walked in and whispered to Lu Li, "Young Master, Lady Zi Lian is here."


Lu Li was surprised and asked, "Who is she with? Zi Huanqiao?"

Ming Yu shook his head and said, "No, only a patriarch of the Eternal Realm!"

Lu Li squinted. He soon made out the meaning of Zi Lian's visit. Zi Huanqiao didn't want to quarrel openly with Lu Li nor did he want to surrender. Once he surrendered, the interests of the Zi Family couldn't be guaranteed.

Zi Lian was here to probe Lu Li's intentions. Also, Zi Lian could be called a friend of Lu Li's. He wouldn't go to the extreme for her sake.

"Bai Xiashuang, stay with my aunt. I need to go out."

Lu Li waved to Bai Xiashuang. Lu Feixue pulled her close and asked her to sit down. Lu Feixue was quite fond of this girl that would speak her mind honestly. She was a pretty girl that was pure-hearted and had seventh rank Bloodline. As Lu Li's aunt, Lu Feixue was naturally interested in the ladies around him…

Ming Yu led Lu Li into a side chamber. There was a lady in red standing with her back towards him.

Zi Lian seemed to be taller and had developed a curvier figure. She was slim and graceful. The purple flower mark on her neck stood out, and she was still holding

holding the same white jade flute.

"Young Master Lu!"

The patriarch of the Zi Family had been looking outside. When he saw Lu Li, he bowed and saluted him. Zi Lian turned around and looked into Lu Li's eyes.

"Well, she is also at the Fate Wheel Realm. She is quite diligent as well."

Lu Li sensed her qi and energy. Then he found that Zi Lian seemed to have lost some weight, but it had also made her more attractive. She stared at Lu Li with her eyes that were filled with mixed feelings.

Lu Li smiled and said, "Lady Lian, it's been some time. You have lost weight."

Zi Lian's smile lit up the chamber. She turned to the patriarch beside her and said, "Uncle three, you can go now."

The patriarch cupped his fists to Lu Li and excused himself. Lu Li asked Ming Yu to leave as well after some thoughts.

Lu Li sat in the center seat, made an inviting gesture and said, "Lady Lian, please."

Zi Lian nodded and sat by Lu Li. She picked up a cup and sipped some tea. After a moment of silence, she said, "Lu Li, you know what I am here for this time. Actually… I don't like this kind of visit."

Zi Lian was mature now. Her simple words spoke volumes.

She indicated that she was here on behalf of the Zi Family. However, she would rather be here as Lu Li's friend. She implied that she had always treated Lu Li as her friend and avoided this kind of business-like negotiations.

Lu Li smiled and replied, "If you don't want to represent the Zi Family, then just talk to me as

me as yourself. You are my friend… no matter how."

Zi Lian's eyes lit up as a glint of surprise flashed by her face. After staring at Lu Li for a while, she said with sorrow, "What if we are friends? You still want the Heaven Martial Kingdom. I know you have made up your mind. You are determined to win."


Lu Li seriously said, "The Northern Desert must be unified. This is my principle and cannot be negotiated. However… since you are here on behalf of the Zi Family, I have to take our friendship into account. The Heaven Martial Kingdom can no longer exist, but 80% of the resources of the Heaven Martial Kingdom can be given to the Zi Family. I promise."


Zi Lian's cherry lips opened in surprise. Lu Li had made himself quite clear. All he wanted was for the Zi Family to acknowledge allegiance to him, and he would still allocate most of the resources to the Zi Family while he only took 20%. This offer was so generous that Zi Lian couldn't believe it.

Zi Lian looked into Lu Li's sincere eyes and smiled. She considered it and said, "Thank you. Thank you very much, Lu Li."

Lu Li shook his head with a smile and said, "I don't have another way to go. Otherwise, I wouldn't come here and fight for resources with you. I have my reasons and I hope you can understand. I will not stay long at the Northern Desert. When I leave, the Zi Family will still be the overlord of the Heaven Martial Kingdom."

Lu Li had spent days and night pondering about the Zi Family. By the time Zi Lian got here, he had here, he had made a decision.

If the Zi Family hadn't sent Zi Lian over and had chosen to fight, Lu Li wouldn't burden himself with worries. He would just send over some armies to annihilate the Heaven Martial Kingdom.

It was built in his character. He could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. He would return others kindness with generosity. The Zi Family had gained Lu Li's friendship by not participating in the fight under the Bai Emperor Mountain.

That being said, the Northern Desert must be unified!

The Northern Desert could only have one voice so the Heaven Martial Kingdom could no longer exist. Zi Family was sensible enough so he could give the resources back to the Zi Family. As for the 20%, he did it to avoid nurturing dissatisfaction among his warriors. He couldn't think about only himself now. He did some superficial work since he represented many.

"I will go now. I will tell my father and my family. You will hear back from me soon."

Zi Lian stood up at once. She could go back with victory now that Lu Li proposed such a generous offer. She wanted to send the word to Zi Huanqiao as soon as possible. He hadn't been able to sleep for a couple of days worrying about this…

Lu Li watched as she left with a smile. At the doorstep, she turned back, looked at Lu Li and said, "Lu Li, I didn't bring you back to the Zi Family at the Wu Ling County. That is my worst decision. In the future… I hope I can make it right."

With that said, her cheeks turned rosy and then she left as quickly as she could.

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