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The Mystic Armor City!

The largest city at the eastern Central Plains, an ancient city with millions of years of history under the control of the Lu Family.

This was by far the largest city Lu Li had ever seen. Everywhere he could see, there were city walls and endless buildings.

The city walls were tall and thick, with a height of more than 3000 feet and a thickness of more than 30 feet. This wall actually could not stop warriors from crossing over. That being said, it was a testimony of how powerful and resourceful the Lu Family was to be able to build up such a high wall.

"The Mystic Armor Region has a radius of more than 300 miles and a population of more than 90 million. The city has been in existence for more than one million years. There were three disasters that happened to the Mystic Armor City when the city almost fell, but it was safeguarded in the end. The Lu Family have been controlling the city all along. This is the true Royal City of the eastern Central Plains. As long as the city remains intact, everyone has to behave at the eastern Central Plains."

Mo Ye explained in a low voice. Lu Li was getting more and more excited. Yu Huashen and Ming Yu exclaimed as well. This was the demonstration of the might of an eighth-rank Family, to be able to conquer a huge city for a million years.

It was getting closer, closer!

The closer they were, the more impressed Lu Li and the others were by the grand might and power of the Mystic Armor City. It was as if the city had a strange magical power that could induce awe and suppression.

Lu Li saw the warriors standing on guard at the city wall. They all wore golden armor and all of them were at the Eternal Realm. They stood motionlessly like statues at a 55-yard interval. There were more warriors beyond counting on the city walls.


Even though those warriors never let out any qi or energy, they demonstrated a stern atmosphere. People would feel suppressed out of instinct. Nobody dared to make a noise or break in or make trouble.


Before the Iron-armored Ship got any closer, a team of warriors flew down from the city wall. A warrior at the middle stage of the Noble Lord Realm came with 10 Eternal Realm warriors, stood in midair and said with a straight face, "The Mystic Armor City is sealed off. Nobody is allowed in."

Before Lu Li could say anything, Mo Ye got off from the Iron-armored Ship, cupped his fists and said, "I am Mo Ye, Master of Palace of Aries under the control of the Palace of Blue Lions. I have very important news to bring to the patriarchs of the Lu Family."

Lu Li had asked Mo Ye to remain a low key so Mo Ye didn’t state Lu Li’s identity. He wanted to have a patriarch to bring them into the city so they could talk about the matter within the family.

Master of the Palace of Aries, a sixth-rank force, and he was at the Human Sovereign Realm. Mo Ye was qualified to be called important. That being said, the Noble Lord Realm team leader was not moved. He said in a cold voice, "No, I told you the city is sealed off. Not even patriarchs of the Palace of Blue Lions will meet our patriarchs, let alone you. Our patriarchs have given orders and they will not see anybody."

Mo Ye frowned. He turned to Lu Li who nodded. Mo Ye once again cupped his hands and said in a low voice, "I have some news about the future Family Patriarch. Please let them know and I think they will see me."

"Future Family Patriarch?"

That leader’s eyes glowed and then he solemnly asked, "Whose future Family Patriarch? The Lu Family’s?"

Mo Ye nodded yes. The team leader’s expressions changed. He once again said with seriousness, "Are you sure that you have news about future Family Patriarch? You cannot misspoke about this. When our patriarchs blame us, we cannot escape from punishment."

Mo Ye nodded. The team leader thought about it and said, "Wait here. I will report to Patriarch Eight right away."

The team leader flew into the city in a blur. Mo Ye came back to the Iron-armored Ship. Lu Li said nothing and waited, emotionlessly.

Time pressed on. Lu Li seemed to be very calm while he was actually consumed by nervousness and excitement.


After the time for three incense sticks to burn, two people came from afar. The one at the front was so powerful that he was obviously at the Human Sovereign Realm. He was an elder with white hair and awe-inspiring qi and energy.

The two people soon arrived at the Iron-armored Ship. Mo Ye flew over again. He knew the elder warrior. Before he stood before the two, Mo Ye bowed and said, "Greetings, Patriarch Eight."

It seemed that Patriarch Eight had some knowledge about Mo Ye and he nodded. Then Patriarch Eight glanced over to Ming Yu, Yu Huashen and Lu Li on the Iron-armored Ship.

He turned away from them soon. The next second, however, Patriarch Eight looked to Lu Li again. His old and straight face seemed to have some changes. He stared at Lu Li for a while before he asked, "Who is this young man?"

Mo Ye said nothing. Lu Li cupped his fists and replied, "I am Lu Li. Nice to meet you, Patriarch Eight!"

"Lu Li? You are surnamed Lu?"

Patriarch Eight’s expressions changed again. He was even choking when he said, "What is your relationship with Lu Renhuang?"

Lu Li said honestly, "He is my father."


Just like a bolt of lightning had stricken them, Patriarch Eight, the Noble Lord Realm team leader and the more than 10 Eternal Realm warriors all trembled. Patriarch Eight stared at Lu Li for a while longer and then nodded his head and said, "You look so much alike him, so alike!"

Patriarch Eight reacted soon and turned to other warriors and ordered, "The thing you just saw, you cannot say anything about it. Anyone dares to leak a word will be killed with no questions asked."

After giving his order, Patriarch Eight flew over, grabbed Lu Li with one hand and said, "Come with me. I will show you to the Hall of Patriarchs."

Patriarch Eight threw a glance to Mo Ye and the others and ordered, "Bring them to the Dragon’s Pavilion."

"Dragon’s Pavilion?"

Mo Ye was smiling from ear to ear. This was a place where Lu Family entertained disciples of other important families. Not even disciples from seventh-rank Families were qualified to stay here. This time, Mo Ye really had done a good deed by sending Lu Li back.

Patriarch Eight flew Lu Li into the city in a very fast speed. Lu Li couldn’t even see the view down below. He could only feel wind whooshing by. Lu Li tried to look forward and saw a mountain in the city…

It was not a particularly tall mountain but it did stand out in the city. From the distance, Lu Li could see the mountain was covered in fortresses built on different levels. It was like a huge pagoda, with people living on each floor.

"That is where people of the Lu Family live, the Mystic Armor Mountain!"

Noticing that Lu Li had been staring at the mountain, Patriarch Eight explained, "There are about 300,000 people living on that mountain and all of them are from the Lu Family."

"More than 300,000!"

Lu Li was astonished. Regular counties only had hundreds of thousands of people. The Lu Family alone had such a huge population? There were more disciples of other collateral branches of the Lu Family.

Patriarch Eight was very fast and he flew directly to the top of the Mystic Armor Mountain. This peak of was very mighty in appearance. There were buildings and fortress everywhere. Those ancient trees were so tall that they could reach the sky. In the middle, there was a lagoon which added beauty to the view and made the mountain top like a fairy land.

Patriarch Eight brought Lu Li to a yard where there was an impressive fortress at the front guarded by two Noble Lord Realm warriors.

"Go and get Second Patriarch and others. I have an important matter!"

Patriarch Eight shouted and he led Lu Li into the fortress. Lu Li was taken by surprise again after he entered the hall which was so spacious that it would house hundreds of people.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~"

Soon, there were some noises of people coming over. Eight people walked over in strides. Some of them appeared to be middle-aged, while others were more like Patriarch Eight with white hair. But all of them were at the Human Sovereign Realm.

Lu Li noticed that they were standing shoulder to shoulder. There was no indication of rank by the way they stood. Also, he didn’t hear Patriarch Eight said anything about inviting the Family Patriarch over.

So, there was no Lu Li’s grandpa among the eight. Shouldn’t Patriarch Eight notify Lu Li’s grandpa about his return at once?

Lu Li had a bad feeling about this, thinking about how the Lu Family was said to have some incidents and had been closed off for 10 years…

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