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This was ironic, buying a night with Lu Li with Xuan Crystals. Lu Li never knew that he had the potential of being a pimp in him.

He was not offended, neither was he interested. The lady was clearly drunk and only wanted somebody to toy with. Lu Li was not so obscene. He wouldn’t be moved even if he had been offered five billion Xuan Crystals, let alone five million.

He coldly answered, "I am sorry but I have things to do. Ask your lady to find somebody else."

The elder became angry. He moved his lips and a sound rang in Lu Li’s mind again, "Young Master, our Young Lady is very prestigious, and it is your lucky day that she is interested in you. Do you think we haven’t offered enough?"

Lu Li became angry as well upon hearing the words. He stared at the elder and said, "I will give you 20 million Xuan Crystals and can you tell your lady to wash my feet?"

Sensing the hostility in Lu Li’s words, Yu Huashen shouted with strong killing intent, "What? Do you want to fight?"

Escorts all looked over upon hearing Yu Huashen’s words but they didn’t move closer. The elder sneered and said, "Good, punk, you’ve got balls."

The elder flew back. Lu Li walked back to his cabin without looking at him again. As soon as he was about to leave the deck area, the purple-dressed lady flew down and blocked Lu Li’s way.

Lu Li paused and gazed coldly at the lady. The elder also came down and stood behind the lady.

The lady was very drunk and her eyes were blurred. She stared at Lu Li for a while and suddenly laughed out, saying, "My little brother, you have quite a temper and you have assumed such great airs. You want me to wash your feet? You have many Xuan Crystals? If you can give me 100 million Xuan Crystals, I can do that."

There was no arguing with a drunk person. Lu Li despised her greatly as well. He coldly said, "Move, I have things to do and I don’t want to waste time here with you. Or I will call over some escorts."

The lady had long eyelashes. She blinked. She had an oval face and when she smiled, she looked as mesmerizing as a fox. She tilted her head, smiled and said, "Please do. I will see who dares to come over. Little brother, I forgot to tell you… the commander-in-chief of this merchant ship is my maternal grandpa. Do you think the escorts here have the courage to displease me?"


Lu Li was taken by surprise. He didn’t expect that he had met with a spoiled lady from a Super Family. So the lady came from the Pavilion of Delicacy. No wonder she dared to behave so rudely on the ship.

Yu Huashen frowned. They had just boarded the ship and they were already in trouble. What a piece of bad luck. The commander-in-chief of the merchant ship must be at least at the peak of the Noble Lord Realm. The lady was one with high status. If they displeased her, they might be kicked off from the merchant ship.

Seeing that Lu Li didn’t reply, the purple-dressed lady giggled. She reached out a hand and strode Lu Li’s chest, looked at him with flirty eyes and said, "My little brother, go and have a drink with me and I will let you go, okay?"

Lu Li stepped back and he became even more annoyed. He looked to the escorts behind him and shouted, "Warriors of the Pavilion of Delicacy, there is a crazy woman bothering me. Aren’t you going to do anything?"

Lu Li’s voice was so loud that even Ming Yu was alarmed and he came out from their cabin. Many other people came out to enjoy the show as well.

From the distance came several escorts. One of them looked at the purple-dressed lady, cupped his fists and said with a bitter smile, "Lady Qi, please go back. Commander-in-chief will have to scold us again if you don’t."

"F*ck off~"

Lady Qi stared at the escort and turned to Lu Li with a cold face, "Little brother, you really want to do this?"

Lu Li was wearing the Mithral Golem Mask so his expressions could not be seen. However, his eyes were as cold as ice. He said, "I will not talk to a drunken crazy person. We will talk when you are sober."

"Okay, fine."

Lady Qi sneered and went back to the second floor. Onlookers all went away. Lu Li came back to his cabin with Ming Yu and Yu Huashen.

"Close the door and we will see nobody else."

Lu Li ordered as soon as they went in. He just went outside to wander around and he already found himself in trouble. Lu Li didn’t want any more problems. He planned to cultivate for several months and work out his next step after they arrived at the Heaven’s Roar City.

Ming Yu nodded and locked the door from inside. Yu Huashen thought about it and asked, "Young Master, do you think it’s possible that the Pavilion of Delicacy has recognized us and they sent over this Lady Qi to feel us out? Otherwise, how can a lady be so promiscuous?"

"I don’t know!"

Lu Li shook his head. Looking at Lady Qi’s actions, Lu Li thought she was comparable to Madam Yan. Both of them were slutty. As for if there were some big shots behind this thing, Lu Li did not know.

Lu Li chose not to think about it. He quietly sat and started to recall the fragments of memories of the demon. Ming Yu and Yu Huashen also began cultivating with their eyes closed after they were sure nothing was going on outside.

For the next few days, Lu Li had been eating and sleeping in the cabin. He even did his business in a chamber pot. Apart from eating, sleeping and dealing with the nature’s callings, Lu Li had spent all of his time in trying to comprehend the fragments of memories of the demon.

Yu Huashen and Ming Yu spent their days in similar ways. Ming Yu never left the cabin. Yu Huashen had been cultivating apart from going out to get some cooked food.

Little White was the most relaxed. It just ate and slept. Lu Li had told it not to wander around, and it behaved very well.

Half a month had passed!

That Lady Qi never came again which put Lu Li’s mind at ease. So it would seem that the Lady Qi had been acting rudely because she was drunk. The commander-in-chief probably scolded her so she didn’t dare to do that again.

"Finally, I have done it!"

After another six days, Lu Li opened his eyes in joy. He now had had a complete understanding of the memory fragments of the demon.

There was the theory and Lu Li still needed the practice.

The cabin was too small for a test and it was impossible to do it on the deck. If Lu Li were to leave the ship, he couldn’t come back up.

There was only one way left for Lu Li, the cultivation room on the ship. There was a very big drill stage in there with Inhibition Formations so people cultivating inside would not do any damage to the ship.

Lu Li was so eager to try it out that he could barely sit still. He told Yu Huashen what he wanted and the latter left to ask about the room.

After the time for two incense sticks to burn, Yu Huashen came back. He had found out that to cultivate for two hours in the cultivation room would cost 10,000 Xuan Crystals so it would be 120,000 Xuan Crystals for one day. It was really pricy.

Lu Li could afford the price. He asked Ming Yu to give him two million Xuan Crystals and left with Yu Huashen.

Lu Li paid Xuan Crystals for two days at the cultivation room. He entered an empty spacious cabin with an area of nearly 400 square metersi, enough for him now.


Lu Li first released his Apparition Skill and walked around in the room with more than a dozen clone images.

Then Lu Li tried the method contained in the demon’s memory and integrated his skill the Mirror Image Profound Meaning. However, he had tried many times but he could only generate more than 10 shadows. There was no improvement or progress.

Lu Li tried again and again, pausing from time to time to think it over and then resumed his tests. He had forgotten himself and was alarmed by a steward after two days.

"Time is up!"

The steward said with a poker face. Lu Li didn’t leave. He said in a deep voice, "I need to cultivate for 10 more days. That should be 1.2 million Xuan Crystals, right? Here!"


The steward shook his head and said, "The cultivation room is booked, so you cannot cultivate here any longer."


Lu Li had just cultivated for two days. He had barely touched the surface, yet he couldn’t go on at this critical juncture?

He paused and asked, "Is there any other cultivation rooms? I will give you more!"


Before the steward could say anything, a beautiful voice of a lady came from the outside. Then a purple figure emerged. She leaned against the door, looked at Lu Li and said with a smile, "There is one cultivation room that is this big. I have booked it for a month. Little brother, if you want to cultivate, have a drink with me and I will let you use it for free. How about it? It’s a good deal."

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