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Chapter 263: None Can Come in Second
There was no escape!

After a short period of panicking, people of the Thousand-island Lake were bounded by the common hatred for the enemy. Since they could not run, they might just as well fight till their last breaths. The more they could drag into death with them the better.

All the Patriarchs of Fourth-rank Families went to the Bai Emperor Mountain, planning to see Madam Yan and discuss with her how to face enemies.

The mountain protection Formation opened up, finally, as Madam Yan gave permission for the Patriarchs of go up to the mountain.

Madam Yan didn’t rest for one bit after she learned about the news. Her prettier-than-flower face was covered in fatigue. It was the same for Bai Qiuxue and Bai Xiashuang who were standing next to her. They all looked like they had lost their souls.

In two days, Madam Yan had executed the Hidden Dragon Plan to perfection with nobody on the outside knew.

Many elite disciples and wealth were sent into that small world. The only ones remaining were the once that were reluctantly to go and wanted to live and die with the Bai Emperor Mountain.

Bai Qiuxue and Bai Xiashuang were included.

Madam Yan had tried to talk them into leaving for many times and was on the edge of asking someone to forcefully taking them to leave. In the end, Madam Yan refrained herself from doing so after she saw the determined looks in Bai Qiuxue’s eyes. She knew that the twins would not leave as long as she was still here. She had to wait till the finally moment when she could not hold on any longer and leave with the twins.

"My forefather died and my Uncle Xi died as well. I don’t know if my Brother Xi can make it back or not. I don’t think there is much difference even if he can!"

Madam Yan shared all the information to the Patriarchs of the Fourth-rank Families. She said frankly, "According to the information sent back by Brother Leng and my speculation, the Noble Lord Realm warriors of the three Royal Families and several Fifth-rank Families all took part in the Haunted Hollows business. There were nine warriors of the Noble Lord Realm from the Families and a mysterious powerful warrior who, if I guessed right, should be Du Zheng and the 10 Noble Lord Realm warriors ambushed Forefather and Uncle Xi."

"My forefather fought against seven Noble Lord Realm warriors on his own and killed the Family Patriarch of the Ye Family from the Heaven Cold Kingdom. He destroyed a Noble Lord Realm warrior’s Bead of Life who was from the Heaven Frigid Kingdom and badly wounded two others. In the end, he was killed. Uncle Xi dragged a warrior that was in a good relationship with the Zi Family Patriarch with him to death. Brother Leng killed six warriors of the Eternal Realm and managed to escape even though one of his arms was broken. He had gone out to send us a warning."

"Hiss, hiss…"

The Patriarchs gasped. The simple words from Madam Yan made them see tragic mental pictures as if they were there to witness that horrifying war in the Haunted Hollows.

The Family Patriarch of the Ye Family of the Heaven Cold Kingdom was killed? A Noble Lord Realm warrior’s Bead of Life was destroyed? Bai Xi died with another Noble Lord Realm warrior?

When being ambushed by 10 warriors of the Noble Lord Realm, it was shocking that the Old Man of Heaven Prison and Bai Xi could achieve so much. They had died an honorable death.

The Family Patriarch of the Ye Family of the Heaven Cold Kingdom, i.e. Ye Yuhan’s grandpa, was a powerful warrior at the peak of the Noble Lord Realm. He was one of the three overlords of the Northern Desert and he was now killed by the Old Man of Heaven Prison. The entire Heaven Cold Kingdom should be in a state of chaos right now. Without the powerful warrior to assume command, would the Ye Family be able to save their

royal status?

Of course…

That was a matter for the Heaven Cold Kingdom to worry about themselves. The group of Patriarchs soon left it alone. The Thousand-island Lake was without any warrior of the Noble Lord Realm. Even if Bai Xi had survived, it wouldn’t make much difference.

Any two Noble Lord Realm warriors from the three Kingdoms could destroy the entire Thousand-island Lake. There was no cliffhanger as to the result of the upcoming war. It all came down to how long the Thousand-island Lake could out and how many people of the allied armies would die.

Madam Yan paused for a bit and said, "Make some preparations. I will help you send away 100 elite disciples of each Family for you. The others, stay here with me and let’s guard the Bai Emperor Mountain."

The Patriarchs’ eyes lit up. The Bai Family had been controlling the Thousand-island Lake for more than 2000 years so they must have a way to fall back on. Even though they could only select 100 disciples from their own Families, it was better than being exterminated completely.

The Family Patriarchs soon went to send the messages and make arrangements. Then they discussed with Madam Yan and only left after midnight.

In the depth of the night, Lu Li started off to the Earth Dragon Island.

In two days, the Liu Family had transferred the disciples to be relocated to the Earth Dragon Island. Ming Yu would be back the next day so Lu Li must act now.

He didn’t ask the Liu Family members to go down the volcano immediately. Instead, he brought Hunchback Tian down with him. Asking Hunchback Tian to stay on guard at the outside, Lu Li teleported to the small world by himself.

"Saint Lord!"

There were two people guarding the Teleportation Formation and both of them were at the peak of the Fate Wheel Realm. Lu Li nodded and asked, "Has Clan Leader Ye come out from cultivation yet?"

The two Cyan Phoenix Race warriors nodded. One of them said in excitement, "Thank you so much Saint Lord, our Clan Leader finally reached the Noble Lord Realm!"


Lu Li smiled. He felt much better now. Then he asked, "How about the others?"

"Not yet!" That man shook his head and then added, "But soon, I think, in just 10 days or half a month at most."

"Ask Clan Leader Ye to come. I have some issues to say to him."

Lu Li decided not to go to the Clan which would waste him some time to go and come back. Ye Cha would come over to him since he was very fast.

One of the warriors took out a jade talisman and broke it. He said, "Saint Lord, take a seat please. Our Clan Leader will be here presently."

Lu Li walked over to the grassland to have some rest. In just the time for more than one incense sticks to burn, there came a slight noise. Then a specter-like figure came over and slowed showed his face in front of Lu Li. Who else would it be but Ye Cha?

"Saint Lord!"

Ye Cha bowed to him, his face flushing. Lu Li was uplifted and nodded as he said, "Congratulations, Clan Leader Ye Cha, on reaching the Noble Lord Realm!"

Ye Cha showed emotions of gratefulness and then bowed to Lu Li again, "It’s all because of you Saint Lord. I will carry your kindness to my heart."

"Okay, save this pleasantries. There is something on the outside that I need to talk to you about."

Lu Li said with a straight face. Ye Cha immediately became serious. He waved to let go of the other two warriors and said, "Saint Lord, what is the matter? Tell me."

"I will leave the Thousand-island Lake tomorrow for the Central Plains…"

Lu Li briefed Ye Cha about the things that had happened and he didn’t hide the thing about Ming Yu. He even told Ye Cha the relationship between Ming Yu and his father.

In the end, he asked, "Can I put the Liu Family people here? Will it bring you trouble?"


Ye Cha smiled proudly and said, "Saint Lord, you underestimate the Cyan Phoenix Race. We are the fasted Race in the Central Plains, none can come in second. More than half of disciples of the Cyan Phoenix Race can awaken Bloodline. Do you know which rank?"

"Eh?" Lu Li was surprised and questioned, "Which?"

Ye Cha smiled lightly and said, "The Eighth-rank! Eighth-rank Bloodline. After we use our Bloodline Skill, our speed can be 10 times as fast. In other words, not even warriors of the Human Sovereign Realm can kill me with my current speed. Do you think some warriors of the Noble Lord Realm can kill me?"


Lu Li was shocked. He knew the Cyan Phoenix Race was powerful but he didn’t expect them to be so powerful. He thought about it and said, "Clan Leader Ye, I know speed is part of fighting capacity, but…to reach your Realm, you need to understand Profound Meaning, right? Are you confident in fighting against warriors at the peak of the Noble Lord Realm?"

"Ha, ha, ha!"

Ye Cha laughed out loud. A surge of horrifying qi and energy came out form him. He said in a mocking tone, "I really don’t worry about the few good-for-nothings of the Northern Desert. Profound Meaning? Do you think the Cyan Phoenix Race are not perceiving Profound Meaning? Actually, Saint Lord, more than 100 years ago, I had perceived Profound Meaning. With that and my Eighth-rank Bloodline, I am confident to defeat regular Noble Lord Realm warrior without Profound Meaning, even 100 years ago."


Ye Cha again smiled proudly and said, "Saintly Lord, don’t worry. If you don’t want to leave, nobody can break the God-down Island as long as I am here."

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