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Chapter 9
The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine – Risking One’s Own Life!
The sound of a blade cutting into flesh reverberated through the air, just like the sound of a clear wind rustling the leaves of a tree.
Crow was an assassin, he was also an expert. This was the reason why he had never make a mistake.
The foot long stabbed inside the flesh. It continued forward without any obstruction, only stopping until it had reached the hilt of the knife.
His blade had stabbed right through LiMuYang’s palm!
“F*ck me—” Crow cursed within his heart: “How did I stab this black charcoal of a palm?”
He thought while feeling annoyed. It was really a conclusion that was hard to accept.
He had already used the fruit try to slam that little rascal’s head. According to his estimations, that rascal should have been bleeding from his head and on the floor, unable to get up.
That knife’s correct trajectory was CuiXiaoXing’s neck, that was because only she was worth assassin Crow himself to personally make a move. A commoner’s blood would stain his hands and clothes.
He was an extremely picky assassin!
But, how did the fruit knife in his hand just so happen to stab into the palm of that trash? This was not the happiness he was searching for.
Apart from the rupturing of skin and muscles, blood began to flow rapidly from the blade.
It wasn’t until the crimson coloured blood had arrived in front of him that LiMuYang confirmed that he did, in fact, block the knife.
He smiled and said with a pleased expression: “I blocked it—“
He still hasn’t felt the pain. He was still indulging in the joy and happiness that came with blocking the knife for CuiXiaoXing and saving her life.
He did not know how he made it. Just like how Crow had no idea why his knife had stabbed into his palm.
All he did was, without hesitation, lunged forward, raised his hand and tried to grip onto the blade that Crow had in his hand.
Afterwards, the blade was right within his hand.
Oops, no, it was inside his palm.
LiMuYang did not understand the importance of this phenomenon. But Crow did.
As per what he saw previously, LiMuYang was just a common youth. He was just trash who would start gasping and prespirating whenever his emotions started to surge slightly.
But, he was Crow, king of the birds and the empire’s top twenty assassin. According to his own criteria, he should at least be within the top ten most powerful character.
The single blade that he had used was the ‘Cherry Blossoms Slash’. As long as the knife is sent out, it would start to spin as if it was really a cherry blossom petal. Afterwards it would successfully carve a bouquet of cherry blossom onto it’s target.
During this time, because he moves too quickly, because his actions were extremely sensitive, the victim will not experience pain that should be inflicted on their body. It’s only until the small trace of blood starts to flow out from the wound, does the cherry blossom successfully blossom as intended.
He was very confident in his art of cherry blossoms. He was even more confident in the speed of his action.
But, how did the knife end up in this trash’s palm just like that?
“I blocked it!”
After hearing what LiMuYang had said, Crow felt likehe was being provoked. This was the biggest humiliation he had ever suffered in his career.
“You can’t black this.” Crow said with a cool voice.
As he spoke the words he had already pulled out the fruit knife that was impaled in LiMuYang’s palm.
The blade was pulled out, what came out at the same time was

the huge flow of fresh blood.
Only until now did LiMuYang let out a miserably cry due to the pain.
Within his palm was a big hole. The hole seemed like a black hole that was emitting a painful feeling, as if swallowing his entire body into endless pain inside of hell.
Because of the sharp pain LiMuYang’s body was continuously shivering.
Crow once again slashed towards CuiXiaoXing’s neck, still using his most favourite and and most aesthetically pleasing ‘Cherry Blossom Slash’.
LiMuYang’s body lunged forward once again and once more caught Crow’s blade in his hand.
Crow’s heart skipped a beat. He pupils began to swell up as he stared at LiMuYang in shock.
If the first time can be considered luck then what happened the second time?
He had increased his speed intentionally and had readily prepared for LiMuYang. But he still managed to break his “Cherry Blossom Slash” and grabbed his knife within his palm. Even if he is using an idiotic method to use his hand to intercept the sharp edge of the blade.
However, this was enough to incur Crow’s suspicions: is this little rascal a hidden expert? Or was a disciple to a hidden expert?
He had, a long time ago, heard that empire’s JiangNan was built and stood erect for thousands of years without falling. It had always maintained a bustling and flourishing atmosphere. Crouching tigers and hidden dragons with profound hidden backgrounds. Can it be that he had coincidentally bumped into such person?
“LiMuYang—” CuiXiaoXing cried out in shock. She grabbed the tea cup in front of her and smashed it towards Crow’s face. Crow brushed aside with his sleeve and the Jade Water that was spilled out turned into steam and evaporated just like that. The Jade Water cup was flung away by the residual force and changed directions, heading towards CuiXiaoXing.
From the assassination attempt up until now only took the time for a spark to be produced from a flint. It happened so quickly that the nearby customers had not even realized what had happened yet.
The customers only cried out in shock and wanted to escape when the tea cup had been smashed into smithereens against the wall.
“Murder! Murder!”
“Call the law enforcement! Quickly call the detectives!”
“Don’t kill me, I didn’t see anything, I absolutely don’t know that you have a purple hemorrhoid at the corner of your mouth!”

“You’re courting death.” Crow was angered by CuiXiaoXing’s retaliation.
His ‘Cherry Blossom Slash’ was actually …. by that inconspicuous—- Alright, I have to admit, he really is pitch-black to the point of dazzling the eye. That trash of a rascal actually disrupted my ‘Cherry Blossom Slash’, not once but twice. The humiliation he had suffered had been enough. The target he was pursuing also started to retaliate vigorously. The sequence of events were hard to accept for Crow.
He was an assassin. He was also a artist.
He loved his job. He hoped that when he performs an assassination his victim would not feel any sort of pain, to the point where even when they ceased to breathe, they wouldn’t know that they had been killed by him. He had also hoped that even at the time of their death, they would still maintain their smile. He was extremely strict to the requirements of his profession. However, today’s bad initiation had completely destroyed the aesthetic feeling of art he had within his heart.
He regretted that he didn’t check the almanac before he left for work today, otherwise he would have definitely chose a more suitable time. If he had took a small glimpse, the empire’s almanac would have said: avoid killing today.
Crow gave a cold harrumph, the Beast Aspect uniform that he wore started to surge without wind. The small dagger he held in his hand unexpectedly exploded out a one meter long white Qi radiance.
That dagger changed into a giant sword that was over one meter long, he then lifted the giant sword and hacked downwards towards CuiXiaoXing.
Mountain Hacking Singular Qi!
He wanted to hack CuiXiaoXing into two halves.
If that trash dared to interfere again with his hand then he would also hack that idiot into two.
At this moment, he began to anticipate the sight of LiMuYang sacrificing himself.
One blade slashing two people. This will be a bonus after chopping down this royal missy.
Otherwise no one would care about whether this rascal lives or not and he wouldn’t have to die under his blade.
“You can’t kill her.” LiMuYang hissed and roared.
His eyes were bloodshot and both of them were, once again, died in red.
A scale like body once again appeared on the back of his right hand, which still had a hole within. The only difference from that day was thicker and more pure. When it happened at Sunset Lake, it was still transparent, if you didn’t pay enough attention and closely analyzed, you wouldn’t be able to detect it. However this time it was half-transparent. There appeared to be a hint of gray pigment deep within. There were even tiny clouds and traces of electricity drifting and flying about.
LiMuYang felt that his heart was filled with a ruthlessness and tyranny, just like after someone had taken away his most treasured item.
He wanted to vent. He wanted to destroy everything.
He wanted to smash the despicably small and tiny human in front of him.
LiMuYang threw a punch.
His fist flew towards the white sword radiance that was over a meter long.
White light began to flicker and sword Qi permeated the air.
The whole interior of the Beast Aspect Pavilion suffered the devastating after effects of the residual force. The customer’s tea cups were blown away, the table legs all broke simultaneously and crumpled. The tea cup on the bars of the counter fell and smashed on the ground, turning into smithereens. All sorts of fresh fruit that were inside of the basket all tumbled onto the floor and rolled everywhere.
Crow’s body slammed heavily onto the bar’s large thick oak cupboard, his throat started to sweeten and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.
“F*ck you—” He pointed at LiMuYang, who was currently in a state of fury, and cursed: “are you really going to go head on with my white blade just with your fist?”

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