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Chapter 8
The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight – Assassin ‘Crow’
“Struck by lightning when you were born?” CuiXiaoXing’s eyes were wide open and cried out in surprise. Because this was simply too unrealistic. Even for CuiXiaoXing, who was calm and collected and was also very knowledgeable, also cried out in shock and suspicion.
Everyone’s gaze within the Beast Aspect Pavilion all shifted over. Soon their expressions all turned weird and strange.
“That kid sure is willing to pull off any method in order to incur that maiden’s favor.”
“Still alive after being struck by lightning? Are you taking us for retards?”
“Its not an impossibility, how else can you explain how he grew to be so pitch-black?”

CuiXiaoXing noticed that her voice was a bit loud and might bring LiMuYang some uninvited worries. She said apologetically: “LiMuYang, it wasn’t on purpose. I just think that this incident really is hard for me to accept.”
“I understand.” LiMuYang nodded and said with a face full of agony: “Don’t even mention the fact that you can’t accept this, it’s been ten years since I was struck and even I can’t accept the reality of the situation.”
“Is this the truth?”
“It is the truth.” LiMuYang nodded his head firmly.
CuiXiaoXing believed him. She could, from the expression in LiMuYang’s eyes, make out the sincerity and pain deep within.
She could understand. Anyone who had been struck by lightning would not feel that it was a pleasant experience.
“And so your body had always been ill since?”
“Mn. They say that when I was born, I was covered in blood. I was this close to not surviving. Afterwards, my parents invited a JiangHu wanderer, exactly the person that I spoke of that taught my sister the <<>.
LiMuYang looked at CuiXiaoXing and said with a face full of helplessness: “When the old daoist left he told me that my head had suffered a concussion, so I am always lethargic and tired. These symptoms are not within man’s power to cure. The only option is to listen to the will of the heavens. It is not that I don’t want to study. It is just that every time I open a text book I always start to feel extremely sleepy. I’ve tried all sorts of methods like tying my hair up and pinned it up on a beam, performing acupuncture on my thigh and even smearing chili paste on my temples — they were all useless. I have been defeated by sleepiness and the rest of the story, you already know. I self-detonated and gave up completely.”
CuiXiaoXing was full of sympathy for LiMuYang as she said: “But there’s only one more month until the exams. If you aren’t preparing for them then what about your future? You can’t be sleeping for the rest of you life, can you?”
“I have thought about my future, I think about it every day. But what can I do?”
“From today on wards, I will tutor you.” CuiXiaoXing said while clenching her teeth: “Right here.”
LiMuYang waved his hands, refused and said: “CuiXiaoXing,

I am deeply touched at your show of good will. But I can’t be dragging you down during this time. LiShiNian had always wanted to tutor me in the past, wanted to boost my test scores, but in the end she still failed.”
“I refuse to believe.” CuiXiaoXing said with a face full of determination. She was originally someone with a stubborn personality. As long as she commits to one thing, she will never let it go. “I refuse to believe that anything insurmountable exists within this world. From today on wards, I will tutor you right here. Starting from the very basics. I will teach you what ever you wish to learn. If you have anything you don’t understand, I will explain it to you. Although time is short, it’s still much better than doing nothing and giving up.”
“But I’m afraid…”
“No buts.” CuiXiaoXing broke off LiMuYang’s words and said: “Don’t think that it will affect my studies. I’ve already prepared enough. I will definitely be admitted into Westerly Winds College.”
“—–” The maiden’s self confidence was extremely dazzling.
“Whats your answer, LiMuYang?”
“Then I will trouble you.” LiMuYang replied.
The youth and the maiden looked at each other and smiled. A strong and warm stream of emotions surged deep within LiMuYang’s heart.
This feeling was the best.
“Miss, here is the fruit that you’ve ordered.” Wearing Beast Aspect’s uniform’s waiter carried over a plate of fruits.
LiMuYang took one look at him and noticed that it was a handsome guy. He was not the same as the person who served them the Jade Water Tea. He said with a smile: “thanks.”
He copied CuiXiaoXing’s etiquette, which was only seen within the empire’s circle of nobility,  and performed it vividly. This cause CuiXiaoXing to feel like there is a dazzling light in front of her. Just like the person sitting in front of her was really a noble knight from the empire.
“Did you order the fruits?” CuiXiaoXing asked.
“No.” LiMuYang waved his head. “Could it be this isn’t for you?”
“I didn’t order this.”
CuiXiaoXing’s small face suddenly turned white, she opened her mouth and wanted to say something.
Her reactions were quick to the extreme, but alas it was still one step too late.
The young waiter’s face, who had been holding onto the fruit plate, surfaced a cruel smile. The sharp fruit knife that he held with his other hand plunged down towards the neck of CuiXiaoXing.
That was one of human’s many weak points, as long as he pierces her large aorta, then the maiden who was still emitting the smell of a virgin maiden would vanish just like that.
She was the exact person that he was after during this trip to JiangNan.
LiMuYang could feel the air of danger.
Just like walking through a deserted mountain path and being stared at by a frightening strange beast.
His heart started beating rapidly. Every strand of hair on his body stood straight.
LiMuYang sat opposite CuiXiaoXing and so the first reaction he had when he saw the blade in the waiter’s hand was to plunge at the assassin.
There weren’t any other better options. He also didn’t know if there were any other options at all.
Run? That was a nice suggestion. However that thought had never surfaced in his mind.
He wanted to open his mouth and yell but no words would come out.
His heart started to beat extremely fast. He was afraid that it would jump out from his chest.
LiMuYang was scared, he was scared to death.
However he still raised his hand and lunged at the assassin.
He wanted to separate him, he wanted to use his own body to block him in front of CuiXiaoXing.
When the assassin made his move he had already calculated the situation.
Apart from the daughter of the empire the only person who sat opposite her was the youth who was pitch-black.
As the empire’s top twenty assassin, Crow was very skilled and hard a sharp eye.
He trusted his judgement. The ugly youth was just a commoner, maybe even weaker than a normal person. He had only spoken a few words and he already started prespirating. His legs were trembling so much that he couldn’t even stand still.
He had personally witnessed the scene of LiMuYang persuading CuiXiaoXing to stay. He analyzed more intensely than anyone else had.
“Acting recklessly.” Crow thought with disdain.
He had no intentions of doing anything to LiMuYang, after all he had only received payment for one head. Being a professional in the world of assassins, there is no such thing as a buy one and get one free discount.
He predicted that when this idiot saw him making his move he would be unable to move, probably due to being scared into paralysis. Crow had never thought that he would, at this time, charge over and play the role of a hero saving the beauty.
What good does being a hero do? How is a beauty so easily saved?
Before LiMuYang even arrived, Crow had already used the fruit plate that he held in his left hand and slammed it into his face.
The fruit plate slammed onto LiMuYang’s head and his full body charge was halted.
At the same time that the tray slammed on LiMuYang’s face, Crow’s right hand never stopped moving.
The fruit knife in his hand emitted a beautiful flower blade, spinning towards CuiXiaoXing’s neck.
He wanted to carve out a bouquet of cherry blossom from CuiXiaoXing’s pink and snow white neck. The time when crimson blood starts to flow out is the time when the bouquet of cherry blossoms blooms to it’s maximum potential.
The fruit knife cleanly and perfectly inserted into the flesh.

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