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The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Five

LiMuYang is a kind hearted person, he has never bullied anyone in his life. In his memories, something like this happening has never occurred before. He was had always been bullied by others. By being bullied, just how much juvenile crime did he manage to alleviate for the empire? If the energetic and impulsive youths didn’t spend their all their free time bullying and venting on LiMuYang, perhaps they would do things that were much worse to other citizens.

Being struck by lightning, that incident had always troubled LiMuYang at heart and formed a strong sense of inferiority that came from deep within.

Because he got struck by lightning, his body had never recovered since birth.

Over many years, he would only wear a dirt robe, his sleeves would be greasy as if there was a roasted chicken hidden inside. Every time he came he would carry with him a huge box of medicine, headed straight to the kitchen and got busy. Afterwards he would carry a bowl of medicine that was even more disgusting than his sleeves and force feed it to LiMuYang.

Afterwards, he had unintentionally realized a term that made his body go numb all over: “shamelessness!”

“Has his head gone bad? LiMuYang’s father LiYan hurriedly asked.

“So he does have a bad head after all.” LiYan’s face was ashen. “Grandmaster, can you not think of any other ideas? This child has had a harsh life, he had already encountered such hardships from birth. Can you see if you can help him anymore? Stay at JiangNan for a few years, I will promise good wine and meat every day. No, no no, I will guarantee you will live very comfortably, please?

The old daoist left, LiMuYang missed him a lot. This was because he was the only one who called the son of the owned of a pastry shop ‘young master’. LiMuYang liked this endearment a lot. It was a pity that no one else called him like that.

Anything you do for three years is enough to make you an expert in that field. LiMuYang took in ten years of medicine and so was able to easily identify all the irritable smell that came from ZhangChen’s fart.

LiMuYang could not continue because he realized that ZhangChen started crying.

LiMuYang’s mind went blank and said in a small voice: “Whats happened to you?”

LiMuYang was still on full alert and said: “You’re not intentionally playing the card of sympathy right?”

LiMuyang looked around him and saw that all the classmates’s attention were focused on the two of them.

“You accused ZhangChen’s of having poison in his farts.” Someone called out in defense of ZhangChen.

Although usually they didn’t like ZhangChen much. They thought he liked to show off too much and was someone who often bullied students within his year. But they’ve all seem people be insulted, but never insulted to this extent.



Teacher in charge of teaching the empire’s history ZhaoMingZhu stepped inside the classroom as the bell rang. She stood on top of the podium and was about to start class when she saw her most beloved student ZhangChen standing next to LiMuYang with a face full of tears. She couldn’t suppress her anger and said in a loud voice: “LiMuYang, what did you do this time?”


ZhaoMingZhu became even more enraged, she taught for ten years but never encountered someone who was as slow and stupid as LiMuYang. He was a student that never thought ahead.

“Teacher, I really didn’t do anything.” LiMuYang smilled bitterly and said: “ZhangChen rushed in front of me and slammed my desk, he also called me despicable…”

ZhaoMingZhu was a famous teacher within NanJiang. She transferred to Renaissance High’s third year as a teacher in charge of teaching the empire’s history. Her reason for doing so was to help the students who were already half a step into elite colleges add more fuel to their fire to achieve a better result.

That was a huge sign of disrespect, very rebellious and provocative.

ZhaoMingZhu asked LiMuYang if he could refrain from sleeping in her lessons. She never thought that LiMuYang would shake his head and said : “No can do.”

However, no matter how much she had shamed LiMuYang, he would always laugh cheekily and doze off into sleep.

“Mistaken?” ZhaoMingZhu sneered, turned around to ask the students behind her: “Do I have any misunderstandings here with LiMuYang?”

Everyone could tell that ZhaoMingZhu wanted to grab onto LiMuYang without letting go,  who would be willing to. at this time, help defend LiMuYang and offend this big demoness?

“LiMuYang, you know nothing. All you do is eat then sleep. I’m perplexed, your parents paid so much tuition fee just so you can sleep at school? If you enjoy sleeping this much, then why don’t you sleep at home. That way there won’t be anyone to disturb you and you won’t be wasting the money you parents spent so much blood and sweat to earn.

“Get out.”

“Teacher, you’re wrong.” In the heavy atmosphere of the classroom, a soft voice abruptly sounded out.

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