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047 – Petty Uncle!

Inside the deep and serene courtyard, branches from the Jacaranda tree piled high up as if was hiding the sky and covering the earth. Bunches of flowers flourishing with excitement looked like they were a beautiful picture hand-painted by masters of the country.

A young maiden wearing a white dresses sat below the Jacaranda tree with a pot of green tea and an ancient scroll in her hands. Leisurely passing the beautiful holiday.

‘History of Tiandu’ written by the historian Mr Sima Jian described the sequence of events happening in the capital of the West Wind kingdom. It includes political changes, economic development, interesting stories and even some ancient traditions—–for example the scissors of Wang Mazi, Li Xiaodong’s blacksmith, three bowls of strong alcoholic drink, as well as the red braised pork of Pin Xiang Lou.

Because there’s a wide range of topics and the content is considerably mixed, it had became well-known. Some people find it new and some find it unusual. While some people look at it as a gourmet food travel map and some even study it carefully to see if there are any hidden meanings.

Cui Xiaoxin simply does not care about all of these things, she purely just read for reading. To people who read, it is needless for them to look into the past and to ponder over the future, but to just enjoy the meaning of the words expressed or the story behind the words. This is the most relaxing thing for them.

“Xiaoxin, have some fruits.” Wearing a white Chinese-style dress, aunt Cui Xinci carried a bowl of fruit over to the table.

Although she’s originally a Northern woman, she fell in love with the style of clothing in the South. She especially liked this dress; when she wears it, she displays a unique charm and beauty.

“Thank you aunt.” Cui Xiaoxin stood up to greet her.

“Sit down. Sit down.” Cui Xinci said. “Xiaoxin, it’s not that I want to say this to you, but in the courtyard there’s only us two and no outsiders are here. Moreover, even if there are outsiders so what? In other words, we are both woman of the Cui family, the same blood flows within our body, we are a real family—–why are you always so polite your auntie here? This way it looks like we’re not close, I don’t like it.”

Cui Xiaoxin chuckled out loud and said: “Fine, in the future when aunt brings me food to eat and drink, I will act indifferent and won’t rise to greet you. Instead I’ll pick it up and eat, lift it and drink. I will order you about like an old servant.”

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