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Chapter 4
The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Tears Too Salty!
ZhangChen puked until his heart tore and his lungs cracked. He even puked out the breakfast he ate two days ago. At first he was bent over, then he fell on one knee on the ground. Until he really could puke no more, his body went limp and he laid flat on the ground. The energy in his whole body had been expended. As of now, he looked like a cripple.
ZhangChen had snot flowing out of his nose and his lips still had residue juices remaining. The sight was awful to behold.
“Are—Are you okay?” LiShiNian had a face full of worry. Her eyes were red, as if wanting to cry. “Why did this happen? Was the soup that I poured my heart to boil really that hard to drink?”
ZhangChen lifted his head to look at the little white cabbage that stood in front of him, wanted to give her a smile to comfort her, but instead gave a smile that was uglier than crying. His voice was extremely hoarse as he asked faintly: “You– What exactly did you put inside that soup?”
“What did I put inside?” LiShiNian had a benign expression, thought some more and said: “I put in ribs, ginseng, yams, Sophora, Chameleon Plant, Bright Night Granule, Five Spirit Grease…”
“Five Spirit Grease?” ZhangChen’s intestines once again convulsed. He clutched his throat and retched and said in a rage: “That is—- that is dried feces from a double toothed flying squirrel! You actually—- you actually put shit inside the soup?”
“Five spirit grease is also a type of medicine, it can help with bleeding, making the blood not go through the hemorrhage. For example, a lady’s uterus can bleed a lot during her period which can cause a lot of purple bruises and cause the lower regions to hurt. You like hitting balls, inevitably your body will have bumps. I am using the Five Spirit Grease to aid you with your blood clot, whats wrong with that?”
“You — you–“
ZhangChen used his trembling finger to point at LiShiNian but couldn’t get a single word out. Seeing their idol puke to this extent, the other cheer leaders all crowded around.
“Little ChenChen, are you alright? I’m so heart broken!”
“Zhang Chen, are you alright? Did you catch an illness?”
“Yo, who are you? What did you give our ZhangChen to drink?”

These backup girls were originally jealous of LiShiNian’s beauty. Her spirited temperament that comes from within was extremely attractive. Seeing how ZhangChen paid her a lot of attention and how he rejected their tea left them in an extremely bad mood. They never thought that after drinking her soup, ZhangChen would start puking crazily. Of course they would seize this moment to stand up and righteously accuse LiShiNian.
“I am—” LiShiNian showed a timid expression, then suddenly raised her volume and said: “I only gave him a soup full of shit to drink.”
“What did you say?” The sisters were enraged and wanted to get physical.
LiShiNian’s picked up the bowl that ZhangChen dropped with her toes. She looked regretfully at the grass clippings that were stuck in the bowl and said with a sigh: “This was my favorite soup bowl, too bad it was wasted by a pig head.
She applied some force on the fingers that were holding the bowl and ‘KaCha’, a sound could be heard. That soup bowl that was made our of bronze broke into countless pieces.
The maidens who crowded around suddenly dispersed again like the tides.
LiShiNian threw the remains of the soup bowl onto ZhangChen then took out a handkerchi

ef from her pocket and carefully wiped the soup stains from her hands. The handkerchief was very white, whiter than her hands. And then, under the crowd’s attention, LiShiNian raised her head and walked away.
After reaching the hall’s door, LiShiNian suddenly turned around, with a face full of sweet smiles and said tenderly: “Be obedient now, you are not allowed to bully my brother.”
“Who is your brother?” Someone asked.

ZhangChen slammed his palm on the table and said in anger: “LiMuYang, stand up.”
“LiMuYang was still sleeping sweetly and had no reaction whatsoever.”
ZhangChen knew about LiMuYang’s habits and so used even more force to slam the table.
Right now it was recess resting period, looking at ZhangChen taking a group of people rushing to LiMuYang’s side, everyone’s line of sight in the class was focused over.
CuiXiaoXing was committed to reading <>, when she heard the loud noise of slamming, she lifted her head to look at the commotion and slightly knitted her brows. Not because she had the intention to fight for LiMuYang’s injustices, but because she did not like being disturbed by loud noises.
Under the anticipation of every student, LiMuYang finally woke up. He lifted his head up from behind a pile of books , looked at ZhangChen who was standing in front of him and asked: “You’re here to bully me again?”
“….” ZhangChen’s eyes went red and barely managed to not burst into tears in this situation.
Just who is really bullying who here? I am here to bully you—- Do I look like someone who is out to bully someone right now?
He tried to calm the anger in his heart, stared at LiMuYang with an aggressive air and interrogated :” LiMuYang, why are you so despicable?”
“Despicable?” LiMuYang scratched his wild bed hair and wanted to make them more docile. However that handful of hair still remained in a strange protruding position. No matter how hard LiMuYang tried, they would always protrude outwards and never succumb.
LiMuYang used one hand to compress his hair, after a certain amount of time it would naturally be flattened properly. He adopted a funny posture while lifting up his head and said:” Everyday I’m either sleeping or preparing to sleep. Unless I’m being bullied by you guys and putting up a show, all the other times I don’t even have a sense of belonging. How do you have the nerve to use that kind of description to describe me?”
“LiMuYang, you are a despicable small man, you are two-faced and triple-knived, you pretend to be a pig in order to eat a tiger—” The more ZhangChen thought about it, the angrier he got. Adding on how his intestines are still squirming about, he can almost feel himself being on the edge of going insane. “You obviously have some inner ability, but you still chose to adopt the image of a weakling that can’t even stand up to the wind. If you really are what you portrayed yourself as, then how did you manage to, at the lake tour, with one punch—- manage to pull a punch that was so incredible? What was even more spiteful was that you let your sister—- you let your sister lay a trap to harm me while drinking soup.—-“
“LiShiNian?” LiMuYang tightened his brows, expression in his eyes sharp as he stared at ZhangChen and asked: “What did you do to her?”
Although the little girl from a little age rambled about how she wanted to protect him and she was better than him in all aspects by at least one hundred fold, but she is a girl after all. She is his own sister. If ZhangChen really did dare to pull any underhanded tricks on her then LiMuYang will immediately risk his life and rush ZhangChen.
“What did I do to her?” Why don’t you ask what she did to ME? ZhangChen burst in rage, however,before he even had the chance to be angry, he once again quickly clutched his stomach and knelt down on one knee.
Up until a loud fart sounded from below did his stomach start to feel much better. However, with his stomach feeling better, he himself did not feel any better.
Looking at the whole class who stared at him wide-eyed, with people holding their noses and fanning the air, ZhangChen had an impulse to find a hole to crawl into. From a small age growing up, he had always been a fresh flower and grew up with sounds of praises. How many times had be been through this type of humiliation?
“Brothers, beat him up.” ZhangChen shouted in anger.
The kickball players behind ZhangChen immediately surrounded and was ready to really give LiMuYang a good lesson to vent their captain’s anger.
LiMuYang extended his fist, lifted it in the air and waved it about, looked at ZhangChen and said: “You’ve been sent flying in one hit by me.”

The ones who personally witnessed the scene of LiMuYang using one punch to strike ZhangChen flying immediately retreated. The ones who had not seen LiMuYang striking ZhangChen flying with one punch saw that the ones who had retreated and followed suit. Everyone else retreated, then it must have been extremely impressive.
As such, except for ZhangChen who still stood next to LiMuYang, everyone else escaped far away.
LiMuYang used one hand to hold his nose, another to fan the air using a textbook and said to ZhangChen in anger: ” I can smell some Sophora-Chameleon-Plant-Bright-Night-Granule-Five-Spirit-Grease’s scent. Poison containing fart, why don’t you let everyone else judge by reason, which one out of us is the despicable one?”
ZhangChen’s nose turned sour and big drops of tears started to flow.
He started crying.

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