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Chapter 327: Between life and death!

No one said a word.

The hundreds of black-clad mounted soldiers were calm and concentrated, constantly adjusting their breathing, in order to achieve the best resting effect. Their eyes were fierce, West wind blades were buzzing and vibrating, because essential qi was constantly being instilled, allowing them to administer a lethal blade attack at any time.

Yue Feilong had been severely wounded, deep slashes were across his chest, flesh exposed, ribs almost broken, but was still guarding at the frontline of the team.

Li Pingan's body was bloody and punctured with sword wounds, but concerned that Yue Feilong would be in danger, he bolted over to where Yue Feilong was on his horse.

They were the first line of defense against the Unpredictable immortal, and behind them were their brothers standing in their position of the Blade formation.

The orderly formation of blades could crush any assaulting enemies into minced meat.

This was usually a military formation used in a march, but now they had to initiate the formation to protect their main general.

Hundreds of black-clad men were draped in rainwear, a bamboo weaved rain hat on their head, and the brim of the hat resting low on their forehead, concealing everyone's face.

Of course, even if it was possible to see their face, it was not easy to find a target amongst hundreds of people.

Unpredictable immortal stood observing for a while, the orderly blade formation was full of overwhelming strength and blades were held in position of full offense, he could not help praising in his mind. He had heard of the military elites of the Lu clan and it was indeed a well-deserved reputation.

Unpredictable immortal chuckled, a gentle and feminine laugh, his flexible sword was jittering incessantly, like a silver snake without bones.

"Lu Qingming, this is the style of your family? This is the manner of a family of generals?"

"The world says that, as long as the Lu clan exist, West wind will never be extinguished. It seems a ridiculous remark. Lu Xingkong has a bit of a backbone, but his son, is not worth mentioning at all——"  

"If I were you, I would immediately turn around and return to Yun province. Go back to live in that remote and desolate place, do not come to Tiandu, where there is an abundance of masters and elites, to avoid embarrassing yourself. If Lu Xingkong knew you were a coward, he most likely would have disowned you already——"  

Yue Feilong shouted back, "Our general has an important responsibility, the governor of a province, how would he be provoked by a lowly person like you?"

"Right. Why should the pearl touch the rotten stone? Even if it wins, there is nothing for the pearl to be proud of?"

"If you want to kill our general, you must step over our corpse——"

He swung his flexible sword forward, pointing to the blade formation and burst into s loud laughter, "What a big joke. In the face of death, what pearl and stone are there? Since your general is unwilling to come out and fight with me alone, then you might as well just admit defeat. That would be must more upright and straightforward. Letting you minions fight back will make people laugh."

His eyes were ruthlessly staring at Yue Feilong's blood dyed chest, smiled and said, "Who just shouted that I have to tread over your body to kill your General? Since you have this request, it would be impolite to refuse."

"Feilong, Pingan. Return to the formation." The calm voice of a man resounded.

Yue Feilong and Li Pingan, upon hearing the General's command, instantly leapt off the horse and disappeared.

"Too late." A charming smile bloomed across the Unpredictable immortal's face, disappearing without a trace.

By the time he reappeared, his sword had transformed into specks of lotus flower, completely enveloping Yue Feilong and Li Pingan within.

Yue Feilong and Li Pingan suddenly felt their body tensing up, both their left and right sides were constrained by a gravity-like force, their entire body going stiff and were unable to budge an inch.

Becoming meat on somebody's chopping board.

Now the two men could only be trampled on.

A number of lotus flowers were seen fluttering down toward Yue Feilong and Li Pingan's neck, about to sever their heads off.

'Lotus Sword'!

Transforming sword qi into lotus flowers, using Lotus flowers to silence everything.

To them, death was the most thorough purification.


Yue Feilong and Li Pingan knew that they would surely die and would not retreat.

They forcibly angled their necks to face the incoming Lotus flowers, charging full speed forward, and the West wind blades burst into flames, exerting all their strength to sever Unpredictable immortal's exposed self.

They had no hesitation to die.

If they could hack off a chunk of flesh of Unpredictable immortal before they die, or block one of his attacks, then they died a worthy death.


Yue Feilong and Li Pingan's brave evidently infuriated unpredictable immortal, defying attitude, his wrist shook once more, sending even more lotus flowers to gather around the two.  

He planned to crush their bodies into minced meat with the lotus flowers, leaving them without a complete corpse or even bones.

At the critical moment!


A fire dragon descended from the sky

The fire dragon rushed into the middle of Lotus flowers that were in the process of duplication, and was surrounded and compressed by the lotus flowers that had sense a sudden surge of danger.


The fire dragon exploded in the air.

A gust of violent wind swept across, sparks splashing in all directions.

An explosion of strong qi had wiped out the lush green bamboos within several of miles, producing hissing and crackling sounds as it hurtled through the large expanse of bamboos.

The lotus flowers disappeared, the fire dragon was gone.

A middle-aged man wielding a silver spear stood in the air, his robe ballooning about him in the absence of wind, and although he did not show any anger, he still looked imposing, like a deity had descended to earth.

Liu Qingming!

He was the eldest son of the Lu clan, the Governor of Yun province, Liu Qingming. Just as his two subordinates were about to be killed, he timely administered the 'One spear raised to the heaven' of the 'Heavenly dragon spear' technique passed down his family, deflecting Unpredictable immortal's attack and saving them both at the same time.

In the blink of an eye, he had already fought dozens of rounds with Unpredictable immortal, until a strong impact from him and the enemy had knocked them both away.

Standing firm in front of Yue Feilong and Li Pingan and shielding them from attacks, the two people had survived the gates of death.

When he saw Lu Qingming soaring into the air, Yue Feilong anxiously yelled, "General, a true man won't stand behind a collapsing wall. General please return to the blade formation immediately, us brothers will protect you with our lives."

"General please return to the blade formation, we all are willing to fight till death." Hundreds of black mounted soldiers roared in unison.

Power and prestige shook the sky!

Unpredictable immortal was stepping on a bamboo branch, looking at those anxious red eyes of the black-clad mounted soldiers, when he said with a smile: "What a close relationship between the master and servants. There are so many brothers willing to die for you, Liu Qingming you won't be lonely when you're dead——"

"Go back, general." Li Pingan rushed over to persuade Lu Qingming. "We are soldiers, we exist to protect General. General thought highly of us and had always regarded us as brothers. Today, we could not protect General, but needed you to save us. Pingan feels guilty and ashamed. If anything happens to General, us hundreds of troops would have to bear the blame."

"No need to persuade me." Liu Qingming uttered, glaring at Unpredictable immortal opposite of him. "You have done your best. Return to the blade formation immediately."

Yue Feilong and Li Pingan stood still.  

Would soldiers hide in a blade formation to defend themselves when their General is fighting with his life?

They exchanged a brief glance with each other, leaping high up wielding their sword to where Unpredictable immortal was standing on a cluster of bamboo leaves.

"Looking to die."

Unpredictable immortal flew into a rage out of humiliation.

His target was Lu Qingming, and his opponent was Liu Qingming.

Among these hundred people, besides Liu Qingming, other people were as worthless as weeds.

But these people who he regarded as worthless were repeatedly blocking his way, making him very irritated.

He felt insulted.

He swung his sword in rage, sword qi expanding.

His body vanished above the bamboo leaves, leaving only two budding lotus flowers.

Yue Feilong and Li Pingan came charging over, when the two Lotus flowers bloomed warmly, followed immediately by a loud 'bang'.

The two Lotus flowers were duplicating into countless red lotus, accumulating around and separating Yue Feilong and Li Pingan once again.

By the time the Lotus flowers had completely dispersed, Yue Feilong and Li Pingan were seen flying uncontrollably across the air.


They both plunged to the ground, and there was no more movements after.  


Watching their brothers being wounded, the hundreds of black-clad mounted soldiers within the blade formation roared.

The crack of the whip brought their horse galloping full speed forward, as though they were ready to risk their life to kill Unpredictable immortal.  

Unpredictable immortal's figure reappeared, glowering at Lu Qingming. "You should know that they and I are not of the same realm. They are only going to die. If you don't mind, I am willing to waste a little more time to get rid of all of them, before I face your Lu clan's Heavenly dragon spear."

"No need." As Liu Qingming spoke, his spear had turned into a bolt of lightning, shooting out in the direction of Unpredictable immortal.

Unpredictable immortal laughed repeatedly. "That's right, let me properly enjoy the elegant manner of the Lu family's eldest son."

As he spoke, the flexible sword in his hand had coiled around Liu Qingming's spear.


The spear was strong and tyrannical, the sword was gentle and feminine.

The two pieces of divine weapon clashed once more, and the two completely opposite forces of strength were colliding once again.


An eruption of strong qi.

Their bodies were propelled away in the opposite directions once again.

While sent hurtling across the air, Liu Qingming reversed his direction towards Unpredictable immortal once more.

Unpredictable immortal thrust his flexible sword forward, sending a stream of blossoming lotus flowers toward Liu Qingming.


Liu Qingming's spear had sent Unpredictable immortal flying across.


A chuck of flesh from Liu Qingming's arm was slashed off.


The two figures clashed again, launching multiple sword and spear strikes, rapidly exchanging kicks and fists to a great speed. In a split second, they had completed hundreds of rounds.

A cool breeze whizzed past, the bamboo flowers dances.

Unpredictable immortal deflected Lu Qingming's spear, suspending in mid-air, staring coldly and uttering: "'Heavenly dragon spear really match up to its reputation. Today let the world know, whether your Lu family's 'Heavenly dragon spear' is stronger, or I, jade-faced scholar’s 'Lotus Sword' is superior."

When he spoke, his flowery robe fluttered, his body vanished, and a golden Lotus flower appeared in the air.

There was a blinding glow of golden light, and a continuous murmur of incantation.

This 'Lotus Sword' was a divine skill of Buddhism. It was no wonder that it had such a strong combat strength.

Liu Qingming gave his Heavenly dragon spear a light push and it flew off in the direction of the ninth heaven. Just like a true divine dragon, soaring to the ninth heaven, and could dive down to strike a fatal blow at the enemy at any time.

The petals of the golden Lotus flower suddenly bloomed, and a beam of golden light jetted from the stamens, enveloping Liu Qingming.

Liu Qingming swung out a fist, with the aim of expelling the dazzling golden light.

The lotus flower erupted in a wave of golden light, pushed back slightly, before even more ferociously spread in the direction of Liu Qingming.

A number of petals were extending open like a giant mouth, swallowing Lu Qingming's body. The petals clamped shut and Lu Qingming was fully wrapped in the lotus flower.


High above, a thunderous roar resounded through the sky.


The Heavenly dragon spear descended from the ninth heaven, the spear head like the head of a dragon shooting down toward that golden Lotus flower.




The spear pounded again and again.

But the golden lotus flower was not only unfractured, instead continue shrinking in size, as though attempting to compress Lu Qingming.


The silver spear was buzzing again, shooting skywards.

And when it dropped down this time it was ignited into flames.


The red fireball smashed forcefully into the seven petal golden lotus flower, and the golden lotus flower was unable to withstand this heavy blow.


Cracks were spread across the lotus flower, the seven petals splitting into several pieces, and vanishing in a wisp of golden light.


Liu Qingming threw out his fist, shattering the piece of petal fluttering above him into smithereens, and then stretched out his hand and the fire dragon soaring in the sky once again turned into a silver spear falling in his palm.

Unpredictable immortal reappeared, hair loose and disheveled, and his gorgeous clothes were tattered.

The flexible sword in his hand was shaking, a trickle of blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

His blood red eyes stared at Liu Qingming, "You have entered the Withered Glory realm——"

Liu Qingming grinned, "Is it not consistent with what you know? The information that they gave you must have been that I am still at the higher stages of the Free clouds unable to progress?"

"Lu clan's two withered glory, I really have a whole new level of respect for you——" Unpredictable immortal wiped the bloodstain off the corner of his mouth, saying loudly, "If this news was to spread to Tiandu, the fame and power that your Lu family has would be even greater, right? Too bad that you won't make it to Tiandu."

"I will go to Tiandu, and I will kill you." Liu Qingming said, pointing his spear at Unpredictable immortal.

He felt a sweet-salty taste in his throat, and forcibly suppressed the urge to cough up blood.

His arm was swollen and the body of his spear was quivering slightly.

To fight Unpredictable immortal, he had almost exhausted his energy. Killing one thousand enemy but self-damaging eight hundred. In the face of a master like Unpredictable immortal, it was almost impossible to escape unscathed.

Right now, Liu Qingming was lacking fighting strength.

"You can't kill me." Unpredictable immortal said grimly.  

"I'll still try." Lu Qingming all of a sudden charged forward, lunging his spear mercilessly towards Unpredictable immortal's chest.


Liu Qingming's body was seen hurtling through the air.

——Kacha Kacha Kacha——

He continuously ploughed into several lush green bamboos, before he could come to a stop.

Black clad mounted soldiers came sweeping at full gallop to Liu Qingming, protecting him within the blade formation

Next to Unpredictable immortal, was a sloppy old Taoist dressed in Taoist robes and hat.

He wielded a horsetail whisk, and said while studying Lu Qingming: "Immeasurable deity, Old Taoist, I, have been observing the battle for some time. Seeing Lu family's eldest son's skills, I am itching to exercise my bones and muscles. Lu family's eldest son, you will not blame me, right?" 

"You are——" Lu Qingming spurted out blood, staring hazily at the old Taoist priest, before he all of a shouted, "You are——Strange Taoist?"  

"It is me." Strange Taoist laughed. "Didn't expect the eldest son of the Lu family to remember me, I am honoured."

"It really is you——" Lu Qingming's heart sank. He knew that it would be hard to come rto survive today.

It was with much difficulty that he settled Unpredictable immortal, who was ranked in the top three of the list of assassins in the divine continent, but now an even more famous Strange Taoist had made an appearance—–  

Unpredictable immortal swept a glance over Strange Taoist, "If you came out any later, I would have met with disaster."

"I heard that Unpredictable immortal does not like assistance when fighting, would Old Taoist, I, be so inconsiderate?"

"Humph, we accepted the same task, but I had to be the vanguard, while you Old Taoist just takes advantage of the situation?"

"Old Taoist, I, do no like working together with people and do not take unfair advantage of people. You have failed the mission and I have come to finish it."

"Old Taoist you went too far."

"So what?"

They argued. It was now impossible for Unpredictable immortal to battle with Strange Taoist, he was spent and badly injured. He had no confidence to defeat Strange Taoist.

Even in his peak state, he did not have the confidence of winning against Strange Taoist. Strange Taoist has made a name for himself several decades ago, who knows how deep or shallow his strength was?

Strange Taoist glared at the numerous black-clad soldiers crowded in front of Liu Qingming, gently shook his head and sighed, "Monks are merciful, really do not want to start a massacre. If Lu family's eldest son takes his own life, then I can let this group of loyal and courageous troops go, what do you say?"

"We are all willing to die for General." A man clad in black cried out.

"We are willing to die for General." All mounted soldiers said in unison.

"Foolish." Strange Taoist's voice only just faded, when he swung out the horsetail whisk in his hand. "

The fine threads turned into silver needles, piercing into the neck of the black-clad mounted soldiers.

A dozen of black-clad mounted soldiers had merely raised their West wind blade into the air, when Strange Taoist harvested their life.

"Run, General."

The soldiers at the most front row were swinging their blade with wild fury and rushing forth at Strange Taoist.

Another dozens of black-clad mounted soldiers dropped dead and the steeds were still madly galloping forward with their dead bodies.

"General quickly run."

More soldiers came charging over, planning to die together with Strange Taoist.

"Come back." Liu Qingming bellowed, his eyes blood red.

He knew that these brothers were no match for Strange Taoist, they would only die if they came over.

His body once again rose high into the air, and his spear was enveloped in red flames once more, mercilessly thrusting toward Strange Taoist's chest.

Integration of man and spear!

He will destroy Strange Taoist along with himself.  

"Lu Qingming, you can't even hold the spear steady, how could man and spear integrate? For your father's sake, I'll leave your corpse intact."

Strange Taoist's body soared, riding the wind.

At every step he took, he strode over a large distance.

The air version of 'Shrinking to inches'!

Strange Taoist's body suddenly appeared before Lu Qingming, thrusting a palm strike towards the top of his skull.

"Going to die." Liu Qingming, knowing that it was too late, uttered these threes words in his mind.

Heavenly astral palm!

Countless palm images came crashing over with earth-shattering force.


There was a loud thump.

Strange Taoist's arm was firmly clamped by another huge hand.

"Who are you?" Strange Taoist blinked several times in astonishment, finding it hard to believe what had just happened.

How could someone keep up with his speed? How could someone grab his arm?

"Yan Xiangma" The handsome young man replied seriously.

Chapter 328: Ruthlessly destroys a flower!

The youngster had a jade-like face, covered with a layer of frost and dust, and his long hair was messy and straw-like.

There was only a white unlined garment on him, ragged and stained, scorched marks all across, which could not even completely cover his body.

Such a seemingly poor youngster did not give the slightest feeling of helplessness, his expression was serious and his attitude to the enemies was so calm. His eyes were clear and bright, and the corners of his mouth curved upwards slightly, as though he was doing something that he thought was rather amusing.

"Is he amused by himself?" Strange Taoist could not help this thought surfacing to his mind.

"Yan Xiangma?" Strange Taoist studied the young man, saying in a skeptical tone: "You're Yan Xiangma?"

"A man does not change his name——" The young man replied looking rather proud. "Who are you? Why are you committing an assault in the bamboo sea?"

His gaze swept across the ground where several black-clad soldiers had been severed into two, his eyes burned with a fierce light as he said, "Monks are merciful. Your so ruthless to not let them live——you don't seem to be a good person."

Strange Taoist cast a glance over at Unpredictable immortal: "The people are killed by him, and has nothing to do with old Taoist me."

Unpredictable immortal laughed grimly. "Yes, I'm the one that hacked the people. Does Strange Taoist use swords to kill people? He'll just calmly stab a needle through their throat like its nothing——except those that were killed by a sword, the other black-clad mounted soldiers died in your hands. That's the mercy of a monk."

The sight of Unpredictable immortal was fixed on the youngster the moment he suddenly appeared, a faint inward feeling of fear and apprehension.

Strange Taoist and him had undertaken this task together, to ensure that the Lu family's eldest son Liu Qingming was killed. There must not be a second possibility.

Although they had not directly dealt with the enemy together, but while Unpredictable immortal was fighting with Lu Qingming, Strange Taoist was always at the side observing the situation.

When Strange Taoist and Lu Qingming fought, it was his turn to observe for Strange Taoist.

In all honesty, he has been paying utmost attention to the situation on the battlefield, as well as the subtle and exquisite moves exchanged between Lu Qingming and Strange Taoist, his six senses have been detecting signs of movements around all along. If there was a surprise attack from an enemy, he should be able to respond at the first instance.

"But when did that guy appear?" Unpredictable immortal could not understand what had occurred.

His sudden appearance, his terrifying power, had astonished everyone. He was able to obstruct Strange Taoist who was exerting full force to quickly get rid of Lu Qingming——The Divine continent was so vast, how many people could grab Strange Taoist by the arm?

On this basis of just this point, this youngster could become famous, be admired by the world.

Which family is this boy from? 

He said his name Yan Xiangma——There is such a young talent in the Yan family?

Unpredictable immortal, although unclear of the youngster's background, suddenly urged Strange Taoist to get rid of him, "Why are you wasting your time talking to a little brat? Kill him."

"How I handle my affairs, do I need other people's reminder?" Strange Taoist said coldly.

Strange Taoist seemed quite dissatisfied with Unpredictable immortal.

While Unpredictable immortal was fighting, he had to act as his assistance. But when he himself was in danger, he had to jump out and rescue himself.

When he was in a battle, Unpredictable immortal let others charge over to interrupt his final killing move. If this young man had not came out disrupting his plan, he would had successfully beheaded Lu Qingming and completed the task of this trip.

In his view, the selfish intention of Unpredictable immortal was to prevent him monopolising all the praises from the employer, but also to maintain his undefeated reputation.

If Unpredictable immortal was defeated, but Strange Taoist succeeded, wouldn't 'Unpredictable immortal' completely lose his dignity?

If they were both defeated, they would keep silent about the matter and never bring it up. Therefore, they would remain as 'invincible' existences in the world?

How are prestige and fame cultivated? They also need effective whitening and packaging, right?

Unpredictable immortal understood where Strange Taoist's resentment was coming from, but he did not care. They have come for fame and fortune; once this task is completed they would go their separate ways. Even if they see each other again, it could be on battlefield.

Therefore, Unpredictable immortal gave a sinister laugh, saying "I did this for your own good. Being stopped by a nobody, wouldn't that be unfavourable to Strange Taoist's reputation?"

A glint of murderous intent flashed across Strange Taoist's eyes, staring at the arm of the youngster. "To achieve such high cultivation level at such young age, it is remarkable. For the sake of you cultivation I can let you live——as long as you break your arm, then I can pretend nothing has happened."

Strange Taoist's name has the word 'strange', he naturally has to live up to this title.

He could kill without a single word, but he could also let them go because they are pleasing to the eye.

He felt the young man was very pleasing to the eye, so if the young man was willing to leave an arm and apologise to himself, he would be willing to let him go——After all, there is so little fun people in the world, there would be one less if he killed him.

Life is boring!

For Strange Taoist, this was mercy.

For the youngster, this was an insult.

The youngster stared wide-eyed at Strange Taoist and retorted, "You only achieved the strength you have today at such an old age, cultivation must be difficult. How about this, if you cut your head off, today I'll pretend that nothing happened. What do you think?"

"You want to die." When Strange Taoist spoke, the arm that was tightly in the youngster's grip suddenly turned blue like it had burst into blue flames.

Heavenly astral true fire!

Refining the heavenly astral qi within the body into pure fire.

This fire can dissolve mountain rocks and melt strong iron, let alone human flesh and blood.

Unexpectedly this young man gave no reaction at all.

There was not the slightest grimace of pain on his face, and there were no signs or marks of burning across his hand.

He stood gazing at the blue fire curiously, as if he was looking at a delicious fruit.

Something even more strange happened right after.

The Heavenly astral true fire that he had released was fading, automatically began to weaken as they came into contact with the young man's arm, and then quickly vanished without a trace.

Strange Taoist immediately understood what happened, he had swallowed it up.

But he did not know what was unusual about this young man's physique that he could swallow up and assimilate the pure and fierce Heavenly astral true fire.

Strange Taoist grinded his teeth, activating essential qi and releasing much more Heavenly astral true fire.


Vibrant blue flames erupted from his arms, growing to one metre long. Half of the Strange Taoist's body was bathed in flames.

Strange Taoist laughed coldly.

Don't you like to swallow up flames, then I'll let you swallow as much as you like. When your sea of qi is unable to hold such a large amount of strong and fierce qi you would suffer the consequence of your own actions. Your meridians and sea of qi being destroyed is a minor problem, the worst case is that your body would explode.

However, Strange Taoist's plan had failed.

No matter how hard he tried, no matter how bright and fierce the flames were.

Once in the hands of the youngster, were instantly disappearing without a trace.

Adding to this, as he kept an eye on the young man's face, he came to notice that the fiercer his Heavenly astral true fire was, the more cheerful the expression the young man had.

The white arsenic of others, was like fine wine to the youngster.

It was as though this young man could consume this fire as if it was food, and every time he swallowed it up he had the feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Strange Taoist could not bear any longer, thrust out a left palm strike.

Youngster raised his clenched fist to receive the attack, the collision of palm intention and fist produced a loud explosive bang and simultaneously pushing the two people back several steps.


Strange Taoist's knocked into countless green bamboos, before he could steady his body.

Just as the young man was sent somersaulting backwards across the air, a small white beast darted over, biting at the sleeve of the young man to halt his tumble backward, so he could stabilise his body in the air.  

The young man patted the little snow white beast's head, smiled and said: "Thank you, Snowball."


Snowball blew a bubble to the youngster, and then waved its four little paws and giggled, seemingly proud of its achievements.

The young man, amused by its innocent look, pinched his little plump face, "Snowball, I really like you a lot."

Snowball evidently disliked being violated like this, its four little paws were desperately waving and struggling, and its mouth was incessantly producing 'pff pff pff' noises.

By the time Strange Taoist had returned to the battlefield, Unpredictable immortal leapt over wielding the flexible sword.

"How is it?" Unpredictable immortal asked.

"This kid is extremely odd." Strange Taoist, with a gloomy expression across his face, darted a glance over at the youngster. He was not only able to swallow up and digest his Heavenly astral real fire, but was able to withstand a full-strength Heavenly astral palm without being hurt.

His punch contained thunderous force, the way he threw out a fist was like the roar of a dragon or the growl of a tiger, bringing an extremely bold and fierce power.

Strange Taoist had traveled through famous mountains and across great rivers, encountered countless strange people, but he had never seen such astonishing and mysterious fist technique.  

"Frighten Dragon Fist?"

A strange and unfamiliar fist technique surfaced on his mind.

But this idea was quickly dispelled.

How could a young man know the skill Frighten Dragon fist that had been lost for a long, long time? It's most likely just a bit similar.  

Unpredictable immortal sniggered to himself, 'you Strange Taoist had always been arrogant and domineering, considers everyone else beneath you. Today, you lost to a young man, you must feel very upset?'  

"It is a little odd." On the surface however, Unpredictable immortal nodded in agreement. "I didn't expect that there would be someone in the world that could swallow Strange Taoist's Heavenly astral true fire."

"Humph." Strange Taoist knew that Unpredictable immortal did not have any good intentions. After a grumble, he fixed his gaze on the young man again. "Since he couldn't tell good from bad, then can't blame me for destroying a flower ruthlessly."

"Falling in the hands of Strange Taoist, only death awaits you. Pity it's a little jade-faced man." Unpredictable immortal softly sighed, staring at the youngster's handsome face. "

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