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Inverted Dragon Scale: Chapter 21-Croton

“Do you like Cui Xiaoxin?”


An abrupt voice echoed, Li Muyang who was pondering was shocked.


Li Muyang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at his younger sister wearing a pink colored women’s clothing, making a face in front of him, as he replied to her, “Li Sinian, your so childish, aren’t you being too naïve?”


Li Sinian curled her lips, said discontentedly: “What? Nowadays you ignore me and now even tell me I’m childish? After seeing older sister Xiaoxin’s graceful and calm temperament, you started to ignore me this skinny and unsophisticated girl. Before you simply didn’t pay any attention to older sister Xiaoxin for a period of time, why do you think that I’m the naïve one?”


“I didn’t mean—-“

“You have, you at once have, you men are exactly the same, liking the new and hating the old, you think that I don’t know—that after aging all good-looking men would become unfaithful. Li Muyang, unexpectedly, you’re a playboy. You go out chasing after girls while also seeing other little girl that received you?




Li Muyang knew, that his careless words had hurt Li Sinian’s fragile self-esteem.


Otherwise, she wouldn’t have turned into a poisonous snake making threatening gestures.


“Ah, Sinian’s dress is really pretty, is that a new dress?” Li Muyang began to display the move ‘curving the line and saving the country’. When he used this trick before, Li Sinian would always give up, and from there Li Muyang would shift the topic by praising Li Sinian.


“Li Muyang, I’ve worn this dress for these past few days, I even wore it last night and even sat in your room for a long time, you didn’t even notice?” Li Sinian jumped on the bed, grabbed a pillow, and began to hit Li Muyang on the head.


“I surrender, I surrender.” Li Muyang hurriedly admitted defeat. “Now that I think of it, I did see you wear this dress last night, but I just thought that you look good in everything, but in this particular dress you look very very cute—-“


Li Sinian continued to hit vigorously, gritting her teeth and said: “You idiot, you say I’m cute? But aren’t you ignoring me because I have no chest or ass? Aren’t you also thinking that I’m not mature enough and even naive.


“—-“ Li Muyang didn’t dare to speak again.


He found that, when a woman was angry with you, even when your breathing she would immediately believe that you’re polluting the air.


Letting her vent out her anger for a while, Li Muyang raised his head, looked at her, and said with a smile, “Doesn’t hit anymore?”


“Doesn’t hit. My hands are sore after hitting you.” Li Sinian threw the pillow to one side, then leaned on Li Muyang side by side on the bed, and stood up conveniently grabbing a piece of osmanthus flower cake and began to consume it.


“Eating cake at night, would make you fat.” Li Muyang said.


Li Sinian eyes stared at him, said: “Li Muyang, what do you mean by that? Now you even dare to call me fat?”




Seeing Li Muyang speechless appearance, Li Sinian laughed and finally let out a smile, taking a piece of the osmanthus flower cake and forcefully put it into Li Muyang’s mouth and said, “Brother, sometimes I think that you’re an ugly sprout and sometimes an adorable clown.”


“I contrary to what one might expect think that your very cute.” Li Muyang’s mouth was filled with the osmanthus flower cake, and said unclearly.


“That’s for sure.” Li Sinian shook her freshly washed hair, and proudly said to him. Her hair smelt like lemon, making the air become both sweet and sour. Just like Li Sinian’s patience, “Brother, you still haven’t answered my question.”


“What question?” Li Muyang played the fool.


“I asked if you like older sister Xiaoxin—“ Li Sinian face revealed a sense of discontent as she said “Li Muyang, I’m telling you, you won’t get away with this. I grew up watching you, not even needing to look at your butt sticking out, but I can still tell right away when you want to crap—-“


“I’m your elder brother—“ Li Muyang reminded with a depressing tone.


“Did I say that you’re not?” Li Sinian rolled her eyes and replied with a  rhetorical question.




What Li Sinian had said isn’t incorrect, as she truly did look at Li Muyang growing up.

Li Muyang because of his poor health, his body would be very frail. Only at three was he able to open his eyes, at seven he could finally walk. Li Sinian, compared with Li Muyang at the age of two, she was already able to walk freely on the ground, while Li Muyang was still like a baby nesting on the bed or lying on the ground—-when Li Muyang want to use the toilet, he would make some noise, which is why Li Sinian would be the first to know his body issue that need to be solved.


Therefore, what she had said now about Li Muyang not needing to look at him to know he needs to crap—-although it made Li Muyang embarrassed, it was still a fact.


From infancy to maturity, a lot of time he would rely on his little two-year-old younger sister to look after him.


“Come, come.” Li Sinian one more went to the direction of Li Muyang’s mouth stuffing it again with osmanthus flower cake. She was always fond of stuffing cakes into someone’s mouth, regardless whether the other person was able to continue on or not.


“I thought that she’s a very good girl.”


“And then what?”


“Then—there’s nothing else? She has been helping me with my lessons, so I’m very grateful towards her.”


“There’s no other feelings?”


“Li Sinian—we’re still students, a student’s job is to study well, where’s your mind going? It’s quite impure.


There was a look of disdain on Li Sinian’s face, as she stared at her brother Li Muyang, said: “Li Muyang aren’t you the one who’s childish and naïve? You look in the mirror, not to say that only your appearance seems older than a teenager, even 5 or 6-year-old children know to look for male and female friends, but you actually told me that a student’s job is to learn?”




“Nothing to say?”


“I have a very favorable impression of her.” Li Muyang’s complexion turned red, as he embarrassingly said. Li Sinian was the most intimate person to him, his sister, before when he would have some concerns she would always be there to listen. However, this feeling was actually not the same as what he felt towards her, he had never had this kind of feelings in the past, and hadn’t even though of being involved with this kind of emotion.


“The same as liking someone?”


“You say that’s the same right?”


“I didn’t say that’s it, are you going to tell me or not. If you don’t tell me what you like, how can I help you catch up with older sister Xiaoxin  and tell her to be your girlfriend?” Li Sinian said with a look of frustration.


Li Muyang’s eyes lit up and said, “really? You’ll really help me pursue Xiaoxin?”


“Can’t.” Li Sinian directly replied.




“Elder brother—-“ Li Sinian took another piece of osmanthus flower cake and tried to stuff it again inside Li Muyang’s mouth, but this time Li Muyang shook his head in rejection.


“Eat it for me.” Without any explanation, she simply forced the piece of osmanthus cake into Li Muyang’s mouth.


“Why—make me eat this?” While Li Muyang was chewing the sweet-scented osmanthus cake very painfully, as she replied. “It was you who told me that eating cakes in the night would make me gain weight.”


“Right.” Li Muyang nods earnestly. “Everybody says so.”


“That’s why you eat, I even have the good intention of accompanying you by eating a little.” Li Sinian in a picture would look like a brother and sister having a very affectionate moment with each other. “Even if it would gain you weight, think of someone like me in your situation, and in you’d feel a small guilt in your heart.”




“Brother, I just want to talk to you about older sister Xiaoxin. Li simian placed the cake tray on the nightstand, leaning her head onto Li Muyang shoulder, said: “tell me, what type of person’s older sister Xiaoxin?”


“Haven’t I told you? She’s a very nice person.”


“Yes. She’s a really nice person, but unfortunately she’s too good.” Li Sinian said with a sigh.

“—-“ Li Muyang understood the meaning of Li Sinian. Cui Xiaoxin was a very nice person, unfortunately she was too good.


“Without needing to mention her appearance, just from her manner alone, there would be occasion where she would demonstrate an aristocrat’s etiquette, we can probably guess that she’s that kind of person—She and us are people not in the same world. Even when I chatted with her and specially inquired about her, she’s not a native of south Yangtze River, but a person from the imperial capital, when she’s done studying, she would need to return their one day. Returning to the place where she truly belongs.”


“Brother, I know you like older sister Xiaoxin, because I can see, that during these days you’ve been your happiest even smiling many times. Before I had thought of helping you with your studies, but each time you’d fall asleep, but older sister Xiaoxin could actually make your academic record rise rapidly—“


“Sinian, the matter is not what you actually think—-“


“Elder brother, I know.” Li Sinian interrupted Li Muyang’s words, said: “I know you don’t want to hurt me, doesn’t want to say that I’m inferior to older sister Xiaoxin. Actually I don’t care about this, older sister Xiaoxin can help you, I notice that your academic record’s been rising fast, at heart I’m only happy and not even the slightest envious of older sister Xiaoxin—-Also, I heard about about the matter of you leaving school. Those words that you said had become the main topic of students in the school.”


“What?” Li Muyang had a confused expression. “What did I say?”


“I don’t accept.” Li Sinian stared at her brother. She didn’t think that the guy who was being bullied all day can be so strong and stubborn on the spot, when she heard what had happened to her brother, Li Sinian was moved to tears, and then slipped into the teacher’s office during lunch break and threw a croton inside Teacher Zhao Mingzhu’s tea cup.


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