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Chapter 735: Clutching At The Last Straw

The afternoon wind blew from the corner of the street. The girl in the red dress, her hair disheveled, looked at Su Wan with extreme caution.

She instinctively wanted to run again.

But it just so happened that there was a pile of garbage next to her, and Su Wan was in front of her. It was very difficult for the girl to escape.

Her bright big eyes were full of tears, and she kept yelling at Su Wan.

When Su Wan saw her like this, she almost suspected that this girl had some kind of mental illness.

If it was Lin Fei’er, Su Wan would definitely not ignore it.

Because this girl looked too much like Lin Fei’er, out of love for her, Su Wan resisted the stench coming from the trash can and reached out to pull the girl out.

Su Wan did not have much strength. The girl had obviously been running for a long time and her body was tired. She did not manage to break free from Su Wan.

However, the girl’s emotions had collapsed to the extreme, and she looked like she wanted to bite Su Wan again.

Su Wan glanced at her wrist that was still bleeding, and her scalp went numb.

Was this girl a dog?

Did she like to bite everyone she saw?

A sharp pain came from her arm, and Su Wan’s frown deepened.

However, Su Wan did not push the girl away. Instead, she held the girl in her arms and let her bite on her wrist which had just been bitten.

Then, Su Wan gently patted the girl’s back with her other hand. Her actions were very gentle.

Su Wan was not good at comforting people. She was only trying to stabilize the girl’s out-of-control emotions.

As Su Wan stroked her back, the fifteen-year-old girl finally seemed to be back to normal. She slowly moved her teeth away from Su Wan’s arm.

The girl sobbed as she raised her head and looked at Su Wan’s black face in disbelief.

The girl in the red dress looked helpless. She hid her face on Su Wan’s collarbone and trembled slightly. Then, she looked at Su Wan from the corner of her eyes from time to time.

It was as if she was judging whether Su Wan was a good person or a bad person.

Fortunately, Su Wan did not look fierce and her black makeup was not scary. The girl stole a glance at Su Wan’s gentle eyes and for some reason, she gradually calmed down.

This dark-skinned girl’s voice was very gentle. When she spoke, it seemed to have a special magic that made people want to believe her.

Su Wan suddenly let out a sigh of relief in her heart.

Fortunately… this girl wasn’t difficult to coax.

Su Wan lowered her head and glanced at her wrist, which had even deeper teeth marks. She felt a headache in her heart.

Tsk, she was bitten so badly. It seemed that she had to go back and apply the medicine.

Fortunately, she was now considered to have benefited from the glory of Jiang Xuecheng. With the Dragon’s Blood of that troublesome person, otherwise, she would most likely have left a scar.

Su Wan held the girl’s hand and explained her identity again in a gentle voice.

“I’m really not a bad person. I just caught up to you because I saw that you were so scared. If you believe me, I might be able to help you.”

Su Wan stared at the girl’s tear-stained face and suddenly saw her best friend on Earth.

Her heart throbbed, but her expression became more serious.

The girl stared at Su Wan. Through the bone-deep teeth mark on Su Wan’s wrist, her heart beat faster.

Should she trust Su Wan?

At worst, she would just be captured again…

She wouldn’t be able to escape for long…

Moreover, Su Wan looked weak and frail. If she was a bad person, she would drag her down with her even if she died.

The girl was scheming in her heart. A trace of viciousness that did not belong to her age flashed in her eyes.

She gritted her teeth and wrapped her arms around Su Wan’s arm pitifully. Her face was full of tears, and she looked indescribably weak and innocent.

“Big sister, I believe you. I’ll go with you.”

Su Wan saw the expression on Lin Fei’er’s face and could not help but frown again.

She reached out her hand lovingly and stroked her hair gently, smoothing out her messy bangs.

“Then I’ll bring you back to my place first. If you need any help, we’ll talk when we get there.”

As Su Wan said that, she held the little girl’s hand and went back to the hotel where she stayed.

Su Wan stayed in a medium-sized hotel. She booked a standard single room with a bathroom.

Su Wan asked the lady boss of the hotel to help her buy a set of clothes for the little girl, as well as some medical supplies. Then, she gave some extra money as payment.

Seeing how generous Su Wan was, the lady boss smiled from ear to ear. Meanwhile, the girl who had been hiding behind Su Wan suddenly realized that Su Wan was not a bad person, and she seemed to be rich.

When they reached their destination, Su Wan gave herself two basins of warm water and prepared to apply the medicine. At the same time, she instructed the little girl to go in and take a bath.

Perhaps she had been infected by Jiang Xuecheng. When Su Wan saw the dirty body of the little girl, she could not help but want to clean it up.

Su Wan applied the medicine very quickly.

The little girl took a clean bath, changed her clothes, and came out. After she washed and dressed, Su Wan found that she did not look like the little crying bag she was before. She looked very energetic.

This was what a fifteen or sixteen-year-old teenager should be like.

The girl started to move her hands awkwardly and walked toward Su Wan bit by bit.

Seeing the face that looked exactly like Lin Fei’er, Su Wan was very happy. She reached out to the girl and grabbed her arm.

“What’s your name? Are you being chased by bad people? Do you want to report it to the police?”

The girl had just finished her shower and her hair was still dripping with water. Su Wan took out a towel and wiped her hair carefully as she spoke.

The girl, who was about 15 or 16 years old, raised her eyes and looked at Su Wan timidly.

“Hello, sister. My name is Xiao Meng…”

Xiao Meng…

Su Wan thought about this name in her heart, but before she could say anything, she saw Xiao Meng kneel down in front of her again!

Xiao Meng’s eyes were red, and her face, which looked like Lin Fei’er’s, was covered in tears.

“Sister, I know you’re a good person. Can you help me save my little brother?”

Because the girl suddenly knelt down again, Su Wan was shocked and caught off guard!

To be knelt down to twice in one day, what a tragedy…

Su Wan’s forehead twitched violently. After she reacted, she quickly helped the girl who resembled Lin Fei’er up.

“Xiao Meng, don’t be like this. If you have something to say, say it properly. If I can help, I will definitely help…”

Xiao Meng insisted on kneeling on the ground. Su Wan had no choice but to kneel on the ground and look at Xiao Meng.

The girl saw that Su Wan was like this, so she could only stand up and tell Su Wan about her and her brother.

“So, you and your little brother were taken away by the human traffickers? And you escaped?”

Su Wan’s beautiful eyebrows were tightly knitted together. Her face was dark, but her hand was very gentle as she helped the girl wipe away the tears on her face.

Xiao Meng sniffled and nodded. She grabbed Su Wan’s slender arm as if she was clutching the last straw.

“Sister, can you lend me some money to get my brother back? I… I will definitely return it!”

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