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Chapter 1113: She Was Pinned To The Wall Again?!

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Ye Linlang immediately turned around and saw Yin Zihan standing on the overpass with his arms crossed as he looked at her. His seductive peach blossom eyes seemed to contain electricity.

Ye Linlang glanced at the silver-gray box in Yin Zihan’s hand. In a split second, she seemed to have been enlightened and suddenly understood something!

No wonder Jiang Qiran misunderstood her!

Jiang Qiran must have misunderstood her because he saw Yin Zihan put his hand on her shoulder when he came over to snatched the box of biscuits?

After Ye Linlang woke up, she quickly grabbed Jiang Qiran’s sleeve again, not wanting Jiang Qiran to leave!

“Qiran! I understand now! Do you think I gave Yin Zihan the biscuits? They were really not for him! He snatched them by himself!”

Ye Linlang finished his long speech as if she was in a hurry to be reincarnated. Her entire face flushed red, as if she was afraid that Jiang Qiran would misunderstand her…

Jiang Qiran stared at Ye Linlang’s hand that was clutching his sleeve. The originally clean and tidy sleeve had already been crumpled by Ye Linlang.

The strange thing was that he, who had always been obsessed with cleanliness, actually felt very happy at this moment..

Anyone could see that Ye Linlang was in a hurry to explain, so she must be very concerned about his thoughts.

Jiang Qiran’s originally cold expression finally eased up a little.

His bewitching eyes were like Magatama as he stared at Ye Linlang. His voice was faint, and one could not tell whether he was happy or angry.

“Is what you are saying real?”

“Of course, it’s more real than a pearl! How would I lie you! That scum Yin Zihan was the one who snatched it!”

Ye Linlang stared at her Prince Charming anxiously. She patted her left shoulder to assure him that she was making an oath like a knight.

Jiang Qiran’s gaze passed Ye Linlang and stopped on Yin Zihan, who was not far behind her.

“Then who were you planning to give the other box of biscuits to? Or were you going to eat them yourself?”

There were some things that one would feel a knot in one’s heart if one did not ask clearly.

After all, Ye Linlang said that it was her first time making biscuits for someone. Moreover, it could be seen that she was very diligent in making them. Even the packaging was so meticulous that it was not inferior to those packaged by famous cake chain stores on the market.

When Ye Linlang heard Jiang Qiran’s inquiry, she naturally continued to explain to Jiang Qiran in an extremely sincere manner.

“I only made two boxes in total. One box was given to you, and I was going to give the other box to Miaomiao. Who would have thought that Yin Zihan would snatch it away…”

At the end of her sentence, Ye Linlang turned her head and glared fiercely at the frivolous youth on the overpass.

Yin Zihan was extremely thick-skinned. Although he was the one who took the initiative to snatch Ye Linlang’s biscuit box, he did not have the slightest sense of shame at this moment.

He looked at Ye Linlang with a smile, his expression was full of indifference.

“I was just taking a box of your biscuits. Do you have to be so angry? My father gave me a box of liqueur chocolates from France yesterday. It’s a brand that can’t be found in the country. I’ll bring it to you tomorrow to make amends, alright?”

It was a box of exceptionally exquisite chocolates that were exclusively for the upper class. It was custom-made and almost not sold through public channels. It was very high-end and luxurious.

In fact, Yin Zihan had originally planned to give the box of liqueur chocolates to Ye Linlang, but he had never thought of a name for it.

Now, he could use this matter to push the box of chocolates out.

Ye Linlang was in a fit of anger. She was not in the mood to listen to what Yin Zihan had to say.

Indeed, she liked to eat chocolate. This was because she had never seen it before in the small desolate village. She had only eaten it once and felt that she had fallen in love with it.

But that did not mean that she would agree with Yin Zihan’s method of taking things by force!

Giving away a box of expensive chocolates as compensation. Did he really think that other people would like it?!

Moreover, it would cause her to be misunderstood by her sweetheart!

Ye Linlang looked at Yin Zihan coldly, her gaze almost seeing two holes in Yin Zihan.

“No need! Just treat that box of biscuits as dog food!”

If only Yin Zihan hadn’t opened the box.

Unfortunately, not only had the box been opened, but Yin Zihan had already eaten some of the biscuits inside. Even if she wanted it back, she would feel that there was something wrong with giving it to Miaomiao.

Therefore, Ye Linlang was prepared to make a new batch for Miaomiao when he was free in the future. She would forget about it this time.

Yin Zihan did not expect Ye Linlang to have such a fierce personality!

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t you know what’s good for you?!”

Compared to Ye Linlang’s box of cranberry biscuits, the box of French liqueur chocolates that he was prepared to give her was hundreds of times more expensive!

Ye Linlang completely ignored Yin Zihan’s intentions!

A person like Yin Zihan would not care about other people’s thoughts at all. He would only follow his own wishes. Did he think that everyone would follow his arrangements?!

Ye Linlang tilted her head and glanced at Jiang Qiran. She smiled at him.

“Qiran, let’s go.”

Jiang Qiran nodded at Ye Linlang. He gave Yin Zihan a stern warning before leaving side by side with Ye Linlang.

Yin Zihan looked at the two of them, one tall and one petite, and suddenly felt very unhappy!

He opened the silver-gray box and took out another cranberry biscuit from it. He threw it into his mouth!

–He really didn’t know why Ye Linlang is so blind. Wasn’t it better to have a meal with someone like himself who knows how to have fun?

Jiang Qiran looked cold at first glance. He was completely dull. What fun was there?!

The slightly tipsy afternoon breeze blew over, bringing with it the scent of flowers and trees in the campus. It was very fresh and clean.

Ye Linlang walked down the stairs with Jiang Qiran. She stole a glance at Jiang Qiran’s handsome side profile, and a very unrealistic thought suddenly popped up in her mind.

If, if time could stop at this moment and not move forward, wouldn’t that be great?

She would rather just walk forward with Jiang Qiran indifferently, even if there was no end.

What was important was not the scenery ahead, but the fact that she had this person by her side now.

Ye Linlang was thinking about something and didn’t realize that it was time for her and Jiang Qiran to turn. All of a sudden, she bumped into Jiang Qiran’s shoulder anxiously.


This was Ye Linlang’s first feeling.

Ye Linlang’s forehead was slightly red. Just as she was about to reach out to rub her head, she suddenly saw Jiang Qiran reach out to her.

He circled her at the corner of the narrow staircase.

Uh, she was pinned to the wall again?!

Ye Linlang looked at Jiang Qiran in a daze. She simply couldn’t believe it.

Jiang Qiran stared at the end of Ye Linlang’s red eyes. He knew that she should have been hurt from the collision just now.

“Ye Linlang, don’t you even look where you’re going when you’re walking?”

Ye Linlang looked at the handsome youth in front of her in a somewhat silly manner. Even her voice was in a daze as she blurted out what she was thinking.

“I was so engrossed in watching you just now that I forgot to take a turn…”


Ye Linlang covered her mouth after she finished speaking!

Why did she expose herself!

You can’t be so silly in front of your Prince Charming!

Jiang Qiran also previously ridiculed her not to be infatuated!

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