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Chapter 1072: Caught Off Guard

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Ye Siyao leaned against the wall with one hand on her waist as she looked at Ye Linlang provocatively.

“Ye Linlang, this is the fifth floor. If I throw this broken jade pendant of yours down, it should shatter, right?”

“I’m just asking you to do a dare. You can’t possibly not be able to do something as simple as confess to a random guy on the stairs, right?”

If it was anything else, Ye Linlang probably wouldn’t have bothered with this group of scheming girls and would have just walked away.

However, what Ye Siyao was holding in her hand was the only thing left behind by Granny Song. This jade Buddha was probably worthless in the eyes of these children from rich families!

However, how could they understand how precious this affection was!

To Ye Linlang, no one in this world had ever treated her as well as Granny Song and taught her the principles of how to conduct herself.

Ye Linlang raised her eyes, and her gaze was as sharp as a knife.

“Ye Siyao, don’t go too far!”

These few words were practically squeezed out of Ye Linlang’s teeth one by one, and her hands began to tremble uncontrollably.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she didn’t want to be punished because of this bunch of trash, Ye Linlang might have slapped her directly!

She won’t offend anyone if they don’t offend her, but Ye Siyao really went too far!

Ye Siyao saw her sister from the countryside being angered and snorted in disdain.

A country bumpkin was a country bumpkin. Her horizons were low, and she actually dared to glare at her for such a stupid thing!

“Ye Linlang, what? You can’t even do a dare? If you don’t do as I say, I’ll throw this jade pendant down right now!”

A few female students at the side echoed Ye Siyao’s words.

“Yeah, yeah, but how much can such a lousy jade Buddha be worth?”

“Siyao, throw it, throw it. It’s not like we can’t afford it anyway!”

Ye Linlang reached out to grab the jade pendant, but Ye Siyao brought four or five girls with her. Each and every one of them tried their best to guard Ye Siyao. Ye Linlang couldn’t break through the human wall at all!

Ye Siyao was obviously very satisfied with this strategy of having more people with her.

She leaned against the wall and waved the jade Buddha that was strung up with red silk twice in her hand, as if she was going to throw it out of the corridor in the next moment!

“Ye Linlang, don’t be afraid to play it. I already said that I’m only giving you a dare.”

Seeing this scene, Ye Linlang was furious to the extreme!

How could Ye Siyao be so shameless?!

Seeing the dark green jade Buddha in Ye Siyao’s hand, Ye Linlang closed her eyes and finally had no choice but to lower her head.

“Ye Siyao, you have to keep your word! I won’t forget what happened today!”

Wasn’t it just finding a stranger male classmate to confess to?!

No matter how disgusting this move was, to Ye Linlang, it was far less important than the jade pendant that Granny Song had left for her!

Today’s humiliation could be avenged in the future.

However, if Ye Siyao broke the thing that Granny Song had left for her, she wouldn’t even have a memento to remember Granny Song by!

Ye Linlang’s eyes sparkled, and her dark eyes were filled with unconcealable anger.

Anyone could tell that Ye Linlang was enduring, but who knew if she would explode in the next moment?

Even a rabbit would bite if it was cornered!

Furthermore, Ye Linlang was a living person!

When the girls saw Ye Linlang’s resentful gaze, their foreheads suddenly twitched for some reason. They had a feeling that Ye Linlang would suddenly run over and strangle them.

Ling Yun High School’s rules were extremely strict. If Ye Linlang really dared to fight to the death, she would probably be on the list!

A girl with braids pushed Ye Siyao and suggested in an extremely low voice.

“Siyao, should we just let it go?”

Ye Siyao narrowed her eyes and swept her gaze over the girl indifferently.

“Xiao Yuan, what are you afraid of? Don’t worry. Even if something really happens, I’ll take responsibility for it. I promise I won’t drag you down!”

“Besides, it’s not like you didn’t see Ye Linlang’s clothes yesterday. With her background, are you afraid of her? If you dare to sit with young master Yin, you’ll have to pay the price!”

The girls immediately felt that Ye Siyao was very loyal. They straightened their backs and looked at Ye Linlang aggressively.

“Ye Linlang, didn’t you agree to the conditions? Why aren’t you going?”

Ye Siyao also reached out to pick up the jade Buddha, intentionally or unintentionally. She looked high and mighty as she passed by the girl in front of her who was enduring.

“Ye Linlang, you’re not going back on your word, are you? If you hesitate any longer, it’ll be time for class. I can’t guarantee where my hand will throw this jade pendant.”

Ye Linlang took a deep breath. Her eyes were as cold as a knife, startling all the girls around her age.

Just as they were feeling bewildered, they suddenly saw Ye Linlang walking towards the stairs!

Oh, she was just putting on an act.

Ye Siyao giggled at Ye Linlang.

“Here, when the first guy walks over, you go straight to confess! Do you hear me…”

Ye Linlang’s heart sank when she heard Ye Siyao’s gloating voice. It was only her second day at school, and if she confessed to a stranger in front of everyone, people would probably think she was crazy in the future.

However, there was no other way.

At that moment, a slender figure appeared at the corner of the stairs.

Ye Linlang was stunned!

Not far behind her, Ye Siyao was only halfway through her sentence when she saw the person’s face clearly. Her voice was stuck in her throat.

Even the female voices that had been shouting at Ye Linlang suddenly fell silent!

There was no other reason but that the young man who had suddenly swept past the corner of the stairs was too handsome!

The young man who had suddenly appeared was not wearing Ling Yun High School’s uniform. Instead, he was wearing a white shirt and a pair of pure black trousers. He was dressed very simply, but when he wore it, it gave off an almost dazzling feeling.

The young man looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years old. His deep face was well-defined, and his phoenix eyes were slightly raised up.

His brows were very high, and his beautifully shaped lips looked very suitable for kissing. Even so, this young man tightly pursed his lips, giving off an exceptionally cold and restrained feeling.

What was confirmed by this temperament was that this young man even tied the silver buttons on his sleeves meticulously!

Seeing the young man’s face clearly, Ye Siyao gripped the jade Buddha in her hand tightly. She even forgot that she wanted Ye Linlang to make a fool of herself!

Oh my god, he is way too cool!

Just as many girls were gasping for air, they suddenly saw a young girl stammering as she walked forward.

That’s right, it was Ye Linlang.

She raised her eyes and looked at the young man very seriously.

“Student Jiang, I like you.”

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