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Hearing this, Jiang Shaoliu was greatly astonished, he didn't even remember that Yin Manshu was still waiting for his response through the smartwatch.

"According to what you've said, the Buddhas and the demons in the fairy tales may not have been fabricated, they really existed in another form." Jiang Shaoliu murmured: "There was an ox head and horse face coming from the Liangduan Mountain, which seemed to be a messenger of death in Donghai city, they all appeared in the fairy tales and they are the spirits of hell."

And at that time, the ox head and horse face giants had said to him at the top of Liangduan Mountain that they were inherent demons from hell.

So, were they telling the truth?

And if hell really existed, the heaven palace could also be real, and the Jade Emperor and Buddha would be there, right?

"Jiang Shaoliu, this has not been proven yet, they are only the rumors." Yin Manshu said through the smartwatch: "I will continue to investigate this and keep you updated."

The communication was cut off, Jiang Shaoliu was silent, deep in thought.

The ox head and horse face giants called the human beings the pariahs deserted by the Gods when the messenger of death fell down to Donghai city to ruin everything while grabbing the rare fruit. They showed no kindness towards human beings, who could be regarded as enemies.

And now Jiang Shaoliu had killed Chi Xiao, so now he was the enemy of his brother. However, it might be impossible for the Yungang League to defeat him since he was supported by the Jin Shan faction.

Even the monkey king couldn't defeat him.

Now, he might be facing even more trouble in the future, and that was the reason he must improve himself, or else, it would be quite impossible for him to stay popular among so many powers.

"We also need to improve the defensive system for the Yungang League." Jiang Shaoliu thought for a long time and then sent a message to Yin Manshu.

He agreed to the cooperation with the Gangxin Group. It was important for them to get the monster materials sold by the Yungang League on the condition that the Gangxin Group would sell their advanced heavy weapons to the Yungang League instead of the old-fashioned tanks and armored cars.

Yin Manshu replied very quickly with only two words: "I agree."

And during the following days, Jiang Shaoliu arranged to let Ruo Feng and Zhao Yang supervise in turns while the architecture workers worked day and night. The Wan Yao Restaurant earned a lot of money every day and most of it contributed to defense system construction. Aside from the old people and children, all the staff of the Yungang League worked while contributing for their own families.

It was late at night in the shelter, after reading the day's construction progress report, Jiang Shaoliu kneaded his eyebrows and sat with crossed legs, then he closed his eyes and began to practice.

He inhaled a lot of air with each breath, the air transferred into pure true qi, concentrated on the Lung Channel. It stimulated the surface of his meridians and more and more pores started opening, shrinking, and expanding.

There was a vast colorless airflow covering the surface of his arms, and he could feel his fists becoming more powerful while his lungs were becoming stronger too. Now he could inhale more air with a higher conversion rate of true qi and less waste exhausted.

Suddenly, a screaming noise came from his smartwatch.

"Well." Jiang Shaoliu opened his eyes and looked at the watch with joy.

It was a signal from the monkey king that he was back now.

These days, the monkey king and Xiao Bai acted with the special action teams separately, working and resting in the 6 dangerous areas. Sometimes they came back with some rare fruits, but occasionally they brought nothing, then they would rest before going back to hunt again.

The monkey and the tiger had made such great contributions to the Yungang League. They worked really hard.

When he walked out of the shelter, he was surprised by what he saw.

It had been several days since he'd seen the monkey king, who had now grown to almost 40 meters high. He had stronger muscles like a lofty hill reflected by the lights in the evening.

"Shaoliu." The monkey king looked at Jiang Shaoliu, giggled, reached out two fingers, picked him up and put him on his shoulder.

Jiang Shaoliu giggled, took some of his hair, grabbed and said in a surprised tone: "So, your hair is stronger and you've gotten taller, have you condensed the forth life ring?"

"I just made it this afternoon, now I'm back and will take you to Huaguo Mountain." The monkey king's voice was solid and he was speaking quietly, so that the workers wouldn't hear: "Let's go, now."

Blinking, Jiang Shaoliu felt a little puzzled: "Huaguo Mountain? To the water curtain cave? But we can only break the stones when we have nine life rings, we have far less than that right now."

Without explanation, the monkey king reached out one finger and pressed Jiang Shaoliu's head, he said in a low voice: "Hold yourself steady."

With these words, they left the scope of the construction site, while a golden light burst out from under his feet as they ran at high speed.

It was more than 4,000 kilometers from the Yungang League to Huaguo Mountain. They took the detour through the three dangerous areas. However, the monkey king walked straight and crossed those three areas, vutting the distance in half. He walked about 140 meters with each step.

Some evil birds were flying above the road but they didn't dare to fall since the monsters could feel the great pressure from the monkey king. They were escaping in all directions.

Standing in the whistling wind on the monkey king's shoulder, Jiang Shaoliu measured the area around and felt anxious and doubtful.

They had been staying in the Yungang League for almost two months. Meanwhile, there were even more changes to the landforms. The mountains were higher, tresses were stronger, and the gullies were deeper and wider. They even saw some silver monsters on the road, which had been rather rare previously, and bronze monsters with three life rings could be found everywhere and they were running really fast.

"Hey, monkey king, have you seen any golden monsters in the dangerous areas recently?" asked Jiang Shaoliu: "And have you found the Amur tiger?"

The monkey king replied in a low voice: "No, golden monsters are rather rare and they can hide really well, so it's not easy to find them. I don't know where the Amur tiger is but it cannot defeat me."

"Aha… "Jiang Shaoliu laughed.

The Amur tiger was very powerful and clever. It would not be easy for the monkey king to find where it was hiding.

Two hours later, Huaguo Mountain was outlined clearly in the darkness, which made the monkey king feel excited. His golden light was brighter and his eyes were shinier too. He was rushing fast towards the mountain.

The Huaguo Mountain had changed obviously compared to the previous several months, it was higher and some of the trees were growing more than 200 meters high, which was higher than the skyscrapers. Some dark vines dropped from the top of the trees, which were more than several meters in diameter. There were many barbs on them and they were coming to wrap around the monkey king.

"Ow…" The monkey king waved his big hands while the golden true qi flowed on the surface of his arms, then he pulled down some of the vines.


The vines stretched tight and shook with the big tree while many leaves fell. Above them, the giant evil birds were flying and circling in the sky. They were bright silver in color and their claws were shining with white light and a layer of white turbulence covered them.

"Those are evil birds with four silver rings." Jiang Shaoliu felt a little surprised.

He had never seen such strong birds in the six dangerous areas around the Yungang city, but they could be found on Huaguo Mountain.

The monkey king pulled at the vines and roared to the sky. A gold light burst out and he pounded fiercely on his bulging chest, getting ready to roar.

Feeling the danger, the silver evil birds spread their wings, flew into the sky and dodged them.

The vines on the trees stopped attacking also and disappeared slowly. They were extremely long and tangled on the branches in dozens of layers, which were rather strong.

The monkey king stopped exerting himself and took a deep breath. He turned to look at Jiang Shaoliu and said in a low voice: "Don't be afraid, I'm here with you and nothing can hurt you."

"No." Jiang Shaoliu said with a smile: "It's your zone and you are cool."

With a smile, the monkey king burst out and covered the surrounding area in yellow light, then he roared at the top of the mountain in a low voice.

It was like thunder as it shook the surrounding branches, cracked the stones, and made water splash in the distant rivers. The monsters knew that the monkey king was back and they were running in all directions out of fear.

The monkey king stopped roaring, looked around, chose a direction, and rushed out again.

"What are you up to?" Jiang Shaoliu was a little puzzled.

There were so many changes in the mountain but he could identify the general direction, and he knew the monkey king was not going to the water curtain cave.

It was impossible to identify the road and the surrounding scenery when they reached the hillside of the mountain since it was covered by fog. The monkey king slowed down, turned left and then right as if he was entering a certain kind of tactical deployment of troops, who had to follow the correct routine to move on.

"Wow." Standing on his shoulder, Jiang Shaoliu's nostrils flared and his eyes lit up.

An unknown fragrance became stronger and stronger as if there were mixed rare fruits nearby. Some of them were sweet, clean, fresh, and hot, it made him feel excited when he smelled them.

The monkey king moved on, then suddenly, he stopped and smelled with his big nose and looked excited.

"I've found it." He turned back, reached out for Jiang Shaoliu and put him on the ground proudly: "I've picked them for you, Shaoliu, enjoy them now."

This made him feel surprised.

There was such a strong smell. Though he couldn't see anything, he smelled it when he was more than 20 meters off the ground on the monkey king's shoulder. He found that it was a big pit ahead, inside the pit were various kinds of rare fruits, the big ones were like water vats and the small ones like glass balls, and there were approximately hundreds of them.

"Hello, monkey king." Jiang Shaoliu's mouth was watering, he turned back and shouted at him: "We shouldn't eat as much as we want, or it may cause big trouble."

It was ok for medical and Lingbao fruits, but the key point was that there might be something that appears on the body if there were etherealizing fruits here. It would be ok to have wings, legs, or arms, but it might be scary to have new horns or a tail.

"Don't worry, they are all medical fruits, and they can help make you stronger." The monkey king patted himself on the chest, squatted on the ground, and reached out his fingers to poke and urge him: "Take them, now, we have something to deal with later."

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