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Feeling the undisguised killing intent from Liu Haifeng, the group of ten seemed sullen.They were ready to fight him,but even if they won, some of them might die or be badly injured.

But to surrender without fight? They wouldn't do it for this person.

"Steal from the monsters if you are so strong," said the broadsword man,his chest heaving in anger."You call yourself a man, robbing us like this?"

Liu Haifeng lowered the black sword. "Don't blame me for being cruel, since you chose to die this way."

As he spoke, he shot forward like a ghost, the black sword striking the broadswordsman's neck like a flash of black lightning.

However, this man was ready for this and held the massive weapon out in front of him to block the attack.

"Ha!" sneered Liu Haifeng. He pirouetted in the air, his long black sword tracing bloody lines around him, slicing muscles and tendons like a hot knife through butter.

With a choked cry, two of the men behind the broad swordsman fell down, blood spraying from their severed arteries.

Another three men's arms were severed, leaving only clean-cut stumps. They clenched their teeth as cold sweat beaded up on their foreheads, but didn't dare to make a sound.

A few others rushed to the ones who fell bleeding to the ground and helped them bandage their wounds.They would surely die if they were not given emergency medical treatment. There was a hospital nearby, but the doctors and the nurses were long gone.Who knew whether there was any medicine or medical equipment left there?A professional surgeon was required to treat this kind of injury.

Behind the ruined building, Jiang Shaoliu scratched the back of his head. That Liu Haifeng guy was really brutal.

Xiao Bai growled and slowly went out from behind the building.

"Who's there?" Liu Haifeng turned around suddenly, stunned to see the tiger's white, elephantine form.Squinting, he identified Jiang Shaoliu on the beast's back.

"Why did you kill them?" Jiang Shaoliu said loudly. He jumped down and stood in front of Liu Haifeng. "You killed them for a fruit?Is that plant more important than human life?"

Liu Haifeng looked him up and down and threateningly raised the black sword in his hand."Well, where are you from? How dare you make such careless remarks in my presence?"

"What an arrogant prick…"thought Jiang Shaoliu with a grimace on his face.

The broad swordsman shuffled over to Jiang Shaoliu and whispered to him: "Hey man, Liu Haifeng is a very powerful man.We appreciate your help, but you really should leave."

"Impossible," said Liu Haifeng,icily. He had noticed the basket on Xiao Bai's back, filled with various kinds of rare fruits, which seemed in no way inferior to the particular fruit he was trying to get off the hunting party. Jiang Shaoliu had brought him a great gift and he wasn't about to let him walk off with it so easily.

"You want to kill me, too?" Jiang Shaoliu returned the glare.

Liu Haifeng was an unscrupulous man.He cared about nothing, including lives, human nature, and the law,if they stood between him and the magical fruits he coveted.

"You will go to Hell if you don't abide by Heaven." Liu Haifeng had made up his mind.He wanted to take all of the rare plants for himself, both from Xiao Bai and the broad swordsman.

Instantly, he rushed towards Jiang Shaoliu, so quick that dust clouds billowed after him.

"Not so fast!"

Seeing that Liu Haifeng was really planning to kill him, Jiang Shaoliu dug in his heels and threw a punch straight ahead at the approaching blade of the black sword. Liu Haifeng was deflected to the side,merely brushing past Jiang Shaoliu.

He stumbled to a halt several meters away, frozen in disbelief.No one matched him in speed.How could Jiang Shaoliu have blocked his explosive charge?

Clearly, there was far more to that young man than met the eye.

"Kid, you have skills,but do you think you're the first one to try me?" Liu Haifeng sneered.His right arm flashed with bronze light..

It was the power of the life ring.

The moment Liu Haifeng's sword was blocked by Jiang Shaoliu, he activated his life ring and his body gradually turned to bronze. He wanted to finish this battle as soon as possible.

However, Jiang Shaoliu struck before Liu Haifeng could make his next move. A fist like a sledgehammer barreled towards Liu Haifeng's chest with heavy force.

With an angered scream, Liu Haifeng brought his sword down hard on Jiang Shaoliu's fist. Blade met knuckle, but it was not a scene of blood and gore.Instead, a clear metallic sound rang out.

With a massive shock, Liu Haifeng's right arm was shattered by a mysterious power, his bronze glow vanishing immediately. His arm bones seemed to have spontaneously exploded from the inside out, bone fragments jutting out through the skin and blood dripping everywhere. Jiang Shaoliu didn't stop.With the sword out of his way, his fist pressed on to smash into Liu Haifeng's chest like a meteor from Heaven.

Bones cracked.

With broken ribs and a thin stream of blood escaping his mouth, Liu Haifeng was blown backward so quickly he couldn't even hold on to his sword,which fell to the ground with a clatter.

Liu Haifeng hit a lamppost on the side of the road, leaving a deep bend in it.Slowly, he forced himself back up to his feet, supporting himself against the lamppost.

"How can this be?" he mumbled in a trembling voice, his breath erratic. "How can you be so strong even without a life ring? Unbelievable…"

Only a light white mark remained on Jiang Shaoliu's knuckles, while Liu Haifeng was seriously injured.

The party of ten were flabbergasted and didn't know what to say.

That young man was as stable as a mountain when he punched. He was much faster and stronger than Liu Haifeng, and most importantly, he didn't even use a life ring's power.

They had never seen this kind of power before.

Liu Haifeng barely dared to breathe.Not because of fear, but because of the piercing pain in his chest. Every breath that went into his crushed ribs was agony.

The wind wailed.

Jiang Shaoliuex haled evenly. He seemed peaceful, but his eyes were cold.He would never show any mercy to a lowlife such as Liu Haifeng.

Liu Haifeng became unnerved by Jiang Shaoliu's death glare.There was no way he could escape.He had to stand and fight, come what may.Despite the shooting pain,he rushed forward for his black sword.

"You can't kill me!" he bellowed crazily, holding the black sword out in front of him with his intact arm, which glowed with a bronze hue, reflecting on his face as a faint green.

Jiang Shaoliu improved his stance, his back foot stomping on the ground so heavily it entrenched itself ten centimeters deep in the earth. Muscle energy condensed from his legs and torso into another punch.

A shock wave exploded forward as his fist broke through the speed of sound, shattering the last few intact windows in the surrounding buildings. The broad swordsman and his fellows dropped to the ground, covering their ears.

Liu Haifeng stood trembling all over,the bronze light vanishing again without a trace as his black sword cracked and disintegrated into fragments right before his eyes.

It seemed as if Liu Haifeng had suddenly lost the support of his bones,as he pathetically crumpled to the ground, where he lay twitching and bleeding out of his eye sockets and ears.

Jiang Shaoliu struck once to cripple him, and once to eliminate him.

Liu Haifeng was dying, but he regained consciousness just before death.

"How? How could you smash my sword and overpower my life ring even though you don't have a condensed life ring of your own?" Liu Haifeng lay twitching, but his eyes were focused squarely on Jiang Shaoliu's. "Just tell me so I can die in peace."

Jiang Shaoliu didn't know what to say. He had already realized that it was Liu Haifeng's bronze life ring that turned his arms bronze when he let its power flow through him. He also had the same kind of life ring and he also could release its warm flow of energy into his body, but it wouldn't make his skin glow bronze. At the same time, he could reach much higher levels of strength and speed than Liu Haifeng when using his life ring.

Liu Haifeng died desperately and regretfully, without ever getting his answer from Jiang Shaoliu, his eyes still open.

Walking up to Jiang Shaoliu from behind, Xiao Bai gently nudged his shoulder.

The broad swordsman bravely approached Jiang Shaoliu as well, but Xiao Bai turned around suddenly and growled threateningly, baring its huge fangs. It wouldn't allow anybody to come near Jiang Shaoliu without his permission.

Jiang Shaoliu didn't feel too excited after killing Liu Haifeng. He was about to turn back and go on his way when he noticed that Liu Haifeng's body was emitting a black light,which slowly condensed into a black long sword,which floated in the air in front of Jiang Shaoliu.

It was identical to the one Liu Haifeng had used.

This really surprised everyone around him. They had seen powerful men with life rings die fighting the monsters, but nothing unusual ever happened afterwards. Usually, their bodies were eaten by the beasts.

But now, Liu Haifeng's body formed the shape of his magic weapon after he died. This had tobe related to this mysterious young man.

As Jiang Shaoliu's considered this, the ethereal iron rod suddenly burst out of him, leaping up high and striking the black sword after excitedly circling his head a few times.


This black sword was smashed to bits, like fragile glass. The iron rod whistled and whirled in the air, forming a vortex which completely absorbed the black sword's remains.

Astonished, the onlookers stepped back slowly, looking at Jiang Shaoliu with fear and confusion.

"Why did you devour his heavenly weapon?" one of the men behind the broadsword man managed. He immediately regretted this, quickly slinking away to the back of the group so as to avoid Jiang Shaoliu's attention.

"Heavenly weapon?"

Jiang Xiaoliu's gaze slowly turned to the man who had just spoken.

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