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At the front of the Gangxing Group formation, the lady in purple lifted her arms, silver light shining in her eyes.

A hundred fingers were placed on a hundred triggers.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Five people's heads exploded, splashing their comrades with brain matter.

Before the five dropped all the way to the ground, another five were shot.

The formation determinately held its ground.

On the cliff high above the action, Ruo Feng moved his camera arm back and forth trying to find the source of the shots.

The viewers' hearts were in their mouths.

Jiang Shaoliu pulled the snail shell fragment out of his pocket, his feet sending rubble flying everywhere with every step.

Faster, faster…

The lady in purple dropped her arm: "Fire!!"

A deafening crackle of gunfire shook the mountainside. Machineguns, high-powered sniper rifles and rocket launchers all unloading their ammunition at Jiang Shaoliu simultaneously.

Ten rockets screamed out in a puff of smoke and whooshed in his direction.

Jiang Shaoliu was in the five-hundred-meter range.


Eight or nine rockets exploded in air, the shockwaves disrupting the ballistic trajectory of the ones around them and sending them every which way.

Two or three exploded right in front of Jiang Shaoliu, making him vanish in a cloud of dust and smoke.

A huge shockwave spread out in all directions, throwing debris everywhere.

Someone cried out, "Got him!"

A human shadow crossed through the shockwave and burst out the other side of the smoke cloud.

His combat suit was torn in some places, with some red-hot and smoking metal threads exposed.

Jiang Shaoliu was still alive.

The viewers of Ruo Feng live stream went wild.

"What kind of combat suit is he wearing? It looks like it's made of metal wires…"

"Damn, how is he still alive? Those buffoons don't deserve to work for Miss Yi!"

"Who's with Jiang Shaoliu? Comment your name!"

"But how is Jiang Shaoliu still alive? That was a direct hit!"

Jiang Shaoliu's lacerated face was frenzied.

He didn't feel so hungry now. White steam appeared over the wounds caused by the rocket fragments, but they were rapidly healing.

It seemed as if the stomach ring somehow realized the medicinal heavenly fruit's energy was more urgently needed elsewhere.

The wounds disappeared in mere seconds.

With the combination of his bulletproof combat suit and skin and the unheard-of thirty-odd rare fruits he had eaten in the past few minutes, it would have been absurd to think those rockets would really harm him.

He wasn't even slowed down.

The three team leaders jumped out from behind the purple lady and rushed towards him wildly.

"Eat my fist!" Jiang Shaoliu bellowed in apish frenzy.


The one with the electric rod exploded disintegrated into fleshy shrapnel as a red-eyed Jiang Shaoliu ploughed straight through him.

The other two stopped abruptly behind him and looked at each other in a panic.

What the hell was that?

Gritting her teeth, the purple lady quickly got out of the way.

Jiang Shaoliu glanced at her and brushed past in an instant.

Bang bang bang!

Three Gangxing Group agents behind her were hit and thrown to the ground, unable to get up again.

Ruo Feng looked at his watch.

The viewers were engrossed in fierce debates in his livestream chat, but not many people were supporting Jiang Shaoliu.

Ruo Feng gave a shallow laugh and went on filming.

Three hundred meters up, Tai was holding on to a crack in the cliff face with his right hand and reached for the purple rare fruit with his left.

A human figure whizzed by him, its five fingers piercing the rock as if it were made of porridge, immediately grabbing Tai's arm.

"What the…"

Tai's strained until he was red in the face, but he couldn't move at all.

"The fruit belongs to me." Jiang Shaoliu tore Tai off the cliff face and held him with one hand, letting him dangle over the chasm below.

With his other hand, he snatched up the rare fruit and shoved it into his mouth, clutching the seam in the cliff again before gravity realized what was happening.

Then he let go and dropped twenty meters down before thrusting his fingers into the sheer rock again and stopping himself.

After repeating this ten times, the two were hanging just thirty meters above the bottom of the cliff.

Jiang Shaoliu threw Tai away and backflipped away from the cliff, landing stably on his feet.

Tai crashed into an outcrop of rocks and struggled to climb out, wiping blood off his face and pointing at the emblem on his chest as he yelled angrily at Jiang Shaoliu, "Why did you do that? I'm from the Hongfa Group and I'm here to protect you."

Jiang Shaoliu barely glanced at him. "Dumbass."

Hearing this, the livestream chat immediately began drowning under a deluge of laughing emoticons.

"Damn, the Hongfa Group has announced that they are going to protect Jiang Shaoliu, right? Why did he throw that guy away like that?"

"Jiang Shaoliu is so hardcore, he even attacks his own people. I bet he has a ton of friends lol."

"Hahaha, is Hongfa kidding? Why do they want to make friends with Jiang Shaoliu when he couldn't give a rat's ass about them?"

"Absolutely. He's making them look super needy and lame. I bet they're totally embarrassed."

On the lowest platform of Liang Duan Mountain.

They were still over two hundred meters to the next platform and Yungang four greatest masters were progressing rather slowly.

Monsters continued to rush up from all sides, clawing their way over the bloodied bodies of dead and dying beasts

Lin Yuetao leaped up on a tall rock and roared.

The monsters wobbled as if drunk as the sound wave struck, their bronze color fading a little.

"Keep going!" Lin Yuetao rushed first, a solitary drop of sweat sliding down his forehead.

They were only fifty meters away from the next platform, when the stunned beasts began to snap out of it, their bronze light becoming brighter again.

Lin Yuetao's eyes light up and he crossed the final stretch with one huge leap, silver light erupting dazzlingly under his feet.

Bai Long, Chi Xiao and Yin Manshu were close behind.

The second platform of Liang Duan Mountain were absolutely quiet.

The four looked around in confusion. Angry roared echoed from far below.

It seemed those monsters below were afraid of something. They didn't dare to climb up, no matter how frenzied and agitated they were.

Yin Manshu raised her arm and made a call on her smart watch. "Status report?"

"Miss Yin, we could not defeat him," sounded the purple-clad lady's voice. "Jiang Shaoliu is too strong."

Yin Manshu's face froze immediately. "You're all a bunch of useless bums!"

After a short silence, the lady continued: "The military got involved and we lost ten rocket launcher specialists. Jiang Shaoliu threw Tai from the Hongfa Group down a cliff."

"Just a bunch of bums." Yin Manshu growled and disconnected. She looked at Lin Yuetao.

Lin Yuetao caught her gaze and smiled

She hummed at him coldly, then went to Chi Xiao, tapping her watch.

The top floor of the Hongfa Group office building.

Li Xiang sat facing the computer, seething with anger. Files, notebooks, pens… all the office supplies were thrown to the floor, glass fragments scattering everywhere.

"Damn you, Jiang Shaoliu!!"

Incoming comments filled the screen in Ruo Feng's livestream. Jiang Shaoliu was talking with the military master, but they were out of hearing distance.

The viewers had mixed reactions.

He even attacks his own people…

Couldn't give a rat's ass about them…

Needy and lame…

They're probably totally embarrassed…

"Goddamn you, Jiang Shaoliu!"

Li Xiang punched a big hole into the computer screen and electric sparks shot out.

Beep beep beep.

His smart watch rang.

He quickly calmed himself down when he saw the caller ID. "Yin Manshu?"

He picked up.

Her voice said, "Do you want to make friends, or fight against me over Jiang Shaoliu? I want to know your answer."

After a pause, she continued: "Chi Xiao is here with me and he wants to know the same."

"Are you threatening me?" Li Xiang grinned hideously. "Let me tell you, I will never change my mind, even if the Gangxing Group and the Yungang League are cooperating!"

After a long pause, Yin Manshu's cold voice came through the speaker: "So, what's your answer?"

Li Xiang gnashed his teeth and kicked the office desk in front of him across the room.

"Jiang Shaoliu pisses me off!"

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