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Chapter 44 The Rain on Liang Duan Mountain

The sonic boom could be heard for two miles around, engulfing thousands of monsters.

The closest monster, a giant lizard, collapsed in front of Lin Yuetao, bleeding from its ears and convulsing.

Two giant rhinos toppled over with their eyeballs exploded.

Five ironback wolves scattered hysterically, making it to about two hundred meters before collapsing.

Monstrous birds of prey dropped from the sky one by one, beating their wings wildly in a flurry of feathers.

Almost every living thing in a two miles radius collapsed, bleeding and convulsing, some losing control of their bowels, which caused a foul smell to linger on the foothills of the mountain.

After a minute, the whole valley became silent.

Lin Yuetao frowned and covered his nose before striding onwards through the obstacle course of twitching bodies.

Other monsters rushed in like a tide and filled the gap behind him.

The entrance of Valentine Valley.

Everyone cheered with joy when they heard the lion's roar in the distance.

"Faster, we have to catch up with the captain!"

The skinny master from the elite military unit was facing a giant bear. He crouched down and erupted forward, man and beast brushing past each other with the force of a hurricane.

The giant bear roared and staggered, its entrails slipping through a deep, bloody gash on its belly.

The brawny master rushed in wildly and smashed his fist into the bear's ribs.

The giant bear flipped over backwards and flew ten meters away, struggling on the ground for a short moment before becoming still.

The fifty-odd other elite warriors held their guns with bronze or sliver light glittering in their eyes.

"Lieutenant Chen, we can just follow him, we don't need to fight everything in our path!" Liu Gung and Chen Anguo were rushing side by side, with alloy longswords in their hands, clearing a path through the hordes of beasts.

Liu Guang sliced off the front legs of a wolf as it leaped at him. The carcass flew past him, leaving a trail of blood on the ground.

"We had to clear a path for the rest of the unit!" Chen Anguo shouted to Liu Guang and leaped away, leaving a trail of blue airflow.

Liu Guang exclaimed with surprise: "Lieutenant Chen, you've got your third ring?"

"Yes, I felt it just now. A rush of heat blew through all my meridians. "

"Anguo, you're so lucky," Chen Fusheng said enviously. "I bet whatever is in Doctor Jiang has rubbed off on you a little."

Chen Anguo laughed, "Fusheng, you're Mr. Jiang's friend too. Maybe you'll get lucky soon, too!"

Chen Fusheng smiled, "I like the sound of that. Let's hurry up."

More than a hundred military masters charged at full speed across the blood-and-guts-strewn field.


Jiang Shaoliu threw a punch like a sledgehammer.

A bounty hunter left the ground for a brief moment before collapsing spread-eagled on his back, his eyes rolling in their sockets.

The four remaining Gangxing Group agents fired wildly on the move, zigzagging between large trees and stones.

Screams broke the sky as a bright white light flashed past them.

Bloody body parts scattered everywhere as torsos, legs, heads and rifles were sliced in half, as neatly as a hot knife through butter.

Jiang Shaoliu jumped past the gruesome scene and picked up the bloodstained, razor-sharp piece of snail shell.

He looked up.

Valentine Valley lay ahead.

On the other side of Valentine Valley.

Bai Long sprinted to the mountain, sword in hand.

Three giant jackals blocked his path. Bai Long leaped into the air and swung the blade harshly, a chilly white energy blast shooting out of it and instantly decapitating all three beasts.

Several hundred meters behind, Tai was leading the rest of the team to the sound of continuous fire.

Two rocket grenades arced through the air and exploded among the beasts.


Two huge fireballs went up, flinging howling giant beasts and body parts dozens of meters in every direction.

"Come on, we have to catch up with Bai Long!" Tai roared over the chaotic din.

A boar the size of a semi-truck screamed and charged at Tai, its enormous, curved tusks glimmering in the sun.

Tai turned silver all over, muscles bulging, and met it with his best punch.


The boar's jaws crumpled inward and its whole body somersaulted over Tai's head and crashed a few meters behind him, shaking and gurgling miserably until someone stabbed it through the skull.

Tai ran on, waving to those straggling behind: "Don't waste time! Forward!"

The northern face of Liang Duan Mountain was densely covered with monsters.

Chi Xiao's fingers were bent like silver hooks, dripping with blood as he sprinted and dodged through the throngs of massive bodies, occasionally slashing his way past something he could not avoid.

He kept on moving forward, dumped and a bunch of rotten meat fell on the ground mixed with half bloody throat.

About four hundred meters behind him, Gui Gui, Meng Po and Tie Ying were cutting a path through the dazed and injured monsters Chi Xiao left behind.

Those blood killing guards behind were expressionless, they were in cold breath and neat, running very fast.

On the south side of the mountain.

The thirty masters of Team One fired nonstop, raining bullets and grenades upon the masses of giant beasts.

Fire and smoke covered the area, pieces of flesh and blood flying in all directions.

Monsters screamed and roared in a frenzy. The weaker ones trampled over each other in their attempt to get away.

Yin Manshu calmly walked in the front rank, the woman in the purple uniform holding an umbrella over her head.

Bits of charred flesh occasionally bounced off the umbrella, spraying gore over the attendant.

"Be careful, Miss Yi," the woman lowered her head.

Yin Manshu screwed up her features in disgust and covered her little nose with a silk handkerchief as she carefully sidestepped the puddles of blood and heaps of guts strewn about. Her tight combat suit remained pristinely clean.

Both blood and dirt froze solid as she stepped over them, not one stain sticking to her shined boots.

It seemed the group was moving very slowly.

But they were advancing very fast.

The swarm of monsters became denser the further the military advanced into the valley; the frosty fog became thicker until they were surrounded by an impenetrable white cloud, filled with the roars and shrieks of monsters from every directions.


Lin Yuetao suddenly stopped in his tracks.

A herd of thirty monsters came stampeding out of the fog, the smallest of them being three men in height and the largest - twice that. It was a grey bear standing there, its palm was more than 3 meters just like a giant cattail fan with horned growth.

A bear broke away from the group and growled at Lin Yuetao, towering above him like a four-story building on its hind legs, its razor-sharp claws almost a meter long.

Lin Yuetao jumped high, his figure blurring momentarily in a great silver flash.


His knee crashed into the bear's lower jaw.

The bear moaned, bloodied shards of its teeth tumbling out of its open mouth as it staggered backward and eventually toppled over and fell on its back, its massive form shaking the ground and throwing up a cloud of dust.

The other monsters hesitated for a few moments before retreating.

A strange fragrance permeated the cold air a short while later. "Is that from the fruit?"

Lin Yuetao kept going, but the fog was so thick he could barely see the path ahead.

He muttered to himself and raised his left arm to tap a few buttons on his smart watch.

The watch beeped to indicate that the connection was established.

"General, this is Lion Warrior," he said into the device. "Requesting artificial rain on Liang Duan Mountain."

General Xu Jianjun's voice came from the watch: "What for?"

Lin Yuetao replied in a low voice, "I can smell the target but am unable to determine the exact location due to the heavy fog in Valentine Valley."

"Authorized," came the general's voice after a few seconds. "ETA: thirty minutes."

Lin Yuetao looked around.

The monsters weren't going to stay away for that long. The growls and roars sounded closer and closer.

He reached into his gear belt and pulled out a bundle of alloy rods, tossing them high into the air. "I don't think I can hold them off for more than twenty, sir."

"Copy that. Out." Xu Jianjun disconnected.

All at once, a swarm of giant monsters charged wildly out of the fog.

Lin Yuetao stretched out his arm and the rods exploded in the air.


Silver skewers rained from the sky like a glittering meteor shower.

"Get out of my way or die."

Jiang Shaoliu came to halt just beyond the valley.

A group of over twenty masters encircled him - two combat teams from the Yungang League and at least ten bounty hunters.

"Jiang Shaoliu, show me your breathing technique or you will die miserably!" a bounty hunter, silver all over and armed with a long, serrated dagger, rasped greedily.

The Yungang League office spoke: "We will let you go if you show me your martial techniques."

Jiang Shaoliu closed his eyes.

"I am a merciful person, but you have yourselves to blame for getting in my way."

He opened his eyes and roared. It was the Ape Fist, with the ape's wild mind. He was going to fight now.

A deep pit exploded out of the ground as Jiang Shaoliu launched himself upwards, casting debris in all directions. His indistinct figure zoomed like a specter through the fog.

The bounty hunter cautiously stuck out his serrated dagger, his eyes darting around.


The alloy steel dagger snapped in half; blood spilled on the dirt. The man looked down blankly and found a palm-sized hole in his ribs.

He looked back up at Jiang Shaoliu and crumpled down on the ground as his strength rapidly left him.

Unnerving sounds carried through the cold fog.

Bodies exploding, muscles tearing, bones crunching, heads rolling… Silence was restored after no more than ten seconds. Only the cries and roars of the beasts could be heard in the distance.

After a few peaceful seconds, two jet planes could be heard roaring over Liang Duan Mountain.

Jiang Shaoliu looked up into the sky, but nothing could be seen through the fog.


Drip drip drip.

Wet dots began to appear on the earth around him.

All at once, bucketing rain began falling on Liang Duan Mountain.

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