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Jiang Shaoliu sat on Xiao Bai's back, grim-faced, as the tiger galloped down the road.

He was still thinking about what the broadsword man had told him about the Hongfa Group. How could a private enterprise focusing on pharmaceuticals become one of the four strongest faction in the city?There had to be something unusualgoing on.

He had just killed Liu Haifeng, who had belonged to this group, and was currently headed to find Li Xiang,the son of the Group's CEO. He was hoping to find his young sister, Jiang Xiaoyun with him.

Things were getting a little complicated.

The howling wind whipped at his clothes. He picked up a fruit from the basket strapped to the tiger's back, feeling the warmth that emanated from it.

"Xiao Bai, turn left."

The city was very different from what he remembered.There were many hills and woods, as well as deep gorges and empty wastelands. The gigantic Xiao Bai easily crossed over any obstacles in their path.

Xiao Bai ran and jumped to the summit of a large hill covered with thick vegetation and giant trees.

"Let's have a rest here," Shouted Jiang Shaoliu after they crossed an area of jagged rocks and sheer cliffs.

Xiao Bai slowed down and let Jaing Shaoliu off his back before trotting off to find some water.

Jiang Shaoliu stood on a large, flat stone, 5 meters high, and practiced the Great Sage's Formula, his arms like steel beams and his legs like pillars of stone.

With the breathing technique taught to him by the black iron rod, he inhaled the cold air and felt warm all over. When he punched, he could feel his spiritual energy circulating and his fatigue quickly wearing off.

The wind wailed. Jiang Shaoliu finished practicing without a single drop of sweat on his brow. Now his body was rippling with toned muscles, while his bright eyes shone with power.

He had practiced for almost half an hour, but Xiao Bai hadn't come back yet.

Jiang Shaoliu sat cross-legged and frowned. "What's taking him so long to find some water?"

The Great Sage's Formula was not only for building up the body.It also strengthened the five key internal organs and improved his senses,so that he exceeded ordinary people in every aspect. Jiang Shaoliu sat alone, listening to everything that could be heard, but kept silent inside.He had the ability to amplify useful sounds and tune out useless sounds.

The buzzing of insects and the chirping of bird slowly faded away, while the rustling of leaves became weaker and weaker. Jiang Shaoliu remembered seeing Xiao Bai run off to the west and focused on that direction.

The wind wailed again.

It was a westerly wind, carrying with it a mix of distant sounds, which disturbed him a lot.


Jiang Shaoliu opened his eyes suddenly.

He could hear the roars of wild beasts.Other than Xiao Bai, there were at least ten other beasts in the west, and even a few humans.

Jiang Shaoliu quickly jumped down from the big stone. With an explosive burst of power from his muscles, he shot off like a speeding arrow towards the west.

Xiao Bai had to be OK!

A lotus flower swayed in the wind on a flat stone at the top of a hill.In the middle of the flower was a jade-like fruit, shining brightly. It emitted an exhilarating fragrance that could be smelt from a distance.

There was a dark green off-road vehicle on the side of the hill.A man sitting in the passenger seat was holding a sniper rifle,taking aim at a tusked boar in the distance.

The boar was almost five meters in length and more than three meters in height, much smaller than Xiao Bai. It was standing beside Xiao Bai,alongside ten or so other beasts, confronting five young men in black waistcoats.

On their chests were golden emblems in the shape of an "X" made up of four slender triangles.

"Mr. Wang, I just got my life ring and I want to try it out." One squinty-eyed young man spat at his palms and rubbed them together, then pulled out a short knife from his waist. "These monsters don't have life rings. I can easily deal with them myself."

The one called Mr. Wang had a scar on his left cheek.Sweat gleamed on his strong, dark muscles,and he was holding a metal spike over a meter long. He nodded and pointed to the basket on Xiao Bai's back: "Be careful not to damage the fruits in that basket.They are probably worth a lot."

"All right!" Agreed the squinty-eyed young man with excitement in his eyes.

Until now, he had only been responsible for driving and supporting the others who were fighting.Now that he had condensed his own life ring,he was dying to give it a go himself.

The wind howled.

He leaned forward and shot forward, the knife in his right hand slicing through the air with a cold light.

A grey bear arched its back and leaped out with its strong hind legs towards the young man, its hulking form casting a huge shadow on the ground below it like a flying semi-truck.

"Stupid beast!" The squinty-eyed young man slid under its paws and cut through its belly with his bright knife.

They flew past each other, the young man landing steadily on his feet, sneering as he stuck out his tongue and licked the blood on his knife.

The bear rolled a few times across the dirt, its blood staining the ground. A dark smear formed around the wound on the left side of its gut, which made it roar with pain.

Its sharp claws had scraped across the man's arms, but did nothing.

His skin had turned to bronze, and the bear couldn't break through this defense.

Mr. Wang nodded with satisfaction in the distance.

That squinty-eyed young man was skilled with a knife and had a sharp mind.He knew it was impossible to fight with the bear head-on. He had the powerful bronzed body, but the bear was so strong that a good smack from one of its paws could shake up his insides and cause massive internal bleeding.

Amongst the other beasts, Xiao Bai was starting to feel a little nervous, but didn't dare to make a move.

The tiger's heart beat wildly every time it looked up the hill and saw the person in that metal box aiming at it with that black thing.

That was the threat of a sniper rifle. Xiao Bai was particularly sensitive to this kind of danger.

The only thing that bothered Xiao Bai even more was that he never got a chance to drink at all and was still extremely thirsty.

The tusked boar next to Xiao Bai squealed to the sky and beat the ground with its hooves, sending debris flying everywhere.

It was ready to charge.

Meanwhile, the wounded grey bear was limping back to the safety of its fellow beasts' ranks.It was not long before the sound of an echoing crack reached them from further up the hill.

The sniper in the off-road vehicle pulled the trigger and hit the back of the bear's skull. The armor-piercing bullet tore apart both muscle and bone and bore through the brain before exiting out the left eye socket with a splash of blood and brain matter.

The huge body of the bear collapsed heavily to the ground, its limbs twitching for a few moments longer.

The wind wailed.

With a snarl, the boar bolted madly past the five hunters towards the armored car like a derailed locomotive, shaking the ground with each hoof beat.

"Hey hey!" the man with the brand-new life ring sneered, before starting after the boar and stabbing his knife into its hind leg.

The boar lost its balance mid-step, stumbling forward for a few more steps before crashing to the ground with a high-pitched squeal.

It was a harsh impact. Its left front leg snapped, exposing the bones in a blur of blood. The giant beast struggled to climb up from the ground, shaking and groaning.

Its large eyes were like bloodshot basins.Against these powerful humans, it was nothing but pork on the chopping board. Its resistance was futile.

Xiao Bai became restless.Its feline mind knew that it had to escape, since the beasts were no match for these humans.

Jiang Shaoliu could clearly hear the loud crack of the sniper rifle echo in the distance.He slowed down. Despite already having fought with many monsters and powerful humans, he was not so confident in facing up against guns.

Xiao Bai ran madly, zigzagging to try to avoid the incoming bullets.

The beasts scattered in all directions in utter pandemonium, but the squinty-eyed man had a clear goal of acquiring the basket on Xiao Bai's back, regardless of whether the other monsters escaped.

He slashed against and again, slicing several cuts into Xiao Bai's hide.They were not very deep, but blood tinted its white fur and made it run more slowly.

In the off-road vehicle, the sniper tracked the tiger's head through the telescopic sight. Any second now he was going to blow the white tiger's brains out.


A stone smashed into the bulletproof windshield of the armored car, shattering it like an armor-piercing shell and showering the sniper in glass shards.

The sniper took his sights off of Xiao Bai and squinted into the distance.If that stone had hit him, he might not have withstood it even with a bronzed body.

Jiang Shaoliu stood on the hillside more than a hundred meters away. He held a stone in each hand,several more piled by his feet.

Seeing Jiang Shaoliu, Xiao Bai let out a few happy chuffs and ran over to him.

"Who is this guy? He's pretty strong!" An extremely burly young man next to Mr. Wang ran back to the car and ripped one of the armored doors right out of the chassis.

With this inch-thick slab of metal, he could protect himself against Jiang Shaoliu's stones.

"No matter who you are, anyone who offends the Gang Xing Group will die!" said Mr. Wang decisively.

Xiao Bai lowered his enormous face to Jiang Shaoliu and whimpered like an upset child. Then the tiger looked up and exposed its fangs to the squinty-eyed man, snarling in a low voice as if it was complaining to Jiang Shaoliu.

"How did you manage to get in so much trouble while just trying to find a drink of water?" Jiang Shaoliu shook his head as he looked Xiao Bai up and down.Well, it was not wounded too badly.

The sniper raised his rifle once again, pointing the barrel at Jiang Shaoliu's head.

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