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Chapter 42 Qi Shaoru's Inquiry

Qi Shaoru looked at Qi Shaorong’s back and did not catch up. The news that Yi Chuxue got was also obtained by Qi Shaoru.

Although Qi Shaoru felt that it was impossible for Zhuang Hao to like the Ghost Doctor, she still took some precautions. When she heard that Ghost Doctor had gone away, Qi Shaoru took a deep sigh of relief.

Qi Shaoru’s smile slowly, Yi Chuxue offended the Ghost Doctor. Yi Chuxue sought help from Yi Huo. As a result, Yi Huo was expected by the Ghost Doctor and now he neither dead or alive.

For a while Yi Chuxue, should not be a small moth coming around to make noise.

The Ghost Doctor has also disappeared conveniently, it is as if… Her chance has come!

Qi Shaorong turned around and saw a cold smile on Qi Shaoru’s mouth. If Zhuang Hao eventually wants to marry a woman as humble as Qi Shaoru, it would be better for him to be wronged and marry Zhuang Hao.

When he was a child, everyday Qi Shaoru led a group of people and found trouble with him. He was pitiful in those day, he had plenty of talent. However, with his small arms and calves, he could not fight against that fierce girl.

Qi Shaorong shook his head and walked towards the dormitory.

Zhuang Jia.

Zhuang Renquan came out and said, “Qian, your eldest brother is in a bad mood!”

Zhuang Qian nodded and said, “Yes! Maybe it’s because the Ghost Doctor left, and he didn’t say goodbye to elder brother. ”

Zhuang Renquan frowned and said, “As far as I know, before the Ghost Doctor left, he was still getting along with your eldest brother.”

Zhuang Qian nodded and said, “Yes! Before the Ghost Doctor disappeared, he brushed teeth with eldest brother. Then, the Ghost Doctor left without saying goodbye to his eldest brother. ”


Zhuang Renquan looked at Zhuang Qian and said, “Maybe, maybe what?”

Zhuang Qian blushed slightly and said, “I heard the Forth Prince say that the Emperor once summoned The Ghost Dooctors and paid him 300,000 gold coins.”

Zhuang Renquan frowned and said, “Your Majesty is really generous!”

Zhuang Qian nodded and said, “Yes, but the Ghost Doctor is worth the price.” Although it was the little tiger okay this time, if something really went wrong with the little tiger, the big tiger would riot. “Maybe the evil doctor just feels he has earned enough, so he just pated the dust from his butt and walks away.”

Zhuang Renquan: “…”

Zhuang Renquan sighed and said, “I’ll go and see your eldest brother.”

Zhuang Qian busily said, “OK! Third uncle, you help persuade elder brother, I see, he seems to be hurt. ”

“I never thought your brother would fall in love.” Zhuang Renquan could not help shaking his head.

Zhuang Qian laughed and said, “I never thought so as well, but my brother really was jilted.” In this world, turnips and vegetables have their own preferences. Although big brother is excellent, there are always people who look down on big brother.

Zhuang Renquan looked at Zhuang Qian and said, “Why do I feel, Qian, you feel schadenfreude!”

Zhuang Qian smiled and said, “No! I just think that everything my eldest brother does goes smoothly, and suddenly he is in trouble. I think it’s interesting. ”

Zhuang Renquan: “…”

Zhuang Qian scratched his head, he had carelessly expressed his true thoughts. Zhuang Qian was shy. “I will go comfort my eldest brother.”

Just as Zhuang Renquan and Zhuang Qian wanted to go to Zhuang Hao. Qi Shaoru came in.

“Uncle Zhuang, how have you been lately?” Qi Shaoru asked gently and politely.

Zhuang Renquan smiled and said, “I’m fine.”

“Zhuang Qian, your brother, I did not see him go to college at the beginning of school today. The headmaster wanted him to make a speech to inspire the freshmen.” Qi Shaoru said.

Zhuang Qian smiled awkwardly and said, “Big brother, he’s in a bad mood. He has been practicing his martial arts.”

“Why is your brother in a bad mood?” Qi Shaoru asked.

Zhuang Qian: “…” Because he is lovelorn, so his mood is not good. In fact, his love already has no love for him. “Nothing, just that the Ghost Doctor went away and did not say goodbye to big brother. Big brother was disappointed.”

“I have news of the Ghost Doctor.” Qi Shaoru said.

Zhuang Qian stared at her and said excitedly, “Really? Miss Qi, do you know where the Ghost Doctor went and where the evil doctor is?

“The Ghost Doctor went to visit the flower houses all over the world.” Qi Shaoru said.

Zhuang Qian’s face changed and he said, “So it like that, ah!”

Qi Shaoru looked at Zhuang Qian’s face, maintaining a calm expression and said, “Yes!”

Qi Shaoru secretly said: Zhuang Hao must have been moved by the Ghost Doctor, otherwise, Zhuang Qian would not have had such a face.

Zhuang Qian secretly said: Big brother is really unlucky. He is missing the Ghost doctor here, but Ghost Doctors goes to brothels all over the world. However, it is no wonder since the Ghost Doctors treats Big Brother as a descendant. Moreover, Big Brother, it should not have declared himself.

Qi Shaoru looked at Zhuang Qian’s face and said, “Where is your eldest brother?”

Zhuang Qian swallowed and said, “Practicing in the backyard martial arts field.”

“I’ll go see him.” Qi Shaoru said.

Zhuang Qian wanted to say something, but Qi Shaoru had already run away.

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