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Chapter 2 Past Events Regarding Chen Feng

After the conversation, Chen Xiong believed that his son would rekindle his faith in practice. He had nothing more to say, so he left.

Chen Feng inhaled the aroma inside the box where the clotting fruit lay in it. For a moment he thought of the past.

He had been very interested in the mysterious forbidden books, and he was deeply attracted by  the continent mentioned in this book.

Chen Feng had felt a kind of inexplicable call, and he couldn’t bear his curiosity. Then he went to the magical cemetery, which was a secret place on the continent.

In the chaos of the magical cemetery, a little girl stood barefoot on the ground covered with bones, with a trace of fear and curiosity on her face.

Chen Feng looked at the girl in front of him, and he was stunned. This was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, even though he was only eight years old.

How could this holy girl appear to be here? It was as if she was an angel to hell, and this horrible cemetery was out of step with her.

“Why are you here alone? Where’s your family?” Chen Feng trotted to the little girl.

The little girl turned her head to Chen Feng, shook her head, and said, “I don’t know. I have been here since I woke up. Do you know where it is?”

The wind blew over them, and Chen Feng could not help but shiver. A cold breath struck him. Chen Feng saw that the little girl had no clothes on her. So he quickly took off his coat and put it on her. Because of the strange movements, Chen Feng’s fingers gently crossed the little girl’s body, and a chill came from the tip of his fingers.

“You are so cold, but you should be better with this coat. It’s very precious.”

Chen Feng felt very sad. “I don’t know how long this lovely girl has been here by herself. It’s so dangerous here that her parents must have been eaten by monsters around here.”

“Where is this? You haven’t told me yet,” the little girl said.

Chen Feng smiled, and found a safe place to hide with the little girl. He explained, “This is the magical cemetery, which is very dangerous. There are many monsters around, but I am here, so you don’t need to be afraid.”

Chen Feng patted his chest after saying this. Though he knew it was dangerous, he had to be brave in front of the little girl.

They hid in the cave for a while, and the roar of a monster sounded deafening. Some weak monsters appeared around them, and Chen Feng struck them down. Although he was only eight years old, he was also a master on the continent, and he could deal with ordinary monsters.

Because of the good luck of the two people, they didn’t encounter a powerful monster. The little girl followed Chen Feng, and she become dependent on him. She smiled slowly when she faced him.

After a day of hiding, Chen Feng said, “Since there is no one at your home, why don’t you come to my home with me? No one there will dare to bully you.”

“Okay. What’s your name?”

The little girl was as happy as if she had been rewarded, and danced barefoot on the ground. But Chen Feng didn’t notice the slight indentations left in the ground beneath her feet.

 “Chen Feng!”

“Brother Chen Feng, you can call me Gong Ruoxue.”

But, when the little girl finished speaking, her face suddenly changed. And then she looked into the air. Chen Feng was shocked, because his Ling sense was stronger than normal people.

It was the weirdest scene Chen Feng had ever seen, and a door appeared in the sky as if it had burst open. Slowly, out of the door came an old woman whose face wrinkled together. The scene looked horrific.

 “Miss Gong, I’m here to pick you up,” the old woman said to Gong Ruoxue as she stood in the sky.

Chen Feng was shocked. He stood before Gong Ruoxue, and shouted at the old woman. “Who are you?”

“Foolhardy juvenile! Don’t be presumptuous in front of me.” The old woman’s eyes shone in a cold light, piercing like a sword.

“Don’t! Don’t kill him. I’ll go back with you!” Gong Ruoxue saw that Chen Feng had fallen on the ground, and there was blood in the corner of his mouth. She could not help shouting.

The old woman gave an ugly smile. And then a stream of light flashed out of her hands, slowly rolling Gong Ruoxue up into the sky. The gate behind her shook slowly.

“Who are you?” Chen Feng asked in a cold voice as he stood up with some difficulty.

“Well! You don’t deserve to know, and you won’t have the opportunity in the future.” Then she walked out of the sky with Gong Ruoxue. Tears hung on Gong Ruoxue’s face. But they disappeared into the sky soon, and there was a sneer on the old woman’s face.

“Miss Gong said don’t kill him. Let him be mediocre forever so that he will not meet her again.” The moment they left, the old woman shone a black light in her hand and attacked Chen Feng.

Chen Feng fell to the ground. Before he fell down, he felt clearly that the Dantian seemed to be broken. The accumulation of Ling also instantaneously dissipated.

After returning to the family of Chen, Chen Feng found that Dantian had been broken and could not amass Ling. Chen Xiong asked what had happened to Chen Feng, but Chen Feng kept quiet. Chen Feng knew that the old woman’s strength was incredibly strong. So he didn’t want to tell his father, and he didn’t want to cause more trouble.

However, Chen Xiong did some guessing. From then on, Chen Xiong often gazed at the sky and sighed.

But the power of the family of Chen was very strong among the whole continent. After searching throughout the continent, they finally found a hidden master. With the help of this master, Chen Feng’s Dantian was repaired. But there were still shortcomings. From then on, the Ling of Chen Feng couldn’t be accumulated.

It had been four years, and Chen Feng was very firm. But four years of disappointment had made him hesitant. Did this persistence make sense?

“Gong Ruoxue? Where are you from? Why is such a great master so respectful to you? Aren’t we living in the same world? Is it true that I will never see you again, as the old woman said?”

Chen Feng sat on the boulder and looked at the sky as if there was a door there. “Don’t let me see you again, old woman. Or I’ll give you twice as much pain.”

At this moment, Chen Feng felt as if a sharp sword had ben inserted into stone. A sense of murder lay hidden within the sword.

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